Graduate Testimonies

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Graduate Testimonies

Listen to the voices of those who have completed our Mastermind Program. They come from all walks of life. They had different aims and skills but a singular desire to learn how to care for souls well.

While the recent increase in gospel-centered teaching has blessed my walk, I was at a loss to apply these truths to my everyday life. This ministry bridges this divide by connecting the gospel with a biblical understanding of the soul. The Mastermind Program has equipped me to minister the gospel to my soul, family, and others as a lay counselor. – Mark Grant, New Jersey

I heard Rick speak for the first time around 2016 and was immediately convinced that I was not applying what I knew to my life even though I had a lot of theological knowledge. Since then, I have been through the Mastermind Program and can say with all confidence I am profoundly different from before; my family and friends frequently comment about how God has changed me through what I have learned from this ministry. I am more like my Lord now and can effectively disciple other believers in their walks as well. – Brandi Huerta, Colorado

I learned about this ministry after listening a few times to Drive-By Marriage. I then read an article or two just out of curiosity. Immediately, I was amazed by the practical application of the gospel and how it could affect daily living. I was challenged by how I thought about my circumstances and God. I then joined the Mastermind Program. My wife and family would say that this program has significantly impacted them. I now have the tools to love my family and friends well in a fallen world. – Jeff Meers, California

This ministry was recommended to me by a missionary friend. After a few years of learning from Rick’s writing, I felt led to enter the Mastermind Program. This program was like a graduate program in Christianity. I realized that God’s power had granted me all that pertains to life and godliness. The Mastermind Program helped me learn the nuts and bolts of how to do that while placing the results in His hands and resting in His sovereignty. Learning God’s Word and applying it to my life has resulted in exponential growth. It has transformed my family and me. I thank God for Rick’s example and ministry and pray that many more will experience the Mastermind Program’s benefits. – Cece Tillman, Alabama

For years, people with difficult life struggles have come to me for help. I tried my best but was unsure if I was helping them biblically. I knew I needed to be equipped to disciple well. That’s why I started Mastermind. What I didn’t expect was how the program changed me. Rick, Brandi, and Mark were phenomenal mentors that showed me how to disciple myself first, laboring diligently in helping me convert biblical knowledge into Christlike application. This program has set me on a new trajectory of discipling well, and I am more confident than ever in Scripture and the Lord’s good purposes. – Chad Vorderbruggen, Minnesota