Ep. 262 Learn How This Ministry Benefits You and Your Family

Ep. 262 Learn How This Ministry Benefits You and Your Family

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Shows Main Idea – This ministry offers thousands of articles, podcasts, videos, and graphics, plus interactive forums provided freely to any person looking for practical help from a biblical perspective. Read, listen, or watch what God is doing through this ministry and the thousands of lives who are benefiting from it.

Life Over Coffee · Ep. 262 Learn How This Ministry Benefits You and Your Family

Show Notes

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Today and Tomorrow

Distinguish the difference between evergreen and time-dated content. Our content is evergreen: relevant today and the future. You’re investing in the lives of folks today, and after I’m gone, these resources will be just as relevant and practically applicable in the future.

Since sheltering-in-place in March, our September donor video is our 100th. We have made an intentional focus to ramp-up our video production. Besides our regular practical videos, I have started collaborating with Dr. Daniel Berger.

Video Production

We’re calling this new series, “Doing Life Over Coffee with Daniel Berger and Rick Thomas.” Our first four videos are:

Rick's Books on Amazon

Speaking Events

We had our first meeting since COVID in Idaho three weeks ago. Afterward, we had a meeting in Apex, NC. We have future meetings in North Carolina, New Jersey, Florida (2 times), Georgia, and Israel.

If you would like me to speak to your group, please let us know.

The Israel trip is our Sufficiency Tour, where I will be going with Daniel Berger. It will be a typical tour of the Holy Land, plus we will be bringing short messages at various places. Daniel and I will also provide counseling to anyone in our tour group who would like to speak privately about a matter.

Website Development

Our new website is complete, though you never finish a website. It’s like a home where there are constant changes. But the 18-month project of moving from the old site and into a new web build is complete.

We have begun moving all of our videos from behind the paywall so anyone can access them. Eventually, all of our graphics, forms, and charts will be on the free side. We need to build out those pages.

Fall Campaign

  • Video Equipment: Camera and lens ($4K)
  • Building Out LMS ($6K)
  • Hiring 40/40 Admin Person ($40K)

Donor Options

Direct Video Messages

Julie Update

  • She will be working with a new ALS clinic—the Steve Gleason Institute for Neuroscience in Spokane, WA. She has met with a Neurologist, Physiologist, Respiratory Therapist, Dietitian, Physical therapist, Speech Therapist, Mobility Expert, and the ALS Association’s local representative.
  • Talking through getting a surgical procedure in which a feeding tube is placed through the abdominal wall and into the stomach. It’s best to do this before the diaphragm is too weakened because the weaker the diaphragm, the more dangerous the surgery.
  • She did get Medicare and has ordered her $20,000 wheelchair. There will be home adjustments after the wheelchair arrives.
  • The next thing will be an adjustable bed.

Need More Help?

  1. If you want to learn more from us, you may search this site for thousands of resources—articles, podcasts, videos, graphics, and more. Please spend time studying the ones that interest you. They are free.
  2. If you want to talk to us, we have private forums for those who support this ministry financially. Please consider supporting us here if you would like to help us keep our resources free.

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