Life Is Mundane, Get Used to It

Your grandparents had a different word for mundane. They called it real life, which they saw as an opportunity, not a boring sentence. As odd as it may seem, you will find some of your greatest blessings hidden from the natural mind. The world is looking for the next big thing. The spiritual person sees each moment as an opportunity to spread the fame of God. In this video, I am talking about why a mundane life is not just expected but also our opportunity.

Could your present challenges be the opportunity you need to mature? Maybe the Lord wants to teach character qualities that will alter the course of your life (2 Corinthians 1:8-9). God’s trials are the hardest lessons you’ll ever learn, but if you pass His tests, you will be a better human being.

It’s easy to misunderstand God (Isaiah 55:8-9), especially if you want something different from what He’s doing in you. Human wisdom will shield you from God’s wisdom, which will keep you from learning what you need to know through the daily mundane moments in front of you. See opportunity through everyday things takes maturity and spiritual insight.

Even the Lord’s disciples could not see the higher purposes of their leader, especially when He died on a cross (Mark 8:31-33). He was merely a common man from Nazareth. But yet, He turned the world upside down. Don’t sell yourself or your life short. Opportunities are all around you, even in a seemingly mundane, dead-end job.

Your mission is to find Christ’s functional purposes in all you do rather than overlooking the moment by exiting as fast as possible. What is happening to you today or your current circumstances are not the things that hinder you from doing fantastic things. God is in your details, no matter what they are. If you find Him in your situation, you will locate the prize that will bring your life contentment and redemptive benefit to your friends.

Time to Reflect

1. What does it mean to locate Christ in your circumstances?

2. How will finding Christ in your problems change your problems?