Website Tutorials

On this page you will find several tutorials that will help you to become more familiar with our site. I trust your experience with us will be user-friendly, intuitive, and transformational. If you have any questions or need further assistance, then all you have to do is submit your request by using the form below.

Video tutorials

  1. How to setup a free user account – 2:12
  2. How to login and logout – 01:24
  3. How to change your password – 02:17
  4. How to search content on our site – 02:57
  5. How to post on our forums – 04:35
  6. How to receive posts from the forums – 04:39
  7. How to setup your gravatar (to put your picture in your profile) – 01:12

Graphic step-by-step

  1. How to add a picture to your profile
  2. Step-by-step process to post on our private forum
  3. How to download a book: steps onetwothreefour

At a glance images

  1. Change and save your password on the admin page Slide OneSlide Two
  2. How to use the dropdown menus in the navigation bar
  3. How to print one of our articles for personal use
  4. How to search our topical index
  5. How to search with words or phrases
  6. How to post on the forum
  7. How to change or update your credit card information
  8. How to change your email