Ep. 26 A New, Quick, Easy, Simple, but Powerful Podcast

Ep. 26 A New, Quick, Easy, Simple, but Powerful Podcast

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Shows Main Idea – We have a new podcast, and I want to share with you the backstory why I had to rebrand and relaunch this popular and practical podcast.

Show Notes

What is a brand?

Coffee is the one-word metaphor that explains our worldview

  1. Earth tones relate to every person.
  2. Being relaxed and giving compassion are keys to soul care.
  3. Our purpose is to deformalize counseling by making discipleship every person’s responsibility.
  4. Coffee is a picture of two people sitting and talking over life challenges.

Practicing what we preach

  1. My daughter doing the intro communicates
    • Relationship
    • Family
    • Transparency
    • Modeling
  2. Our ministry crosses all demographic lines
    • Young
    • Single
    • Married
    • Elderly
    • And all ethnic groups

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Redemptive use of technology

Find both podcasts across platforms

  1. Life Over Coffee needed its own stream
    • Your Daily Drive is for articles
    • Life Over Coffee is for “on the fly” problem-solving
  2. Your Daily Drive takes 8 hours production time
  3. Life Over Coffee takes 2 hours production time

If you have a question

If you have a question for me, I’d love to consider it. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Click the “contact” feature in the footer of our website.
  2. Write me a couple of short paragraphs describing your question.
  3. Flatten it out to maintain anonymity.
  4. Click send.

Need More Help?

  1. If you want to learn more from us, you may search this site for thousands of resources—articles, podcasts, videos, graphics, and more. Please spend time studying the ones that interest you. They are free.
  2. If you want to talk to us, we have private forums for those who support this ministry financially. Please consider supporting us here if you would like to help us keep our resources free.

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