Hundreds of Testimonies from the Grateful.

We are often asked, “What do you do?” This page has hundreds of short testimonies from folks the Lord has affected through this work. Read, enjoy, & share. If you’d like to share your gratitude, please send us a note through the contact link in the footer.

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“I’m grateful for all the content Rick and his team put together so that we could dig deep into our walk with the Lord and the problems we face in our lives and our world. I have been a faithful follower for years and decided this year to pour into the ministry that has been such a source of encouragement and help throughout our lives.” – Deborah

“I am so grateful for everything that Rick and others have put out there. I’m a new Life Over Coffee member and am still exploring the forums. I’ve been reading articles nonstop on this website for the past few months, and every single one of them is like life-giving water for me, clearing my vision and helping me to think straight, biblically speaking. I’m here digging through the content daily, and I can testify that it is life-changing (aka regular repentance). I’m so grateful for all the effort, time, and everything that goes into making this accessible to anyone. Thank you so much. Eternal gratitude to God, Who sees and provides.” – Anna

“I want to say that I have been praying for this ministry daily. Even while going to sleep, I often thank God for this ministry. A close friend told me how much he thought I had changed since I started this training.” – Scott Campbell

“I’m so thankful that this is available on YouTube and as a podcast! WOW!  I’ve been listening and re-listening and writing down the questions. I had to take a break at about minute 45… it was so much. Just doing the minimum with this information has helped me to change and thank God for my Husband and thank my Husband for him! Not done but what a help so far! Thank you, Rick!” – Heather

“Thanks so much for this, Rick. My wife and I have been spending some coffee dates (see what we did there) to walk through these sections. It’s been very helpful to talk through a number of topics.” – Glenn

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have some interaction with Sophie. A truly wonderful human being and a real inspiration. Many thanks for this interview.” – Mark

“Thank you so much for all of your content. I have especially liked listening to your posts regarding marriage; they have been giving me comfort and encouragement and have many good reminders. I feel very blessed to have found your channel. God Bless you and your ministry! My prayer for all of you young unmarried ladies out there is that this video reaches you, that you listen to it, and that you take it to heart because he’s absolutely right. Nobody is perfect by far, but please look past the passionate “in love” feeling and watch for red flags that your current boyfriend would be a harsh and unloving husband, isolating you from your family, blame-shifting, gaslighting, insulting. If he always finds reasons for you to not be with your own loving family because *he* wants to spend time with you instead—major red flag; run far away before you promise yourself to him for life because he has a skewed perception of family values.” – Emily

This was so well presented. Thank you.” – YouTube Commenter

“Thank you for putting all your gifts together to make something meaningful. I was grateful to stumble upon your ministry during the pandemic and the most devastating time of my personal life. I am so very blessed to follow and share your teaching.” – Stella

The Reason God Wants You to Be a Fragile Jar of Clay is really really helpful. Thank you.” – YouTube Commenter

“Good to see you, Rick & Dr. Berger. Such a great topic and presentation on it.” – Sarita

“A friend of ours was hopeless and was admitted to the hospital with suicidal thoughts. I was able to share with his wife about Rick’s book “Change Me” during a conversation we were having. She ordered the book right away, and she and her husband read the first chapter and then discussed it (when he got home from the hospital). He is a different man already. He knows he has a long journey ahead of him, but for the first time, he has hope. I just wanted to share with you all how your ministry impacts people.” – Amy

“I’m so grateful for your rich understanding of God’s Word and applying it to counseling principles so the broken can be healed. What a wonderful gift you are to the body of Christ.” – Kevin

“Thank you so much for this wonderful website. Now I have to tell you you’re wearing me out because there are so many links in the articles that I also want to read that whenever I think I’m catching up on my reading, the answer is I absolutely am not! So thank you so much for these wonderful resources about relationships!! I’m sharing them. So thank you so much, and back to reading!” – Krista

“This is quite possibly the best article I’ve ever read regarding suffering as a believer. Thank you, thank you!” – Lisa

“I continue to love and appreciate Life Over Coffee Ministry! It helps me so much in responding to everyday problems that come up in the lives of those I love, and God gives me the opportunity to speak Truth into their lives. I continue to grow at 80 years of age. How good is our Sovereignty God!” – Brenda

“I gave your book Suffering Well to our new assistant pastor’s wife (they came out of a Neopentocostal heretic church) into reformed biblical faith, and she related a lot to the works-based religion and false promises you talked about in your book that offered them nothing, basically. So cool that your book is making the rounds here in Cyprus.” – Ana

“I can’t thank you enough for this ministry. It is one of the Lord’s most significant means of grace in my life.” – Jolene

“Sometimes the worst times in life let you meet a different sort of people you thought only existed in theory. That’s what happened to me here. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t found this website. There are many well-intentioned people but not many who have thought this much about it, outside philosophers and moral theorists. Even then, the application of their ideas isn’t always obvious. I like how teachers here give more than just their conclusions, but show how they got their answer.” – Camelia

“This book is amazing. It got me through a tough time and changed my perspective on suffering. I still don’t like to suffer, but now I’m looking for what God is doing in the midst of it and trusting and submitting to Him while I’m in it. It changes everything.” – Patricia

“Thank you for faithfully producing such thoughtful and biblical content that speaks to many of the challenges of the believer’s life in these troubled days. Truly, your suffering has been used by God as a platform to bless and minister to others who have also suffered. I am one of them!” – Jhon

“My new bride and I went through your daily marriage devotional and now are going through again, but going over each daily video for a week. Thank you for your resources; they have truly blessed us.” – Vinny

“So many excellent and powerful practical truths here. Your ministry has helped me walk thru numerous situations raising my “sight lines” to see what God is doing for my good and His glory in my problems. I plan to share this video and resources with our women’s Care and Prayer group. Thanks!” – Sherri

“I needed to hear this as I find myself doing this exact same thing at times-offering unsolicited advice. Thank you for pointing this out, as I certainly don’t want to harm others or add any additional burden to anyone.” – Marcy

“I’m convinced your testimony in this video was orchestrated by the Holy Spirit to meet me right in the middle of my two-year tornado, and prayers welcome for me to not waste this opportunity and give any more time to the enemy. Thanking God for His grace that saw you through; it gives me hope.” – Jamie

“I agree wholeheartedly. I stepped away from my secular background of being a mental health provider because I wanted to discuss how my faith in Christ has helped me live a more meaningful and purposeful life, solve problems biblically, and not be defined by the degrees that I’ve obtained. The problem is, now that I am going through biblical counseling training, I see the same thing occurring. Some biblical counselors act as though they have arrived because they have obtained training and certification from specific universities or training sites, which landed them opportunities. They have the crutches to lean on because life has not happened to them. I pray I stay focused on my mission to tell others, ‘Come See a Man.’ Thank you again for reminding me of my purpose!” – D. Johnson

“Great Content, love the website!!!” – Alfonso

This has enlightened me so greatly! Things my heart and mind thought about but couldn’t quite put my finger on its truth. Perhaps I’m ready to mature and receive! God bless you, Brother.” – Pauline

“Y’all have impacted our home, changed the dynamics, and are so good at explaining and teaching the application of God’s Word. The wealth of wisdom you all possess and how you communicate it again puts me in awe of God and the gospel. I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am for all you are doing, not just how you have impacted my family but for every hurting person you are helping to see Jesus in a brighter light.” – Amy

“This is one of the most supportive and truthful communities of believers I’ve had the privilege of being a part of.” – Donna

“Rick, may I say, keep up the wonderful work you and your team are doing. The Holy Spirit uses your voice and communication skills to great effect for the kingdom. It is a real privilege for me to be able to follow you and your ministry. My wife and I are prayer warriors and are praying for you, your wife, and the ministry.” – Dave

“I love this ministry so much. God literally saved my marriage, my walk, and my family through the truths shared here and continues to use Life Over Coffee to aid in growing spiritually. Thank you for all you collectively do!” – Holly

“I’m a 78-year-old newcomer to your website and a new supporting member. So thankful to still be learning God’s great truths from you.” – Brenda

“I lead a small group of ladies, online and in person, through Bible studies, and as I use the study we are in, the things I glean from you, Rick Thomas, have helped me become a better leader and have an open heart to the hurting ladies that do Bible study with me. I am so thankful for you, your calling, love of God. The wisdom, theology, mind, and soul connection found here is truly Spirit-led.” – Tammy

“I have recently discovered your website, and my goodness, I am hooked! Answers so many questions. The most practical Christian counseling resource I have ever encountered.” – Justina

“I have actually grown more as a person and as a counselor through this website than through any other resources, including conferences. I’ve had more sisters in Christ say they’ve been helped with the materials I’ve used from this site than any other resources.” – Melinda

“I have a church member I am counseling right now. He is reading Rick’s book, Change Me, and he said that Rick’s teaching has had the most impact on his personal life in more than 20 years. He said that Rick should have titled it ‘Change.’” – Jason

“I can’t say enough. In a world of trouble inside and outside, this genre has been invaluable. I now try to listen every morning as part of my devotions so that I can learn and allow the Holy Spirit to sharpen my knowledge and understanding in all areas of my life. I am still navigating the articles for counseling—such a great suggestion! Thank you for your faithfulness and shining God’s glory for all to share and enjoy!” – Pauline

“I love this book. It is helping me personally, and I will use it to aid others.” – Andrew

“This article was so good, and I found it helpful, particularly the questions at the end. Your posts have always helped me with my heart issues, and as I’m seeking to encourage others. Thank you.” – Janie-Sue

“I do appreciate your work. You have helped me so much, especially with very close relationships. Bless you, abundantly!” – Holly

“Your biblical counseling has really impacted my life and has helped my friends who stumble upon your podcasts. Thank you for your service to Christ. From our church all the way in Cyprus, Grace Evangelical Church, to yours, God bless you.” – Ana Maria Estephan

“I am so thankful for how God has worked in this ministry!! Many years ago, I became aware and increasingly concerned about the absence of readily available scriptural (Biblical!) counseling in the church. Why did believers have to run outside? If the Holy Spirit is Counselor, why wasn’t His work of wise comfort and instruction happening daily in fellowship within the local body by spirit-filled born-again believers? And why was it so costly and confusing to get help? Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ sufficient, or isn’t it? So, I started looking for resources. Knowing several people who had been associated with Rick Thomas counseling, it soon became clear that the philosophy of ministry was similar to where the Lord was pointing me. I am not sure when I started giving a “mite,” but it was before the paywall came down. I rejoice in the ability to share resources freely with friends and at church. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rick and team. God bless you all.” – Michelle

