Case Study: The Sinning Victim

Case Study The Sinning Victim

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Mable’s husband has been living in adultery for over five years. Recently she found a receipt in his wallet from a local bar. After some questions, an argument, and a visit to the bar, Mable figured out about the affair.

Mable is angry, hurt, and unforgiving. She can’t bring up the topic without crying. She also admits she has a “nagging” problem and has rarely encouraged or shown respect to her husband during the fifteen years of their marriage.

You are now in a dilemma. Though Mable is the victim of a heinous sin, she is not innocent entirely of the fifteen years of marriage problems. She is not guilty of Biff’s choices, but his adultery did not happen in a vacuum.

It is evident that Biff has sinned big time. Not only has he committed adultery, but he was a terrible husband before the adultery. He is willing to talk about these things, repent and turn his life around. But Mable has contributed in a significant way to the demise of the marriage too.

Case Study Questions

  1. At what point in the counseling do you bring up her sinfulness in the marriage?
  2. How do you walk her through being sinned against versus her guilt that contributed to the adultery?
  3. How does the gospel speak specifically and practically to her hurt and her guilt?
  4. What do you think is at the core of her self-righteous attitude that motivated her to be a discouragement to her husband?

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