A Leadership Course

MM Info Leadership Course

It’s a Leadership Course

The Mastermind Program is for Christians with leadership gifts, though they might not be leading in a capacity today. They want to mature in the area of discipleship or biblical counseling because they recognize the presence of their leadership gifting, but desire to grow into a more perfected leader.

To move through this LMS, click the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of each page, which will move you to the next lesson. You will see a checkmark to your left in the “focus view” after you complete each lesson and move forward.

If you believe you have a leadership gift and others affirm this, the Mastermind Program could be the right fit for you to mature your skills. Our training is not for a “counselee type person” working to put their lives back together. For example, if you are in counseling or some other help context because of personal or relational problems, this program is not a good fit for you at this time.

You want to be ready for leadership development, which assumes this is the next step for you to launch into God’s world to serve the body of Christ in discipleship matters. Our aim through this Information Course is to assist you in assessing your readiness and the next steps for personal development.

For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it? ( Luke 14:28).