Day 5 – Teen Devotion: Wait Until You Get a Boss

Day 5 - Teen Devotion Wait Until You Get a Boss

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Not getting all you want is a precursor to the rest of your life. Perhaps you believe that not getting what you want is just a child thing. It’s not! But I have some fantastic news for you. If you learn how to respond to your not getting what you want humbly, you will be ready to do life well.

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Perhaps your parents were tough on you. Maybe you have had difficult teachers too. Are there others on your list of “you did not give me what I wanted”? Everybody has difficult people in their lives, and there are no exceptions to that rule. Oh, but guess what? There is more. At some point, you will get a job and a boss, which always comes with the job.

It does not stop there. Let’s suppose you get married. Are you aware that you’ll marry an imperfect person? If you don’t learn how to live with disappointing people today, your future trouble will be exponential.

I thought most of my problems were because of my parents. Then I got a job. I quickly realized there was an eery similarity between my home issues and my issues on the job. Mercifully, I caught a break. God imposed Himself into my life. I was born again (John 3:7). He reoriented my thinking to another perspective. He pulled me from this “victim mentality play” that I had scripted for my life.

If you think your parents are hard, and your primary reaction is anger toward them for not giving you what you want, get ready for the rest of your life: it’s going to be hard for you. Your parents are not your biggest problem. You are. The sooner you fix that problem with gospel solutions, the better your life will be.

Time to Reflect

  1. How do you typically respond to your disappointments, particularly when others disappoint you? Your reactions to not getting what you desire reveal your maturity.
  2. What do your responses to your frustrations reveal about your relationship with God? What do they tell you about you?

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