Ep. 462 Introduction to Biblical Counseling, Lesson One

Ep. 462 Introduction to Biblical Counseling, Lesson One

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Shows Main Idea – Welcome to our Introduction to Biblical Counseling training, Lesson One. The goal is to teach you the practical aspects of being a biblical counselor. I prefer the word discipleship, being a disciple-maker is a calling for all Christians. These two labels are interchangeable, though biblical counseling is a sub-discipline that fits into the grander purposes of discipleship. Our culture and most Christians are familiar with counseling, but it does not fully explain all the possibilities of New Testament discipleship. As you go through this training, I trust you will find encouragement and conviction to follow the Lord’s advice and make disciples.

Life Over Coffee · Introduction to Biblical Counseling, Lesson One

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When the only opinion in the room that matters to you is the Lord’s, you’re as free as you can be. If you are like this, you are like Jesus, a man who was not under the management of anyone other than His Father. Nobody could manipulate Him because the only perspective that mattered was His Father’s. As Christ-followers, our goal is to be just like Jesus. His example reduces soul noise and permits us to live confidently in God’s world.

Sadly, too many people are under the spell of others because they crave their acceptance or, perhaps, they fear their rejection. This course puts you on the path to breaking free from the fear of man bondage. A combination of learning tools, a workbook, and transformational projects will help you to become equipped to apply what you learn here to your real-world contexts and relationships.

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