Ep. 242 Rick Answers Questions about Abuse and More

Ep. 242 Rick Answers Questions about Abuse and More

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Show’s Main Idea – Rick is playing catch-up in this podcast as he answers questions from our community, responds to accusations about him being an idolater, and gives practical advice on how to initially respond to someone asking for help because they are in an abusive marriage. And there is more, much more!

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Lucia’s Dad Died

Thank you for praying for Lucia and our extended family. Her dad passed away on May 01. He was 96-years old. We made a short video of the memorial service if you wish to watch it. He is a Christian, and left an amazing legacy for his family. Lucia has struggled, which makes your prayers all the more vital to us. We buried him on May 09, and are learning how to live a different kind of life without him. We rejoice that he is a believer and we weep because of the void that his departing leaves in our hearts.

Book Offer

Any person who donates $50 or more will receive an autographed copy of one of Rick’s paperback books. If you wish for Rick to write a personal note, you may include what you’d like for him to write. Also, you may gift the book to someone, and we will mail it to them. After your donation arrives, we will send you an email with all the information you need.


Are autographed books idolatry? A subscriber to our email list said the following:

Anytime a Christian offers an autographed book, because I can’t reconcile that with the word of God to allowing humans to think that an autograph is anything special. It’s a form of idolatry and you should know better. I’ve enjoyed your articles and… – Unedited from Former Email Subscriber

  • Is an autographed book special? Is anything special to you? What about a signed baseball card? What about the idea of getting autographs? Are these idolatrous things?
  • Does the Bible talk about how autographs are idolatry? Or is this a preference of a person that he is mapping over others?
  • Key Idea – If the Bible does not forbid it, to say it is idolatry is a commentary/judgment about me being an idolator.

Church Intern

Training your biblical counseling church intern. Rick’s church asked him to equip the biblical counseling summer intern. If you would like for him to provide this kind of training for your BC intern, please ask.

Zoom Devotionals

A corporation asked Rick to do a one-off, weekly devotional for their team. This construction firm has a Christian worldview. They have weekly devotions, and it was a good fit for Rick to provide one of their 20-minute devotionals. As more believers implement remote technologies, perhaps this is something Rick and provide for your team, i.e., church staff, counseling teams, corporations, and other organizations with a Christian worldview.


We are booking our fall conference season. If you want Rick to come and speak to your group, please contact us soon. Rick had a Zoom meeting last week with one of the pastors from Triangle Community Church. That pastor is taking 25 men through Rick’s book, Change Me, preparing for the fall meeting.

Pastoral Abuse

A pastor’s wife emailed, asking for help for her abusive husband, and dysfunctional marriage. We did direct her to some help in her town. But it reminded us of how to think about a call from someone like this. Here are a few ideas:

  • We believe all people when they share their stories. “Love believes all things.” Christians always want to uphold charitable judgments when someone is sharing their story.
  • Christians always use sound judgment and discernment when listening to only one side of a story. This point does not contradict the first one. It’s like a car with a gas pedal and brake. They don’t contradict each other but give you the best possible riding experience.
  • You find the struggling individual help while ensuring that nobody is slandering or gossiping about the alleged abuser. Perhaps it will help to think about it this way: if someone accused you of something, how would you want folks to talk about you?
  • There is no room to hide the truth, but there is a high-call to steward the truth well. And until all the facts are clear, you won’t know how best to “steward the truth,” so you move forward with biblical wisdom.
  • You may read our articles or listen to our podcasts on abuse here.

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