I am especially impressed with the foresight and unselfish considerations you are pouring into this ministry. Your planning for the future is a terrific encouragement for the rest of us to do the same with our lives. My wife and I have enjoyed the teachings and insights for at least seven or eight years. We are both retired, and our flexibility enables us to enjoy long road trips to visit our five children and 16 grandchildren. During our travel time in the car, we really enjoy listening to the teaching. The materials and podcasts provide the stimulus for hours of conversation/discussions.” – Dave & Judy

“I have benefitted and grown so much and use your site and all you share regularly. Such a blessing and excellent Bible-based counseling resources.” – Laura

“Recently, I gave [Change Me] to a friend. She said it was the best book she had ever read on the subject. She also said it was the best counseling book she had ever read. It is a wonderful resource.” – Justin (Pastor in Springfield, MO)

“I cannot say enough about Rick Thomas’ ministry. His podcasts have helped me so much with a biblical understanding of how to navigate through circumstances, which have been new ‘giants’ in my life, with the ultimate goal of glorying God. Practical, self-examining (as my perspective is not always accurate), and faith-building growing. Job said to his wife (not verbatim), ‘… should we only accept the good from God, and not accept the bad (i.e., trials and tribulations)?’ I have REAL hope and peace through the ‘tsunamis’ of my life.” – April

“You all do great work and have benefited from much of the content on your site and the generosity you show by making it all free.” – Ed

“Thank you for all of your posts, and I mean all of them. Some I appreciate more than others, and that’s because some of them I get really, really convicted. It’s all good, even though it might not seem so at the time, so again, thank you.” – Tracy

“Wonderful ministry and effort. Please keep up the good work!” – Lane

“I am learning so much from your teachings. Thank you!” – Becky

“Love this ministry.” – Kimberly

“I have been going through your book on suffering again. I think this is the 5th time through it, and it always peels back another layer of my heart to reveal more sin there. My nephew is also reading it with me, and we are talking through it. He went through an unwanted divorce early last year after 25 years of marriage. I sent him a copy of the book and introduced him to your ministry. He just picked it up and started reading it recently. He is being very blessed by it so far, and really helping him work through the aftermath of his divorce. I think it’s the best book on suffering, not just suffering but practicalizing the gospel for all of life. This whole ministry is. I haven’t found anything else that has helped me as much as this ministry.” – JB

“I recently found your page because someone I follow on Facebook posted one of your quotes. I subscribed to your podcast Life Over Coffee and listened to about three a day. I have learned so much from each one. My husband has also been listening to them, and we are both encouraged. I come from a huge family and have shared and told everyone I know about this podcast. I just wanted to encourage you by letting you know how much your ministry is blessing us.” – Rachel

“Thank you for sharing God’s work in your life because of your suffering. I praise God for you that through the wisdom and insight He provides in His Word, you help communicate so practically and with clarity. I’m thankful you have made this teaching and training accessible for those who are seeking it. You are doing priceless work with eternal impact! I pray that He continues to faithfully guide this ministry to reach those who need it in His perfect ordaining.” – Erin

“It is another well-thought-through video presented [on narcissism] in a very understandable way. I have followed this ministry for many years. God has used Rick tremendously in my understanding of God’s purpose for my life. To God be the glory!” – Pulley

“Suffering determines our heart and how we respond to it. It’s a litmus test. Thank you for these posts. I read this site weekly. It is such an encouragement to me.” – Heather

“I just want to say thanks for your continued faithfulness as you provide truthful resources. God is using you in ways you do not even know.” – Deborah

“I feel like you are reading my journals. I realize your posts aren’t directed to me, but they are definitely for me. I also realize the Holy Spirit is working through you on my behalf. God bless you and your ministry!!!” – Wanda

“I love this biblical counseling ministry! I read the articles, and I’m sincerely challenged and encouraged.” – Tammy

“I have been completely amazed—blown away— by the personal attention that everyone receives when they come to the forums. The careful, thoughtful responses are unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere! The free available resources from the website are incredibly helpful and cover an enormous range of topics, so it seems that if people are persistent (they want it badly enough), they will find at least guiding help, even if not for the specific question they have. Thank you, thank you for this ministry!” – Judy

“I have listened to various podcasts of yours over the years and have appreciated your wisdom on several topics. It would take a book to explain the areas you have spoken to, e.g., healing from broken relationships and divorce, fighting bitterness, and loving others who are difficult to love.” – Erin

“Thank you for all your helpful resources online. May the Lord continue to give you strength ahead in working with souls. So hard but equally beautiful way of serving!” – Christina

“Thank you for dialoguing with me! I have received probably more helpful training these last couple of weeks on this website than I have in many years from other sources.” – Melinda

“Thank you for this article. I have struggled with anger most of my life. I have never come across any helpful resources. I never for a minute thought that the root of my anger could be because of feeling insecure. I’m a total introvert that avoids people because of my need to control my surroundings. Thank you again for these resources. I am so grateful.” – Grateful

“I find this ministry a wonderful resource, and I’ve pointed many in my church and family members to the site because I believe that God is speaking in this ministry. It has enriched my life and has corrected many of my misunderstandings of sanctification.” – Ray

“When I consider sharing with others I know (or even in online groups), the interpretation of events is unique here. I trust what those who participate here have to say. Elsewhere, people want to comfort or commiserate, but it’s not biblical, which is also isolating.” – Jennifer

“Only God knows how He has used you to grow me. I have shared much of what God has taught me through you with others. Continued blessings, my friend!” – Bob

“After about six months into being on here, I threw away marriage books, took off all the Christian marriage blogs on social media, and quit reading biblical womanhood stuff. I became much happier after that. It’s like taking chains off. I always thought the video on self-reliance was brilliant because it explains these things. All Christian counselors should watch it.” – Camelia

“I just attended the Hope Conference in Tallahassee. I was richly blessed by Rick Thomas’s presentations and have already visited the website where I found even more gems of his biblical counseling wisdom. I will be checking out the forums when I get a minute! He is a fascinating man of God with a marvelous sense of humor and wit.” – Patty

“I have been a member for less than two years and wanted to express my appreciation for Rick’s authentic Biblical/Scriptural approach to counseling. It has been and is more helpful than I can express. May the LORD bless you and this priceless ministry.” – Dan

“Thank you for the godly firehose of helpful and relevant content you provide.” – Freda

“I am a certified counselor through ACBC. My husband is a pastor, and I have been counseling for over 20 years. I have found Rick’s posts to be very useful and applicable to counseling, as opposed to many of the things I read that are interesting but not helpful in my counseling.” – Gretchen

“I absolutely love reading the articles posted and love how it all aligns with scripture. It has been a tremendous help for me, and I have shared many articles with a few friends when they seek advice. Since COVID came, there has been so much confusion, conflict, and division even among Christians. I understand why and everyone has a unique story. Rick’s videos and articles have been timely when I felt alone in my decision not to vaccinate.” – Bethany

“I feel it is my privilege to support [this] ministry. I first came across Rick on Facebook. I have been following him for a few years now. I am so sorry it took me so long to become a financial supporter in a small way. I cannot tell you how many times I have read Rick’s work and just said to God, ‘Thank you for Rick!’ His messages are always spot on; God has truly gifted him with wisdom and discernment. I look forward to participating on a more regular basis.” – Kathy

“I am so thankful for Rick’s insight and knowledge he shares with us regularly; it’s such a rich resource and refreshment for biblical counselors!” – Sharon

“I have read most all your articles many times over. You are always surgically, specific, and keenly aware of God’s heart/intentions with all your responses. I praise God for your ministry.” – Surrender

“I have been happy to be a supporting member for the last few months. I am a hospice RN, and I drive 100-200 hundred miles most days in remote areas of Central Oregon. This gives me lots of time to listen to podcasts, and Rick is one of my favorite teachers! May our Lord continue to bless your precious work!” – Ruth

“Rick’s book on suffering is one of my favorites! I enjoy getting from Rick and always value the material he provides. I recommend him often! I love your ministry. God bless you as you serve our Lord!” – Ellie

“I’ve recently completed eight months of biblical counseling classes, but I have to say I’m learning so much from your teachings. The why’s and what’s and how’s of things and people! I’m actually learning how to ask and apply in real and practical ways. Thank you! I’m adding all your teachings to my notebook!” – Becky

“I want to change, and the more I stay here and read, the stronger I feel.” – Jennifer

“I appreciate you all and thank God for the many blessings we receive from your ministry.” – Nannette

“Thanks for sharing, Rick and team. Your ministry is unique and a huge blessing to my family and myself. Praying for you.” – Romina (Australia)

“Your ministry continues to be a blessing to me. Thank you, Lord, for Rick and the entire ministry team and how they share Your love truth with others. My heart is encouraged and thankful for this reminder to trust the Lord with all of my concerns for my loved ones. Thank you, Lord, for the faithfulness of this ministry to speak the truth in love to come alongside many and point them to Jesus. Blessed be the name of Jesus Amen.” – Lisa

I am right now going through an unwanted adultery/separation/divorce. My husband has abandoned not only me but our kind, funny, gracious, believing adult children. I have been blessed to find this ministry this year. ‘Lord, thank you for this ministry Rick has put together with You at the center. Tangibly bless them to continue to reach and serve Your people and bring awareness to Your name and Your Kingdom. Bless their ministry and bless their directing people to Your ultimate healing and victory. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.’” – Stella

“I really appreciate your posts, Rick. Some of them are really hard to read and take in. This article is one of them. These ones bring me to tears; I know that the Lord is speaking to my heart. Thank you for all that you do to help us along in our faith. Kind regards.” – Tracy

“Brandi, Chad, and team! Thank you for passing along what you have learned. There is so much I had never even thought about before. After reading your supervising comments, I often wonder why I never saw those things. With the enabling of the Holy Spirit, I pray that these things will become part of my thinking and life to pass these truths on to others.” – Judy

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much this ministry has helped in my sanctification progress! Praise God!” – Giannina

“Rick’s book on Suffering Well has been life-changing for me and found in the Lord’s perfect time. If the Amazon sales are up, it may be because I have shared this book with so many.” – Kari

Suffering Well is the most influential book that I’ve ever read, and apart from the Bible itself, it has done more to minister to me than anything else.” – Amy

“Our time with Rick and Lucia was tremendous. There wasn’t a single person who wasn’t blessed by the messages Rick delivered on Sunday. The messages he delivered were spot on. His delivery style, as well as his content, were appreciated by our congregation. One member even said that he was the best she’s ever heard!” – Zeke

“You and the resources on your site are an immense blessing to me and others in the body of Christ who feel for hurting people and want to help in God’s prescribed way. Thank you for your faithfulness, example, and encouragement, and please know that you continue equipping me in many ways.” – Nannette

“I just wanted to say that the time you spent here in Delaware @ DBC has really affected/spoken to me. I was at the men’s evening, my wife and I were at the marriage ’conference.’ We needed to hear EVERYTHING you spoke about. Some of it confirmed we are in the right place, but some other things spoken confirm that there is plenty of work for US to do.” – Member, Delaware Bible Church

“I want to express my thanks personally for coming to Delaware, OH, and Delaware Bible Church. My wife and I attended your marriage talk on Saturday night, and we’re encouraged and provoked by your lessons. I also want to personally thank you for one of the most powerful convicting pouts on sin I’ve ever heard (paraphrasing): ‘I killed Christ on the cross; what have you done?’ This helps me in two specific ways, and I’m thankful for it. First, it reminds me of where I would be without Christ. Second, it reminds me of His forgiveness and to rid myself of my self-righteous attitude towards others. I pray you and Lucia have safe travels! May God bless you and Lucia and your ministry!” – Member, Delaware Bible Church

“We had our elder meeting last night. Many of our men were provoked to love and good deeds through your time with us this past weekend.” – Scott Tiede, Pastor, Delaware Bible Church

“Thank you so much for coming to our little church. We truly enjoyed and benefited by your ministry here. God is glorfied by what you teach, and what we learn is used to do the same in practice. Thanks again Rick, we really are grateful!” – Doug

“Rick does an amazing job connecting biblical solutions to everyday problems. I feel like I’ve gotten a first class counseling session after every podcast. I have joined his community through his website and am considering taking his mastermind course.” – Leslie

“Your wisdom has helped me through many situations with my children and wife. I love reading your posts, and I can honestly say that they have changed much about how I deal with things. I just want to say thank you and let you know that I share many of your posts for others to read and hopefully grow.” – James

“I really enjoy the Life Over Coffee video series you and Rick have been doing. The care you two take with the sensitive subject matter is refreshing and captivating to listen to, although you two seem to be having a casual living room conversation. The attentiveness and genuine care for sufferers are noticeable and well thought out on your end, backed by Biblical truths. Enjoyable and educational for sure! Keep them coming! Much appreciated!” – Eric

“Tuesday evening (webinar Rick taught) was great. My husband Joe was particularly glad for the info, and neither of us had heard of Rick Thomas before. His website has a ton of information.” – Ursula (Sweden)

“Thank you, Rick, Lucia, and Team, for all you are doing to bring soundness and clarity to us! I make it a goal to listen to a podcast daily as I go biking or am doing a chore. While out for an early ride this morning, I listened to Ep. 332, The Benefit of Being Intentionally Intrusive. It was so good. I really love the fellowship in God’s Word with the practical application and community you provide.” – Nancy

“This is one of the best articles I have ever read. Thank you for this extremely well-written article. Your spiritual development/awareness is obvious. God bless you.” – Joan

“We have had several conferences in the past eight years, and we have never had anyone go above and beyond as you have done. Thank you for continuing to bless the marriages of our church family. It truly is a great blessing. God bless.” – Chris, Pastor, Calvary Chapel

“I have been very blessed by Rick Thomas Ministries. No one would know me there, but I have been blessed. I am very thankful for the people that are part of that ministry.” – Scott

“I wanted to tell you that the work and message you delivered at the recent marriage conference was powerful and anointed. I pray God continues to bless, protect, and favor the work that Rick, you, and the team are doing.”
Rick E.

“I cannot tell you how many times I have been surprised, even to tears, by the encouragement, gentle directing, and overall kindness of the Mastermind leadership. I guess I expected what I have generally experienced — a façade of Christ-likeness that washes away at the first glimmers of imperfections that might tweak someone. Mastermind leadership models a kind of love that I haven’t often observed or experienced, the kind of love that can carry hard truths and train up rather than tear down. I appreciate that every Mastermind student has room to mess up and grow without having to weed through utterly dysfunctional methods. I appreciate being surprised and challenged to learn to live out the gospel in this way.” – Maureen

“Thank you, Rick and Daniel, for the succinct way of explaining complex ideas and philosophies. Listening to the podcasts is helpful for us as we tackle and struggle with life’s problems. More importantly, is how you orient us to a biblical perspective pointing to the Word and Christ.” – June

“I have learned a lot from this website, especially the meaning of church. It changed my perspective and since then I have been joining a local church and started taking classes there and joined a small group. It’s really an improvement from trying to walk the Christian life alone or studying things on my own. I attribute that change in perspective to what I read and learned from this ministry and the discussion groups on the membership forum.” – Amelia

“The articles on your site are spot on and a great help in sorting out the roots of various issues, as well as giving good Biblical support.” – Wendy

“Your resources have helped me in my prison counseling ministry. I have become a supporting member today. Not so much for myself — I feel you have enough free resources to keep me busy for a very long time, but more so because I want to support your ministry in helping others. Your ministry is a great contributor to furthering His Kingdom. Keep running the good race!” – Duane

“Thanks for all of your hard work behind the scenes. You’re helping so many with holy and biblically sound counsel.” – Alice

“I want to thank everyone who contributes to this site. All the information provides a unique perspective and has literally been life-changing for me. I spend a lot of time here. I do topical studies based on my weaknesses, and reading/listening to the articles over and over has literally changed my life. And for that, I’m very, very thankful.” – Jennifer

“I’m continuing to benefit from your ministry and pray for your team this morning. May God continue to bless you as you serve our King.” – Lisa

“I am using the website and the podcasts to share with my children. It is fabulous!” – Faith

“My best friend shared your podcast, Should I Count My Mean Husband More Significant Than Me, with me several years ago. It was absolutely eye-opening. It honestly changed my life. I realized that I was enabling sin by tolerating abuse (violence) towards myself and my children. I just wanted to say, ‘thank you for addressing the issue.’ Thank you for calling it plain. Thank you for putting all manipulators and abusers on notice that God is not mocked.” – Abused Wife

“This is one of the most valuable and God-honoring ministries that I’ve had the privilege of experiencing. Praise be to God for your faithful service.” – Kevin

“I can’t say thank you enough for all you’ve taught me in the very short time I’ve been in the [Mastermind] program. You’ve poured your life and love into this ministry, and it shows on every level. May God continue to richly bless you for your labor.” – Joan

“I read your posts on Facebook and have learned a lot from you. Thank you for your ministry.” – Barb

“I cannot express to you the positive yet challenging impact you and your book had on our lives. This experience has genuinely shifted our perspective on our relationship, our relationship with the Lord, and our surrounding relationships.” – Nadia

“Your books and words are worth their weight in gold brother. Thank you for using your God-given wisdom to help others.” – Kay

“I listened to your (preaching) service this morning, and wow how it spoke to me.” – Lori (Rick was preaching in Sarasota, FL.)

“I am a pastor in Bucharest. We are already using a lot of the graphics on a personal level and with people that speak English. For example, we are also interested in the videos that you are doing with Daniel Berger on mental illness and we would like to translate.” – Nicu

“I have been encouraged and blessed by the resources that are produced.” – Harry

“We have referred Rick to many hurting friends. His info was very valuable. There are so many hurting people who need to hear what Risk is saying !!!!! WE are so grateful for his ministry.” – Gary

“Have you heard of Rick Thomas? Look up his website and Facebook page for counseling resources. His emphasis is on how to live out the gospel. Very edifying and helpful advice.” – Jessie (From the Samaritan Ministries Facebook page)

“This was one of the most helpful and beautiful posts I have read recently. It talks about the impact that a life lived for God’s glory, and the care of others has a long-standing impact. That’s really the focus I want for my own life, and you said it so beautifully, Rick! So, I thank you for the sweetness and eloquence of this tribute to your friend Buzz; it has given me a lot of food for thought.” – Janie

“Rick, thank you for this fantastic ministry. As an ACBC-certified counselor, these resources are extremely valuable. Looking forward to the revamped website for downloading charts.” – Lee

“During this very special time of year and especially this year, in particular, I like you call friends and simply say THANK YOU for being a friend. So I felt it only fitting to do the same here on this forum. Thank you to all who are here and especially those with this ministry. This ministry and its resources have become a trusted friend that I seek guidance from.
Thinking about how adrift so many amongst us are during this unprecedented time and I’m very THANKFUL that the Lord helped me find this harbor in the storm. May EVERYONE here have a lovely holiday no matter who is or isn’t at the table, remember God is always there so our bounty is limitless. God bless you all.” – Ministry Friend

“Working through this Mastermind Course is perfect timing because of all the emphasis to examine my own heart before God, searching His Word for application, relying on the Holy Spirit to lead, and trusting in Christ to change me has made a huge difference in my thoughts, attitudes, actions, and speech. Even my husband said he sees a difference. What a joy!” – MM Student

“Thank you, Brandi, for the very thorough review of my first book report. This program is already NOTHING like a previous online ACBC course I took years back. There was barely any oversight from the admins which made it just a little too easy to skate by. That is ultimately one of the main reasons I quit on it. I didn’t really feel like it was preparing me very well to become a certified counselor. It’s when I realized that literally anyone could get certified if they just ‘did the work,’ even though they may not be gifted as such. I really wanted help trying to figure that out of myself, and that wasn’t helping at all.” – John

“I love what the Lord has given to me through this ministry. I share it faithfully. Hopefully, I will participate in the Mastermind training program after I retire or sooner. May God be even better realized of all He is doing here.” – John

“Your ministry has catapulted me in personal growth and community service and connection and my heart is grateful.” – Marcy

“Thanks to what I have learned, I am in a much better position to minister. I have been praying for months about re-entering the program. I miss your one-on-one counsel, and learning from Brandi and the others. Your ministry has been an incredible blessing since God led me to it. I wanted to let you know that what I learned in the brief time I was in the program has stayed with me. God continued to use what He taught me through your training to be a guide in my daily life and to help others.” – Stephanie

“I was so impressed with your heart’s desire to equip people for counseling and discipling. I am not able to make the monetary investment at this time to do the Mastermind Course. But could you recommend some resources (Read, Watch, Listen) I could do on my own to become better equipped to disciple informally? Thank you so much! Your ministry is amazing! We will be donating to you all and spreading the word. May God continue to use you mightily.” – Tina

“I want to thank you, Rick, and the whole ministry team for your diligence and faithfulness in tackling so many difficult questions or circumstances that are often inadequately or inappropriately addressed within the church today. As an ER nurse, I have a front-row view of thousands of broken lives from broken homes; people deceived into thinking that’s all there is to life. Rick has mastered the art of being direct to the heart of the matter without ever coming across as being superior or condemning; in fact, quite the opposite. Although I’m currently in school to be a nurse practitioner, I would absolutely love to attend the Mastermind training program with Rick; as I know, it would change me infinitely for the better. I cannot thank you enough for Rick’s desperately needed content. I will continue to share and support this ministry as long as it exists. Thank you again, and may God richly bless you all.” – Chelsea

“Thank you so much for all your daily podcasts and updates. My aunt, who is from California, was introduced to your ministry and studied at The Master’s University. My aunt is a counselor and married my uncle and serves here in Delhi, India, for more than 15 years. She was one of the reasons I wanted to go for counseling when I was just a teenager. My husband and I serve alongside my uncle and in his church planting ministry, where your podcasts have been of huge help. I wanted to enroll in your Mastermind Program, but it is very expensive for us, so I am just doing regular studies on your podcasts and articles and trying to learn from it and apply it when we counsel others. We mainly counsel newly married people and single guys and gals. Thank you so much for being a huge blessing to us. We surely do pray that God will continue to use you in the lives of others as He is using you in our lives. Love and respect.” – Priyanka, Delhi, India

“I want to increase the amount I give monthly. I am very excited about your ministry.” – Jo

“Thank you, please give my thanks to your team. The articles and resources have been life-giving as I make sense of what God is doing right now. Thank you.” – Nathan

“Thank you, Rick, for this helpful article. My soul was brought to task and encouraged, reminded once again of the Lord’s kindness to His people. Your ministry continues to bless my life, and I’m praying for you, your family, all the staff, and supporters of Life Over Coffee. May you continue to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and may He bring others alongside to support this work!” – Nancy

“I have been following you for decades, it seems. It was due to your articles that I decided to get a Biblical Counseling certificate through ICOC. It took two years through my church in Tokyo. I see a great need here in Japan for your material to be made in Japanese. My friend and I want to start a Christian counseling material/education/worship community center. I was so moved by your podcast today. I mean deeply that I am writing now. This may sound silly, but I desire to do a Rick Thomas Japan counseling. Maybe just giving us some advice would be great too as we are starting this next March. Thanks for reading this. God bless you.” – Leilani

“I’m very happy to support such a Christocentric ministry. It really is life-changing, even if the circumstances of your life do not change at all. With all the Christian humanism that the internet is flooded with, I just had to support the truth, which is the death of oneself daily. My prayer is for this ministry to reach any and all of the wounded hearts that are searching. They can only be healed by Christ, and He can be found here. Such a powerful place to be in…to live in!” – Amy

“After trying to get [someone] to change, God showed me quite clearly that I need to focus on my relationship with Him. In looking for how to even start this process, I found your site!! What a blessing! I am starting to work on becoming more Christlike….fixing what I can fix and leaving what I can’t fix to God.” – Cathy

“I am from India, and I had contacted you a year ago. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your care in guiding me through the mercies of God. May God continue to use you in His kingdom. God bless.” – George

“I’ve listened to many of your podcasts. Those surrounding toxic people have been particularly insightful. I’m not saved. I’m a non-practicing Catholic who is now searching for a spiritual home. Thank you for being a shepherd for this lost sheep.” – Anonymous

“I am grateful for Rick’s insightful, practical, and (most importantly) Scripture-based, biblically-framed counseling philosophy. The reach of Life Over Coffee would certainly not be possible without your (Lucia’s) support in so many ways (spiritually, emotionally, administratively).” – Dan

“I could not finish Thinking of Yourself as a Victim is One of the Worst Things You Can Do because when you explained what the word victim really means, I was blown away, needing to stop to ponder more on what you described. It has been very freeing to understand that I have been living in that victim trap and to realize that Jesus is a true victim because of my sin against Him!” – Victim

“Somehow, I found Rick and started reading his material and listening to the podcasts. Unbelievable. I finally found someone who actually thought and taught the word of God the same way I interpret it.” – M.E.

“May I take this opportunity to thank you?! Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ and sharing His wisdom with me through your writings, podcasts, and mind mapping.” – Matt

“I praise God for leading me to your article. There are a lot of things that I was not aware of that you explained, and I’m so thankful to God for using you. I think every woman should humble themselves and read this as it reveals the lies we try to pass as truths. It reveals how we have deceived ourselves over and over with our wicked, deceptive hearts. May you always be at the place that He can use you.” – Angel

“This is a very helpful article. I love your depth and honesty. You smash triteness to pieces instead of presenting a Biblical explanation that satisfies needs while holding fast to truth. I rarely comment, but I am often helped by your articles. Thank you!” – Cammie

“So many of your articles I just end up saying (and out loud, mind you) WOW!!!! Just WOW…..or, I end up in tears. I am so appreciative of your articles. So very, very insightful, and so deep and meaty.” – Tracy

“Thank you so much for these materials. We have daily devotion in our office. It will greatly help me to speak about the Word of God. So blessed, God bless your ministry.” – Adela

“We have been richly blessed by this ministry—more than I can say. Thank you all for what you do. My heart and gifting are for discipling young and older women, and I am always encouraged by Rick’s teachings and practical application from God’s Word.” – Denise

“I am praying for this ministry every day in the hopes that it will reach many hearts. I was a legalistic Christian; I believed in Jesus’ resurrection, but I also believed that I had to do more to gain God’s favor. Rick and many of you on the team have really helped me understand the Bible, and there are not strong enough words to thank you for your guidance. May God shine His face on this ministry!” – Ray

“This website is like a ‘Guide to Sanctification’ clearinghouse. Some of the greatest personal devotions you can have, to print out the articles, sit down with your Bible and highlighter, and dig in.” – Matt

“Thank you for being amazing servants for Christ and sharing more of how to apply His word practically in our lives.” – Alexis

“The articles you share are so consistently helpful, instructive, and thought-provoking, and I’m grateful for your ministry! Thank you for this post!” – Janie-Sue

“Rick, thank you so much for your Facebook articles and tweets. They are like a cup of cold water to a weary traveler.” – Nunny

“I just wanted to tell Rick that his article on sympathy and empathy, wow, right on. This article is critical for society right now, especially in the climate we are in. I could give our personal example, but he’s heard enough of those. Thanks for the article.” – Nathan

“Wow, wow! Keeping this article! The root of so much incorrect motivation. Needing to let this sink in. Thank you. – Nina

“A friend invited me to come to hear you speak very soon after my husband had left me for another woman. We were married for 30 years. I was very raw emotionally, wounded, and in a daze. You took the time after speaking to talk with me. I absorbed most of what you said in your presentation and afterward, and I was encouraged that I could have a future, somehow. It took a couple of years, but I have finally healed enough that I can look toward tomorrow with hope. I have grown immensely in my spiritual life, with my Savior being more at the center of all I am than ever before. I appreciate your ministry and the truth you serve with love. The speaking engagement was at Soldotna Bible Chapel in Soldotna, Alaska. – Nancy

“I appreciate your content greatly. It is helping me struggle through a very difficult marriage.” – A Wife

“I’ve enjoyed being able to commend your website to others. There is so much value to the body of Christ.” – Aaron

“Thank you for this article, and this website.” – Kristyn

“Thank you so much. Your posts and the information you share have helped not only me but, in turn, those around me. Always spot on.” – Megan

“Thank you so much for teaching tools; absolutely wonderful.” – Gaston

“I am somewhat new to your counseling [resource] ministry and have really appreciated what I have learned from you!” – Cheryl

“I don’t know how I would have made it through my divorce without these truths from your ministry!” – Lydia

“Rick has hundreds of articles and podcasts that address the challenges and life circumstances we face as Christians. These articles/podcasts have pulled me out of the pit and helped me to change in a way I have never thought possible. My circumstances have not changed. Yet, I’ve changed. I give thanks to God for this ministry. God bless.” – Robin

“I loved this episode! I’ve already listened three times.” – Eileen

“What you all did for me was point me to Jesus. There was nothing better you could have done; you saved my life. You are the hands and feet of Jesus here— and one day when we meet we will feast together in celebration!” – Matthew

“This book (Suffering Well) saved my life.” – Pat

“One of the best books (Suffering Well) I have read! Highly recommend!” – Rache’l

“Thank you for this ministry! I thoroughly enjoy the articles and am reading your book, “Change Me.” – Tanya

“The book is a great book. We are using it in our small group study. It is very informative and challenging.” – Bob

“I have used many of the resources offered by Rick Thomas, including articles, books, discipleship training, and counseling. I owe much of my sanctification in Christ to this wonderful gospel-centered ministry.” – Craig

“This article is a summary of the book “Suffering Well.” This book changed my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone who finds comfort or challenge in this article.” – McCoy

“I have finished Change Me, and now I am re-reading it…this time with my husband. My eyes have been opened, and I have learned much. So grateful!!! Thank you!” – R.L.

“Thank you for writing this book (Change Me)! This is exactly what I needed! I will be going through this with my teenage daughter as well. Thank you, thank you again!!! God bless!” – Stacey

“Is the book “Suffering Well” available on cd? It is the best book that I have ever read! I would love to be able to listen to it when I walk!!! Thank you!” – Grateful

“I’ve just started reading this book (Change Me), and I can’t go faster. I need to go over and over again, back to the first chapters. I can’t tell how many areas God is touching in me!” – Maritta

“This book (Suffering Well) is so helpful and informative! It is full of great biblical truths, that if applied, have the ability to carry you through your time of suffering and trial!” – Lorri

“I love the communication book and plan on using this book with the teens I see currently. This ministry is amazing. I have referred it to many of my counseling friends.” – Ashley

“This book (Suffering Well) did more to realign my thinking to God’s way than any other book I have ever read. You all showed me how to grow in my suffering by putting into action God’s Word in practical ways that are truly transforming. Thank you!!” – Kim

“This ministry has been such an inspiration to my husband and me. His devotional book on marriage helped open our communication in a very real way! God is using you all in great ways to share the gospel and change lives and marriages for good! – Kristen

“Profoundly deep and mature biblical teaching and real-life application. I’ve purchased two of Ricks’s books and heartily recommend this site, his teachings and books to everyone desiring to truly grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Paige

“There’s a member of my church who is incarcerated but in whom the Lord is working mightily. I speak to him every Monday by phone. He speaks with his wife every day, and they’re going through the ‘Change Me’ book and absolutely love it. You definitely covered all the bases in that book. It’s a tremendous resource.” – Ken

“Says it all. Wish every Christian I know would read, evaluate, and act on this and pray the Lord will help me keep this ever before me. Thanks, Rick, for this and for all your gospel-centered, insightful articles.” – Brad (Find this chapter in Rick’s book, “Get Ready.”)

“I read at least one of your articles almost every day. I have just gone through some really hard times and have read his books Change Me and Suffering Well over and over during this time. I have learned so much and grown spiritually from those books. So thank him for me.” – Lori

“I bought the book, “Change Me.” It’s a great overall book to look at different areas of life and how to apply the gospel and God’s ways via His Word and loving nature. I have found a lot of great biblical concepts I can practically apply to my life. I highly recommend it. It’s an enjoyable read, very extensive and in-depth, and lots of good info.” – Eric

“I bought the book “Change Me” about six weeks ago or so. I read it through once and have been picking it up and just reading different chapters here and there. It’s really good! Kind of takes me on a journey of self. Very in-depth and thoroughly done. It’s a book that takes a while to soak up and really can be used for a lifetime of growth in the Lord. I’m sure I’ll use it for years to come.” – Eric

“I am so grateful for your ability to bring God’s Word and encouragement to all of us. I bought your two books — Change Me and Suffering Well. They are excellent and I am strengthened by them. I plan to buy several copies to give to loved ones. Great books like yours are excellent mentors and God’s grace to us.” – Sally

“I discovered RickThomas.Net during a time of deep suffering in my life, and I’ve found so much wisdom and help in the material on this website. It has been a true blessing! Since then I’ve had the privilege of leading two classes at my church on the subject of suffering, the first using Rick’s articles as source material, the latest using “Suffering Well” as the source material. Rick, your book is touching lives in a very real way. I think each of us in the class has read and prayed and self-examined and re-read the book several times, gleaning new insights and getting new revelations each time. Our little group has loaned or given the book away to a dozen or more other people as well. I encourage every believer to read this, whether they think they need it or not. (we all need it!) Thank you, Rick, for your service, I am one of the lives that were impacted by this ministry.” – Jason

“I just wanted to thank you for the most important book I’ve read in a very long time: Loving Me: The Hidden Agenda Of Self-Esteem. Oh, my! The words and pictorial representations just exposed the mountain of ‘self,’ which I have never fully overcome to date. I want to put God first but ‘low self-esteem,’ which is so well exposed in this book as ‘high self-esteem,’ has been a block. This book is revolutionary, counter-culture, and counters to the majority of Christian applications of the Bible. What a bolt of truth! I hope to know God as Father and Maker and move away from the self-idolatry and ‘small God’ belief systems I’ve had. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Grateful Reader

“I bought Suffering Well, read it, re-read it and refer back to it often!! I encourage others all the time that this is a must-have in any library.” – Michelle

“When I picked up “Change Me” by Rick Thomas, I was expecting the typical feel good about yourself because ‘God loves you’ message, the old ‘hang in there, things will change if you just pray hard enough and stay obedient to the Lord.’ By the end of the first chapter, I was shocked, excited, and intrigued. This book is the splash of cold water that every Christian in America needs. Somewhere along the way, mainstream Christianity has accepted a rather humanistic philosophy.

We have been taught that if we are obedient to the Lord, serve Him, and pray that our lives will be easy. I’ve actually sat in churches that have had members claim to be ‘under a Satanic attack’ because their car broke down, they needed a new washing machine, or their child got sick with a cold. It’s true that the Bible says, ‘Cast your cares upon me. For I care for you.’ But somewhere in our minds, we’ve created this idea that an obedient life equals an easy life. That God is going to remove the difficulties, and if He doesn’t, we must not be submitting enough to Him.

Rick Thomas blows the doors right off of this concept by taking a Paul-esque approach to life and esteeming God’s Word above human emotion where it belongs. He cuts right through it all by stating that your situation, the one that you’re so desperately trying to change, may not be changeable and may not even be the will of God to change it. Sometimes God says NO! And if He says NO, don’t throw a temper tantrum about it.

Many places in Scripture show us that God says no to His beloved children. Rick delves into the possibility that we are sort of playing God by trying to change the people in our lives to get the outcome we desire, a religious manipulation tactic of sorts.

Rick gives us the formula on how to overcome your feelings about your situation. How? By saturating yourself in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and adopting Paul’s mindset. He stresses the importance of every day bending the knee and crucifying the flesh, the old man, along with all his wants and desires. Everyday acknowledging that it is not you that lives, but Christ that lives in you. This methodology removes the ME-ism that plagues our churches today and turns our focus back onto Christ. It is HIS purpose…your life is HIS purpose, and He will bring into it whatever He wills. You are not your own. You are His. Sometimes our circumstances are consequences of poor choices, and sometimes they are unavoidable things that materialize in our lives, but regardless of how they enter, the remedy is the same.

Rick stresses the importance of understanding the bigger picture, just like Paul was focused on, the Sovereign Will of God. And He will accomplish whatever and however He chooses. God, in His permissive will, allows things to enter our lives, both good and bad. The struggles of life can bring out the best of us (Christ) or the worst in us (our flesh apart from Him). The key to sanctification, which is every believer’s path towards holy living, is taking that knee every day.

It prepares us for the spiritual battles that we wage each day, the battle of the flesh and Spirit in our minds. The only way to understand Christ is to breathe in His Words, spend time with Him. Cultivate the mind of the Lord, and He will CHANGE YOU. That is true transformation. Life isn’t just a culmination of good times and bad. It is our spiritual gym, so to speak. We ‘work out’ our salvation with fear and trembling. And as we grow stronger in the faith, so comes the energy from the Holy Spirit granting us that joy that can remain even in the midst of the raging storms of our lives. Paul understood and delighted in the depth of the Gospel of Christ. Rick Thomas’s book challenges us, implores us to pick up our own personal cross, and follow Him. Life-changing book!!!!” – Amy

“Five of our elders/pastors attended and described the conference as ‘epic.’ Our senior pastor said he had never seen anything like this in his 30 plus years at our church. Eight teachers from our Calvary Chapel School were required to attend and gleaned much insight for practical ministry purposes. Numerous counseling opportunities (more than we can handle) have come in. We had a tremendous response, and our senior pastor would like to have Rick Thomas come back for an additional weekend teaching.” – Sarah (Rick Thomas and Daniel Berger led this conference in Sarasota, FL.)

“I just wanted to tell Rick that his article on sympathy and empathy, wow… right on. This is a critical article for society right now, especially in the climate we are in. Thanks for the article.” – Nathan

“Wow, wow! Keeping this article! The root of so much incorrect motivation. Needing to let this sink in. Thank you.” – Nina

“Godly, biblical information that goes to the core. By its nature, it goes against our culture and challenges us to live daily under God and His Word. It’s not easy, but the effort to be obedient is worth it.” – Duane

“Thank you to Rick Thomas and all who are working diligently to share Christ-centered resources. I use your articles and web videos for my homeschool curriculum and for my own spiritual growth. Thank you!” – Danielle

“Rick Thomas is someone I follow. He’s also a counselor. His material is AMAZING and has both helped me and helped shape my career.” – Siobhan

“I recommend his work to many that I pastor, and that is because it has helped me so much.” – Daren

“Thank you so much for your articles that speak truth daily into my hurting heart. They have helped me to learn a lot about my sinful self and how to deal with things. Your articles are so helpful! Thank you again.” – Karen

“Listen weekly, and feel blessed to have heard about Rick; God bless this ministry.” – Cliff and Kim

“I’ve been reading your articles for a few months and find them resonating in my soul. They have been both refreshing and stirring.” – Ken

“I want to thank you for your ministry. I have been withholding reconciliation from my husband even though he genuinely asked for forgiveness and has tried everything in his power to reconcile. God used you to convict me of my sin, I am willing to ask forgiveness and do everything in my power to seek reconciliation with him and desire to once again become “gospel partners”. I can’t thank you enough! May God continue to bless you and use your ministry to transform lives for the proclamation of the gospel and God’s glory!” – Anonymous

“I read your article on self-reliance. I am completely blown away by this as this came at a time in my life when I had burning issues and desperately sought God. I believe He heard my questions and directed me to your page. May God bless and replenish you greatly for this awesome work He is doing through you. Like you, my dream has always been to touch lives in the most inspiring way.” – Nina (Nigeria)

“I just want to thank you for doing the Lord’s work.” – Julia

“Your podcasts and articles have been a tremendous help to me. God has used you greatly in my life. Thank you for being an obedient servant.” – Reformed Girl

“Rick, my husband and I have been very encouraged and convicted by your teachings and faithfulness to our Lord and His word. We’ve even been able to share your podcasts with family members. Thank you for your ministry!” – Jenn

“I have three incredible and wonderful children and an equally incredible wife. Your article, Why Does God Bless Some, But Not Others? is so well supported by biblical evidence. It helped me to understand my situation and what God’s purpose in blessing me in the way that He has might be. Thank you so very much, and God bless.” – Thomas

“I’ve been so edified by your ministry. Your insights at times have made my head explode! I just wanted to say, ‘thank you and praise God’ for what He does through you.” – Cody

“Wonderful transforming information. Rick’s resources are all Christ-centered and I am so thankful to God for Rick and this ministry.” – Sue

“I am thankful for you and the ministry the Lord is doing through you. I am being helped and matured, and I am trying to pour it out into others as I’m equipped.” – Stephanie

“Thank you for all that you do and have done on this website. Thank you for allowing the Lord to sanctify you and sharing what you are learning with others. What I am gleaning from this website is transforming my thinking. I recognized I had “stinking thinking,” but I was clueless about what was wrong. I cried out to the Lord for help, and somehow I stumbled upon your website. (His guidance.) My living situation hasn’t changed much, but my view of it has changed tremendously. The Lord gently convicted me of my idolatry and my unbelief concerning HIS love for me. I am repenting. The Lord has also brought several hurting women into my life. I am sharing your articles and my journey with them. May the Lord continue to bless you, your family, and this ministry.” – Donna

“Beautiful article, it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I just read your story on your website. It touched my heart as your story is so very similar to mine. Thank you for what you do. Your words are very encouraging.” – Sherrie

“This article is excellent! Grateful that you have allowed God to shape and reorient you to Him in a way that has given you so much insight to share and encourage others in their faith.” – Tina

“This podcast brought me to tears. Sadly, it described me to perfection as well as a couple of former pastors that I had. It reaffirms these behaviors were the ‘do as I say, not as I do,’ which didn’t help at all. I will use this as a frame for the next few weeks in my small group. Thanks, Rick, for the excellent application of the gospel. Love it! – Victor

“I love all his material. I listen to his podcasts regularly while I am driving to and from work! The material has helped me tremendously, and I want to continue to support the ministry. Thanks for all you do!” – Elizabeth

“Rick’s sound biblically-based counseling on a variety of relationship topics often challenges me to reevaluate the man I see in the mirror. I am so grateful and commit to pray for the man, his family, and the expansion of this work to a thirsty world!” – Rick

“I wish I had this article 14 years ago! Again, you are so spot on. I hope your advice saves many young people from a lifetime of pain and suffering in an unequal marriage.” – Prudence

“This site has helped me so much. Thank you for this. It is refreshing to be ministered to with biblical truth as opposed to human reasoning.” – Jason

“I thank Him for his work through Rich Thomas. This morning I listened again to a podcast on surviving an unwanted divorce. I appreciate the wisdom the Lord has given Rick and those involved in the ministry. Learning to suffer well, becoming more like Jesus, trusting the Father to meet our every need, and then allowing HIm to use us. He makes beauty out of ashes, uses our messes to become our ministry if only we allow Him. May God continue to bless this ministry. Be encouraged as you encourage others. Your ministry has been a huge comfort and encouragement to me, and I tell others about you. God bless you all. – Lisa

“I do enjoy your articles! They are loudly resonating with me and even edifying my soul. Thank you.” – Deborah

“Rick, thank you for your commitment to share Biblical counseling, words of encouragement and truths! God is doing major work in my heart and your posts this week have hit to the quick! God bless you!” – Wanda

“Your forums have been helpful for me to work things out and be patient and bounce ideas off of people who like to disciple others. It took some getting used to but now I feel fortunate to be able to use this type of resource. Just that in itself is amazing.

I think you guys are awesome and do a great job with everyone. I don’t feel like I can’t talk about things here. I feel I can process things better and run my thoughts through a gospel filter and then have better actions I want to display. I.E. Better choices.” – Eric

“Thanks so much for all these resources. We feel like prospectors for biblical truth who just stumbled on a goldmine. I see where your teaching is expanding our biblical worldview.” – Ritchie

“This website is one of my favorite resources, and I learn so much from these articles! I often share the articles, as I know so many who need to read these, as sin has taken so many captives. Rick is sound in doctrine and is a phenomenal writer! Highly recommend!” – Angie

“I love and need to read and ponder every single article I see posted by RickThomas.Net.” Traci

“Simply outstanding and very helpful articles, podcasts, and resources on how to live in this complex life by the application of God’s word. First heard of Rick Thomas by listening to his series with Todd Friel on “Drive-By Marriage.” Outstanding ministry! May God continue to bless Rick Thomas and what he’s doing for God’s kingdom.” Daniel

“I have been walking with the Lord for 43 years; Suffering Well has put it all in perspective. Thank you for this biblically sound and honest insight. Your teachings are profound. God is blessing your work. Be encouraged, though the opposition of believers looking for their best life now may not have ears to hear. Through your work, God will tear apart many veils of blindness. I will help to support your work and ministry as I am able. Today, I just want to say I am grateful!” Rick E.

“This ministry and the resources offered have been extremely helpful to me as I have been moving through a season of suffering. My mind is being renewed and my heart is healing. Thank you, RickThomas.Net!” Ellen

“I work in three state prisons, medium and high security. I’ve started sharing your articles and want you to know the impact has been breathtaking at times. I’m writing to ask if you might consider writing something specific to the population I serve. Yes, I know we’re all the same on the inside. But I sometimes wonder if it might be particularly helpful for a convicted criminal to have this truth spelled out more concretely. I wish I could share the many ways The Lord has used you behind the fence. So grateful for you, Rick. So grateful for everything. Thank you.” Rhonda

“Thank you for answering God’s call to put this site together. I pray for this ministry every day. This is the first time I have posted on the site, but I have been reading and listening to your stuff for a couple of months now.” Raymond

“Just wanted to drop by and express appreciation for what you do. I listen to your podcast, and every episode puts an interesting new spin on an interesting topic. And you keep it centered around Christ. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to listening to more of your podcasts. I listen from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Blessings.” Ron

“I just wanted to say I am so thankful for this ministry. I mainly use podcasts; I listen to them at work. Of course, I want to thank Rick for all the awesome devotionals that he shares with the public, but I know that this ministry cannot be run without the aid of others and to those people I also want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU for all you do. May you continue to answer the Lord’s call and may God bless everyone at Rick Thomas.Net.” Raymond

“Rick, can I encourage you by saying I love your down to earth approach to Bible-based, gospel-centered counselling. You keep things very real but also very God-centred. You and your ministry is a real blessing for folk like myself who are so isolated from the hub of biblical counselling input. Keep up your service to the Lord and His people. We are blessed by it.” Brian

“I read Rick every day. So thankful for his ministry, the life he has lived and how he serves others for Jesus Christ.” Lana

“Your work and publications have helped me tremendously in my personal life, in my family life, and in my work. I’m a middle school guidance counselor.” Mike

“I just wanted to thank you for your site. I have listened to several of the podcasts and have learned so much to help my marriage. I am praying about asking my husband to support this ministry. Praise God for you all and thank you for your service to His kingdom.” Nicole

“Powerful. This article brought me to tears. Sometimes I feel so alone in the type of suffering that I suffer. Then I read this. Thank you so much for this article.” Grateful Reader

“I’m a Brazilian Presbyterian pastor and counselor, and I’m enjoying your site very much. I want to share it with other Portuguese speaking pastors and counselors like me. What do you say?” Alceu (The answer is “yes”)

“Thank you for your help! This site is great. I have listened to several podcasts and want to implement what I have heard in my life. I have already let go of some of the strain and worries I have had. I thank God so much for this ministry.” RW

“I’m eternally grateful for your ministry. Not a day, article or post goes by that I’m not either, affirmed, convicted or changed by your practical, applicable and biblical insight. It doesn’t matter if its focus is Biff, Mable, self-righteousness, or surrender, I’m growing and grateful!” Michelle

“I’m an ACBC counselor in Wisconsin. The article, “The Vital Difference Between Godly and Worldly Sorrow” is EXCELLENT! I so appreciate the clarity and biblical integrity. I’ve already utilized it, put it in my counseling files, and passed it on to other counselors.” Cynthia

“I’ve spent several months listening to Rick off and on, trying to decide if he was “right on” or not!! I wasn’t sure!!! Now I can’t stop listening!! I’m going to go back to the podcast on endurance that I listened to a bit ago. I can tell my whole mindset is slowly shifting. This ministry is just exactly what I have needed. Someone to get real specific and down to the “nub” of an issue.” Changing

“I cannot express my thanks enough for this ministry. Although I have read countless articles, I have not begun to scratch the surface.” Donna

“I’ve been reading the content here for a while and it is transformational. Thank you for marrying knowledge with practical application!” Anna

“Wow….all I can say is this ministry, and the content is awesome!! Almost all the recent articles have peeled back the scales on my eyes, and God is showing me things about my bitterness, cynicism, and disappointment. Thank you so much for your ministry!” Rebekah

“I read your posts all the time. I want you to know that you help a lot of people that you never even hear from. I have read your testimony several times. I thank God for you brother.” Howard

“I just wanted to give a big thank you for helping me work through my issue. I look at it like a great gift from God to be able to fellowship in this way. Thank you again for all the good and helpful work. I deeply appreciate it.” Eric

“Thank you again for this material free of charge. God’s work is beautifully on display through his ministry, care and training for people around the world!” Sarah

“I just wanted to say, thank you. This article was a very good read! You all have come into my life and helped me. I thank the Lord! Have a good day! Paul

“I just finished the Drive by Marriage series that you did with Todd Friel. My husband and I absolutely love it. It’s so refreshing, inspiring, and more importantly, Christ is exalted. I bought a set for my Mom and plan to buy more for family and friends as we are able. May God continue to bless you, your family, and all that you do!” Christin

“After finding your articles online, a “God thing,” you know, I felt a bit better, and encouraged, that if you can write such articles as, Seven Things To Know When Living With a Harsh Husband, that I am not alone. Many women must be suffering like me. Thank you, for your words of encouragement are I believe are in line with God’s Word. I will continue to trust Him. I would appreciate prayer for the restoration of our marriage.” Hopeful Wife

“Thank you for clarifying this — I needed to hear it. God has used your articles to help me respond well and grow through a very difficult time this past year.” Terri

“Thank you for being a blessing to many, your articles always bring fresh and Bible-centered words of healing to many in pain that struggle with the war within our own hearts.” Victor

“My husband and I are one of the few couples at our church who do pre-marriage counseling. We gleaned apply so much of what this ministry has to offer to people in all walks of life.” Sarah

“I would like to do this small monthly donation for your ministry. I think you are really changing lives by pointing people to the Lord and to the Bible. I would be honored to contribute this every month. Again, I know it is not much, but it is something I really would like to do.” Dave

“Your website and your practical Christian application of Biblical truth are helpful and refreshing.” Bill

“I just discovered this ministry about a month ago and have passed it on to others. The articles have been life-changing in bringing the Word to a level others can understand and apply to their lives. The same has applied to me. I just want to thank you all for making this possible. It has been a great blessing, and I’m grateful to God for this ministry. May you all be blessed and thank you!” Rita

“Thank you for your ministry. On more than one occasion, your articles have convicted and ministered to me.” Lorretta

“You people are so kind to listen to me. Love you all and I appreciate everything on your site.” Holly (from “Live Chat” Feature)

“I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your ministry. I’m using and sharing your resources. They’re helping me immensely at a difficult time in my marriage. I will continue to seek help and guidance from your ministry. God bless you and yours. I will pray for you and your ministry and support you financially in the future.” Mike

“I just discovered this website a few months ago and have shared it with complete strangers, “can I share with you a goldmine I’ve recently come across?” Everybody needs what this ministry offers. Thanks for your part. And your help tonight. This is a worthwhile ministry for the kingdom.” Stephanie

“This article is so good! I wish I had seen this two years ago when I was going through an unwanted divorce.” Melissa

“Thank you so much for this ministry. You’re a blessing to the Body with your biblical truths and graciousness.” Ange

“Hey all, I love your podcasts!” Joel

“Just wanted to let you know that I am impressed with the chat feature. This certainly makes your ministry all the more personable for newcomers. I pray for you all and your ministry often. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas!” Craig

“We are such kindred spirits! I love you and your work. You are my brother in Christ!” Barb

“I am thoroughly enjoying the Drive-By Marriage series. It is very convicting and humbling.” Sheldon

“I must say that every Facebook post that shows up on my newsfeed is so applicable, convicting, enlightening to my exact situation. Thank you! God has gifted you and you are making an impact! Bless you.” Beverly

“As a full-time elder and pastor for 27 years, I have seen and walked with people through many forms of offenses and relational conflict. Your articles are helpful and needed in the church today.” Pastor

“We had Rick for a visit at our church over the weekend! His ministry is rich, biblical and practical!” Cally

“It is a pleasure to support your wonderful ministry in the small way I am able! Your articles, webinars, and forums have been a literal God-send for a very dear friend who had nowhere else to turn, and also for my family and me. I have just started going through your older webinars, and I think I will need to re-watch the Fear of Man one, it was so helpful!” Heather

“I’ve been listening to your podcast for over a year now and really appreciate your practical encouragement and honesty with how we struggle. I’m in a much better place emotionally now than I was when I first found you and your podcast has been a big part of it.” Podcast Listener

“This site is so helpful. God bless you and others who don’t know where to turn and find this site.” Craig

“You know this, but reminding is biblical. Your ministry of writing reaches far and wide, and most importantly, reaches into deep hurts and pain of those who read it. Bringing hope, renewing minds, always sharing the gospel, and giving practical steps and solutions. Thank you.” Diane

“Your latest podcast and article on Idol Swapping was just fabulous. I think it speaks to EVERYONE and we (the ladies) will definitely be listening to this the next time we meet. I have been listening to you long enough to understand that the names and genders are interchangeable entirely, but in this instance, as a woman (a ‘Mable’) what wouldn’t I give to hear this same podcast with Mable in the hot seat instead of Biff! The impact would be even greater I think. Regardless, it’s excellent.

I’m a huge fan of Biff and Mable, and I was thinking, if you’re ever looking for a career change, I’d LOVE to see a DVD series based on these two fascinatingly flawed people. Your podcasts come to life for teaching purposes. Both educational and motivational, not to mention (awkwardly) entertaining. Compelling viewing!

I really do appreciate how long and hard you all work and I know that almost all of your articles and podcasts apply to EVERYONE, because regardless of age or stage, situation or status, gender or geography – we are ALL fallen and struggle with the same core problems. I’m so grateful for the life-changing impact this ministry makes, and for your amazing insights into God’s word and our purpose in light of that.

So many thanks to you, your wife and family, and your team for this excellent ministry. May God bless you richly in the years to come — and may we be blessed with ‘The Adventures of Biff and Mable on the Road to Sanctification’ some time soon.” Jody

“This is such great teaching on marriage. Eye-opening to say the least. Everyone can benefit from this teaching in many ways….good ways, helpful ways, much-needed ways.” Donna

“I want you to know that when you supervised me for ACBC, it was life-changing and I felt like I was taking the training (better training) all over again while I was being supervised. It has shaped my counseling and discipleship, my relationships, my walk with the Lord and has helped in ways too numerous to count. Thank you for all you do!” Lorie

“I was asked to do a talk this past weekend for our church Ladies’ Fall Retreat. It gave me great pleasure to include a quote by you and encourage our ladies to take advantage of your solidly biblical teachings. You have been such an incredible blessing to me over the years. I thank God for you and how He is using you to minister to the church.” Cynthia

“Always thought-provoking. This ministry consistently provides powerfully biblical and empathetic insight on the soul’s struggles in a broken world.” David

“It’s so funny but every time that I am struggling with something, I always look for something that he wrote. I really like his articles.” Rubi

“Your way of saying the things that need saying is awesome.” Teri

“This ministry has changed my thinking immensely. I recommend his articles.” Gayle

“The best website on the entire internet.” Camelia

“Undeniable godly counsel with good strong leadership.” Russell

“The best way to have humility and knowledge is to apply the knowledge you have to yourself. I know of none more skilled than this ministry. You need it. He’s got it. Go!” Julie

“Great resources for biblical discipleship and counseling.” Irene

“I am relatively new to this ministry but have been so blessed by the content I have seen and heard so far. I cannot remember ever hearing biblical teaching or rebuke against abuse from any Christian outlet, whether in preaching or counseling, before this ministry and I was beginning to believe that this was simply my cross to bear. I believe that the Lord has brought me here in His mercy and kindness toward me.” Abused Wife

“He just makes sense! We need sensible help!” Joann

“I’m truly grateful to this group of people in this forum and to this ministry. Not a week goes by that I’m not counseling someone and recommend your website. God is using you, and I’m blessed to be a part of it!” Robert

“Your words are so deep and rich. I cried when reading your transparency. Thank you and may God keep you.” Pam

“By far, one of the best articles I have read. It’s dead on. Nothing better than being free.” Stephanie

“There’s never an article on this site that isn’t helpful, and I so appreciate the ability to listen, too.” Gerri

“I learn so much from these posts about myself and others and particularly those closest. They are a blessing each day. Thank you.” Chris

“This article has been so helpful and comforting to me. I have read it a few times and your words of wisdom have encouraged me, reassured me and greatly blessed me. I am very grateful for your ministry.” Venecia

“Every single article is exactly what I need, or someone I know needs! Thank you for writing these!” Angie

“This is some of the best marriage advice I’ve ever read. If you are a believer in a serious relationship with the goal of marriage in mind, I strongly urge you to read this and follow the advice given here. There are absolutely no guarantees in life, except maybe death, but following this advice will certainly help you start your marriage on the right path.” Teresa

“Thank you for the great work you and your team are doing for the kingdom. You’re a tremendous help to pastors like me. Thanks again!” Ben

“You are a very valuable resource. I only wish that I would have learned this 20 years ago!” Grateful

“I regularly thank God for this ministry and I pray He blesses you! I honestly believe you are making an impact for God’s kingdom— the size of which you’ll never know on this side of heaven! Keep up the good work; it is desperately needed and so very much appreciated!” Jolene

“I appreciate the ministry. I am already using what I learned the first night (of the webinar training) in counseling! I am ACBC certified! I want to give more! I plan to make a donation for this training at some point!” Carolyn

“This website has been so much help for me. It’s hard to express how thankful I am for it. Going through the destruction of my marriage was the emotional equivalent of D-Day; do you remember that scene from Saving Private Ryan!? The advice I found here was a calm, reassuring voice in the midst of the chaos. Thanks to all of you who make this ministry available!” Struggling Ex-husband

“Some of the best counseling available. So thankful for your life, giving heart and ministry to so many. God bless you and your team as you give generously of yourselves to those in need.” Nancy

“I want to say thank you for the wonderful blessing of your ministry! It has immensely blessed a friend I love dearly who was crying out for Godly wisdom and guidance. I can never express how much it means to me for her to have that care and guidance. Her heart (and mine) melted at the generous love that she felt. I have also been greatly encouraged and edified by the content and recently directed another friend your way when I knew I was inadequate to advise him.” Heather

“Thank you for the articles and wonderful teachings that are helpful to our ministries and to the saints in Africa. God bless.” Wycliffe

“I love everything you write, but this (When God Hurls a Storm at You) is amazing truth; I love it. My biggest storm in life was the most redemptive and glorious. God delivered me from my futile thinking and legalism and left me with love, trust, and gratitude. He became my everything and reconciled my broken relationship in the process. What an awesome God! I cannot praise His name enough!” S. A.

“It’s a regular occurrence that I have a memory of something you all posted that I shared and had to reshare!! More than any other biblical counselor or theologian! The Lord has radically shifted gears in my life with direction regarding counseling. I have NO idea why I haven’t done this (supported this ministry) sooner!” Tamara

“I recommend following and keeping up with this man. The articles are always biblically sound and on point. They’re deep, and keep you looking at everything with a biblical perspective.” Orlando

“I absolutely love this ministry and how the Lord uses his words [and resources] to meet a person exactly where they are at in their life.” Ryan

“May God keep blessing you with this inspiring clarity of thought! Your texts have been helpful and encouraging so many times in my days of doubt, sorrow, and despair. Sincere thanks.” Ines

“This is a fantastic article. I wish my younger me had read this.” Christina

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for you and your team’s work. I have found that your articles, podcasts, and forums communicate biblically solid wisdom in both loving and firm ways. I also appreciate that you call it like it is and are addressing issues inside the church body that are destroying it from the inside out. The body needs more who are willing to ‘go there.’ Thank you!” Maureen

“Thank you. Your articles have contributed so much to my growth.” Terri

“I have been blessed by the podcasts about Biff and Mable. They have helped me to understand the craziness of what my life has become.” Mable’s Friend

“I’ve been meaning to write and THANK YOU for quite a while. Just wanted you to know how much your content teaches, helps, blesses, encourages, grows, edifies, convicts, corrects, and … there are not enough descriptors in my vocabulary to convey the help you provide my family and me! Your website is a counseling encourager at my fingertips, and I appreciate it SO MUCH!!” Laura

“Mr. Thomas, thank you for the work you are doing for the Lord. I’ve just discovered you from listening to Todd Friel on Wretched Radio. I’m enjoying your teaching immensely. My heart and mind are blessed.” Claire (Perth, Australia)

“I want to thank this ministry for all that you do, I first heard about your website about a year ago. It was during one of the many times Todd Friel (Wretched Radio) referenced an article of yours on his radio show. I currently browse your site 1-2 times a week.

I recently left a church that, among other issues, “over-spiritualized” everything. While it may be a given and come naturally for you to provide biblical and practical content for growing in God through life’s difficulties, this is something still very new to me. Every article that I have come across on this site has uniquely blessed me.

Your content is unlike anything I was surrounded by growing up. However, your content both encourages me to grow and guides me in the process of growth in the area where it truly and eternally matters — in the Lord.

Only God makes things grow. Thank you for planting and watering. I hope my few words encourage you all. Know that you are edifying and strengthening God’s kingdom, one soul at a time.” New Friend

“I guess I could write to you every day to thank you for your articles. Just know I thank the Lord for you! Today’s article was a particular blessing as I work on dying to myself. Someone asked me what I focus on the most in counseling, and I said besides God, teaching people to die to themselves. Anyway — thank you. I was deeply blessed and also convicted.” Thankful Friend

“Great practical biblical resources for life!! Thank you for your gifting and calling in this ministry!!” Valerie

“I really appreciate this ministry. I listen nearly daily to the podcasts. So grateful for the resources and I hope to help make it available as a blessing for others as well.” Kim

“God directed me to this ministry via an online article and I have since listened to many of Rick’s podcasts. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who is looking for true biblical teaching on relational and spiritual matters. He is a very effective communicator and definitely has a gift. Start by listening to his testimony—powerful stuff!” Rachel

“It is beyond my words to say thanks to this God-centered ministry. As a follower of Jesus and a discipler in my church, I have learned a lot from the programs and articles on your website. They play a crucial role in my service to Him.” Jane

“You have been given a divine gift of wisdom. I appreciate your writing style, your timely responses, and your genuine desire to see people learn and grow via sound biblical knowledge. God bless you.” Ghada

“The ministry is very interactive with its webpage and responds to things quickly! The content is theologically sound and is very helpful in our day-to-day lives and in the struggles that we all go through! I highly recommend it!” Lorri

“Excellent! As s counselor myself, I have so enjoyed finding you here on Facebook recently! It is so so refreshing to hear from a like-minded believer.” Laurie

“I love the practical, biblical teachings that you all share. Very, very good, and Christ-centered.” Kevin

“Thank you for your article about how we are not perfect, and it is God’s grace that cleanses us. I have been battling this without understanding it. Your article made it so simple. Now I understand! I’m coming from an abusive marriage. Thank you for your articles.” Hurting

“Thank you. This teaching has been on my heart for years, and it is teaching needed so others will look back upon their lives and see no wasted years. God bless you, and may He continue to use you for His glory.” Crystal

“My husband and I have been reading your articles for about a year now, and it has helped us a lot in many areas! I have shared many with struggling friends and hope and pray it is a blessing and help to them as well! Thank you for teaching biblically and for your ministry!” Heidi

“I came to know about your ministry through Todd Friel’s Wretched Radio, Oct 2017, when the Lord graciously saved me from the NAR. Since then, reading your articles is not only the opposite of what I’ve been taught but even more blessing in correction. The understanding God has given you is such a wonderful gift, and I love Him for your life.” – Daniel

“This is another great article everyone should read! It can be so difficult and tricky when talking with someone who constantly questions you, saying, “Don’t I deserve to be happy?” Although I know it’s better to be joyful (a fruit of the spirit) than happy (a fleeting temporal emotion), it can be difficult to articulate that to someone struggling under the power of these strongholds. Thank you so much for all you do!” Jolene

“Thank you for posting this—a great testimony of God’s grace. I thank God for you for the work that you do and the help that I have received from you and your wonderful team. God Bless.” Colleen

“I wish every Christian I know could read this article. I listened to the podcast this morning, as I have several times over the past several weeks. It is helping me to remember to repeat God’s truth to myself instead of listening to (and believing) what my fear is telling me. Thank you for your excellent ministry!” Karla

“Thank you so much for this site. I have been reading and interacting here for only a few months, but I really don’t know what I’d do without this ministry now.” Grateful Teenager

“Not quite sure I can express how incredibly grateful I am for you using God’s wisdom imparted to you to break this down and explain…such encouragement for my soul. I’ve read this so many times and have it pinned for quick reference! Thank you.” Kelly

“Thank you for faithfulness to our Lord. My husband took his life (last year). I thought he took my life with him; that day, my heart was so crushed. I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene. I cannot believe how much grace He has poured out on me through His church in the last few months. Your article on “Surviving Suicide” let me begin to let go of my husband. And to finally believe in my heart what everyone told me — I did not kill (my husband).

It was his choice to end his life by sinning, and it was certainly not a choice I made or desired. By God’s grace, I am actively serving in evangelical ministries and using God’s Word every day to get through the loops that this trauma caused (my family). We did not see it coming. Years ago, in my Bible, I wrote a quote, “It will comfort me much if I realize that all I experience in this life is to teach me to utterly depend on my God.”

I want to support you because I know God is using you to help other Christians such as myself to help us press on in Jesus’ name no matter what the valley of the shadow of death brings us! Your tender kindness ministering God’s truth to us humbles me. I am so sorry you lost your brother in such a harsh way. Prayers for you and yours — together for God’s glory through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” Widow from Suicide

“This ministry is the soundest biblical soul care site I’ve found. So, thank you.” Patricia

“THANK YOU for ‘The Natural Regression Of a Woman‘! I cannot even begin to express how exactly that message describes me and my marriage right now! Way off in the distant, foggy recesses of my mind floated an idea that complete surrender and death to self was the only way to save my marriage and family life. Yet, I seemed unable to grasp hold, that is, until hearing your podcast today. Many thanks for helping me to discover the truth about my depravity, my past, my marriage, and my Savior! You all have helped to rescue a marriage and the future lives of three young adult girls. May the Lord richly bless you all and your ministry!” – Blessed

“It is a privilege and pleasure to partner with you in your ministry. I first became aware of you some years ago through Todd Friel/Wretched, when I purchased the Drive-By Marriage series.

“God has used (and continues to use) your ministry to encourage and support me through some very difficult circumstances. Although I have never reached out myself, your content has always been a real blessing and encouragement to me. I do not doubt that there are many, many others out there who may not ever connect directly with you or your team, for whatever reason, but benefit from the Christ-centered help you so lovingly provide.

On behalf of myself and those like me out there, thank you. Thank you for all your efforts to help and minister to the countless hurting people while keeping the gospel front and center in all you do. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry.” Scott

“I have grown since using your articles for my personal study. Thank you for your love and commitment to God through Christ, and to this community of followers.” Julia

“Before finding your site, I had almost given up on ever seeking ‘biblical’ counsel again, though I knew it had to be best. Finding your website and articles was like stumbling upon an oasis in the middle of a desert or like finding a lifeboat in the midst of a raging sea. You are changing my perspective and helping me to see that hope is always found in Jesus Christ and God’s Word. The articles are filled with humility, honesty, and clear biblical truth, and they have given me much-needed clarity and a new direction.” Encouraged Christian

“I just wanted to take the time to write a thank you for this article on taking thoughts captive. It was illuminating to see there are other people who think like me with constant fear and self-paralyzing thinking. I was just reborn last year and have been aggressively combing my life for sin. I know God brought this article my way to illuminate the truth. I just wanted to write and say thank you for your ministry and may God bless you.” Jon

“You all give an honest reflection of the truth and life: God-honoring, revealing Christ as the answer, convicting, honestly pointing out who and what we as sinners (saved by grace) are and have done and faithful to the truth of the Word of God (biblically balanced).” Tappan

“This article is crucial for Christian marriage. It’s so very enlightening and dead on!! I learned a lot!!” – Sharon

Your website is a help and blessing — so practical and easy to understand — and holds God’s truths to a high standard. Thanks for all you and your team do!” – Karen

“I just found your website two weeks ago, and have already been immensely blessed! Your article on how God is consistently and purposefully putting us to death was just what I needed to hear at the time. His truth will truly make us free. Thank you so much for letting the Lord work through your life to help others.” – Linda

“Your podcasts are such a blessing, reminding me to look vertically and not horizontally and that life is hard, and hard is not bad, hard is just hard. And a sovereign God is in control of His creation and is orchestrating events in my life for my good and His glory. Thank you.” – Suzy

“What I love about the articles is how you gently point me back to the cross. This need has been most beneficial for this tender heart hiding out in the personified strong person I show the world.” Grateful Reader

“I felt like I had been punched in the gut when I heard that one of my abusers had died. I even cried for a couple of days. I still don’t understand my response, but you’re right when you say that even death can stir up the shame and blame. Thank you for your Facebook and online ministry. God has used you many times to point me back to the gospel.” Andrea

You have shaped my life so so so much writing all these articles…. thanks.” – Abigail

“What good can come out of Nazareth… this right here!!!! Rick’s testimony is why we do not give up easily on others. The Lord turns situations of hopelessness around that He gets the glory, and you get to offer hope and encouragement to others, increasing their faith to believe in spite of what’s seen. Continue to inspire His people.” Pat

“Thank you for sharing with us; this is such a blessing and an encouragement.” Lori

“Many only share the neat, tidy endings to the story God is writing in their lives. They live on ‘the road marked with suffering’ but assume they are there alone, hoping no one finds out how hard it is to walk by faith and not sight. Thank you for reminding us of God’s bigger picture and purposes by humbly sharing the broken years that brought you this far. It causes me to have even greater respect for your ministry.” Becky

I love your story. I never get tired of it. You are such an encouragement to the church. Keep doing what you do. It is so very vital and extremely helpful. Thanks, brother.Derek

“Just wanted to say your posts have greatly ministered to me, and I’ve shared them with many others. God bless your work, and I was so happy to hear your testimony. Keep up the great work!” Bill

“Not sure how I ran into your site, but so glad I did. You inspire me to serve our Lord and follow closely after His desire for my life. I can see your gift to help an abundance of people to find paths in this life to shine brightly for God’s glory. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.” Sharyon

“Thank you for all your hard work in producing these podcasts and articles. Your work has truly changed my life.” Darren

“I recently learned about your ministry and website from a friend. And I have told my friends as well. Your work is brilliant. I’m grateful for you and appreciate you more than you will ever know. I will remember you in prayer regularly. May God richly bless you and yours always. Thank you!” Kim

“For several years, I have read your articles, printed them off to give to others that I counsel in my church. I have been helped personally in many ways and appreciate how relevant the articles are to so many peoples’ situations. The webinars are very helpful! Thank you.” Barbara

“I’ve never seen unforgiveness put in such honest light. And I know both points have been and are true for me. The Lord has been gracious, though, and is allowing me to see His workings. I may not always understand, but I hold to Romans 8:28. All things mean all things. Thankful His mercies are new every morning.” Ally

“I just found your website and resources, and wow, I’m blown away by how good your material is. I am looking forward to perusing and learning more!” Julie

I am so delighted to read your articles. They are well written.” – Gabrielle

“We are all responsible for loving and encouraging one another. This site is a great tool to achieve this work of the Spirit. So much incredible biblical content and ultra discipleship help. A must!” – Kathleen

“I just read the article, My Husband Is Immature. How May I Help Him? I want to thank you for this article. I could be that wife. Every statement and comment made is a mirror image of my marriage. It helps me feel less confused, and it’s so good to know someone sees and understands this issue and the pain and struggles I have—especially today, after being brought so and to tears.” – Broken Wife

“I so appreciate your ministry. I found your information at a very much needed time, and God has used it mightily. Thank you for your service to the Kingdom and the growth of your brothers and sisters.” Teri

“Thank you so much for your ministry. You have no doubt brought change and restoration to a multitude of people by God’s grace. Your faithfulness to God’s calling is a testament to His faithfulness to continue to use His people to care for a lost and hurting people.” Kevin

I appreciate all you and your team provide for the thirsty and stumbling. My favorite watering hole outside of my local church.” – Jaime

“I get so many biblical insights from your podcast program. As a supervisor in a college fellowship, I have many opportunities to help the young generation. The well and sound answers to many issues people encounter today bridge the gap between the biblical truth and the real world that we live. I appreciate this ministry. I listen to your podcasts as I am driving or running. I will keep praying and supporting this ministry as a precious vessel in God’s hands.” – Jane

“The materials available from this ministry have helped to transform our thinking toward our marriage, parenting, and caring for others. Rick has helped us learn how to apply the gospel to our lives and to the trials we have gone through in the last few years, including the death of our daughter. I can’t say enough great things about this ministry. It’s life-changing.” – Alisha

“Thank you for passing on the wisdom the Lord has given you to others. I have recently discovered your website and subscribed to your blog, and have begun using your resources in my job as a school counselor. My husband and I are both employed at a bilingual Christian school in Honduras, so thankfully we have the liberty to share Christ and His Word with all of our students.” – Jennifer

“I know that your ministry and teachings have been used by God so mightily in my life. I am always screenshotting your graphics for further study!! I need a hard copy book haha! And BTW, your counseling course is on my bucket list, so that you know. God bless you guys. And thank you. You are probably my number one mentor.” – Susan

“Wow! Thank you! I read almost everything you put out there. I must say that the Lord has given you so much insight into relationships. And He uses your gift to bless me. So much of what I want to say but don’t have the words. And your articles help me understand where I desperately have the question, Why? Thank you!!” – