When People Make Black Lives Matter to Destroy a Country

When People Make Black Lives Matter to Destroy a Country

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If black lives truly matter to you, and they should, then you will support the people who protect black lives the most. But unlike the narrative being propagated in mainstream media, it is not the liberal group Black Lives Matter, which exists to fund the far left and is more of a political group than an altruistic movement, and it is clearly not the few bad cops with evil intentions who have taken the lives of those they were called to protect.

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Acknowledging Depravity

The people who save more black lives than any other group in America are arguably the police, who protect countless innocent blacks from criminals who plague communities who only want to flourish. Yes, there are bad apples in every bunch, but the police (with every ethnic group and both men and women represented) are in the business of saving lives.

If we follow the now popular but delusional reasoning to “defund police,” we not only eliminate protection for all communities, but we also eliminate jobs held in large part by minorities in these heavily democratic cities, which are currently burning to the ground under democratic rule.

Attacking the police because there are clearly a few evil people in every field of occupation is like insisting that all Democrats are sexual predators because Anthony Weiner and other Democrats (who will remain nameless) have preyed upon young women. Should we assume such foolishness and defund the Dems? What about abortions? Do the few medical doctors who target minority groups and murder innocent souls determine that all physicians are evil?

Destructive Reactions

I’m in no way minimizing the George Floyd story. In fact, that’s my problem with what is currently taking place in our country. The current rhetoric and violent actions are not about holding a murderer accountable for his crime. The judicial system is doing that, and I am confident that justice will be served to those who deserve it.

Instead, the events over the last two weeks have been about bullying Americans to accept the far-left liberal agenda. Incredibly, they have even attacked blacks, such as Candace Owens, who have exposed this reality. What is taking place in our country is not about unity, it is not about valuing black lives and voices, and it is not about equality.

It is, however, an organized attack fueled by violence, fear, gaslighting, disunity, and deceit. The riots have produced more violence and the taking of innocent black lives than we have seen in the last sixty years.

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Predictable Chaos

To this point, where are the marches and protests for the many black police officers who have been killed by liberal protestors during these riots? As I have shared with several of you over the last two years (and predicted publicly at conferences where I have spoken), black lives only matter to the liberal left months before the election—and only if their lives can advance the liberal agenda. What about Botham Jean, who was an outstanding citizen, a Christian, and who was shot by now-convicted Amber Guyger (October 2019)?

Why is the soul of George Floyd more important than Botham’s life? It was certainly not based upon character if the two are compared. No, disgracefully, our current political climate is not truly about saving black lives, pursuing justice, or advancing equality, though I would argue that the vast majority of Americans desire to see us advance in these areas and would agree that we need to address them.

We must ask ourselves, when was the last time that there was destructive rioting on this scale and a politically charged response to a bad cop killing a black man? It was before the 2016 election. I predicted this precise event would occur at this exact time (as many who attended conferences where I was speaking can attest) because, sadly, this “movement” is not about saving black lives. It has become abundantly clear that this movement is about reshaping the authority structure in America.

Racism Is Real

To be clear, black lives do matter to me, and I do know firsthand that racism and prejudices are a very real problem globally. My wife and I have experienced discrimination both on a micro-aggressive level as well as outright disdain. For example, we attended a university where we were not allowed to date, and my loving confrontation on this issue with the administration was said to “border on a rebellious spirit.”

Sadly, we have seen it in the local church as well (not at our current body), and it does hurt and is not biblical. A believer who is walking with the Lord cannot be a racist since, as has been pointed out on numerous occasions, Christ was Himself a man of color. Furthermore, I believe educated people must stop endorsing the entire social construct of the “different races” mantra that Charles Darwin helped to establish as a social control mechanism.

In fact, in my new book, Saving Abnormal, I expose in detail how psychiatry was founded upon racism and continues to target African Americans and Hispanics within the eugenic framework. Systemic racism is real, and it needs to be addressed. I hope that my new book helps many to be freed from the prejudices, false phenomenologies, and stigmas so prevalent in our society. But I also believe that the vast majority of Americans know and agree that these issues must be addressed.

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Love God, Love Others

I have much more to say, but I realize that no matter what I say, some will not like it. Allow me, though, to end by challenging us to do what has proved to work in our country’s past. It might surprise some to discover that every ethnic group in the world has been under slavery at some point in history. As far as I am aware, the United States is the only country where the majority ethnic group fought for the minority group to free them from slavery.

I want to continue fighting for moral equality, but we must look to our history to find out how we have been successful and continue down this pathway. It was privileged white people who enslaved blacks in early America—mostly southern democrats, to be exact, and it was privileged whites who fought to free them. What was the difference between these two groups? Those who fought for abolishing slavery had a biblical theology of moral equality, Christian love, and biblical creation.

This is the only proven solution: love God and love ALL others. But the clear progress in our nation can only occur as we turn back to God’s wisdom and value others as Christ does. We have the historical record that this approach is highly effective. Violence, anger, bitterness, and hatred can never unify or solve human relational problems. Do not feel as though you must take sides in a social battle other than siding with truth and love.

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