Case Study: What About Biff?

Case Study What About Biff

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Mable has left Biff after 24 years of marriage. She cites Biff’s problems as ongoing anger issues, four episodes of physical abuse, mental manipulation, consistently demeaning her, embarrassing her in front of their five children, and his unwillingness to seek help.

In addition to these things, Biff has also had struggles with the following:

  • Fear of Man
  • Hypocrisy
  • Toying With Adultery
  • Financial Debt
  • Pornography
  • Greed/Materialism
  • Inordinate Desires
  • Sensual Thinking
  • Lack of Close Friends

Mable is aware of some of these things but not all of them. Her primary concern is how his anger hurts her and their children.

Biff comes to you for counseling, expressing a desire to reconcile with Mable. Biff made a profession of faith in Christ as a child, but he has never lived consistently with that confession. He attends a conservative church where he once held the office of deacon.

Mable is not interested in his desire to change or to counsel with him. She wants to see practical steps that last, rather than more manipulations that appear to be damage control techniques.

Case Study Questions

  1. Where would you begin with Biff?
  2. What would be your advice to Mable?
  3. What would be your goals for your first session with him?
  4. What other information do you need to know from Biff?
  5. What is your long-term plan for Biff? What is your long-term plan for their marriage?
  6. What types of homework would you give to Biff, and why would you assign those things to him?

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