We Are One – A 31-Day Marriage Devotional


We Are One – A 31-Day Marriage Devotion is not just a book. It’s a toolbox that helps you change. Do you want to enrich your marriage? This book is for you.


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We Are One – 31-Day Devotional (20,000 words) is for couples who want to enrich their marriages. I developed this series for you to read one devotional each day for 31-days. But to make the most of this marriage journey, it would be better if you slowed your pace, so you have time to apply the material to your life and marriage adequately.

At the end of each short devotion is a time for you to reflect, with questions provided, plus a practical suggestion for you to implement into your marriage.

Transformation is rarely like flipping a switch. Interrelationship problems are “give and take” over days and weeks. If the hurt is deep or the offense is heavy, you may need time to change fully. It is wiser to take your time rather than reading the devotional just to complete it.

We Are One – A 31-Day Marriage Devotion is not just a book. It’s a toolbox that will help you change. Peruse the chapters. Perhaps the Spirit of God will highlight one over the other. Maybe there is a particular need you should address today. Start there rather than at the beginning.

Maybe you’re not married but hope to be married soon. This devotional is the perfect premarriage book. What better time to work on your marriage problems than before you have them?

And don’t forget your small group friendships. Doing We Are One – A 31-Day Marriage Devotion in the context of friends adds the benefit of courageous and compassionate accountability.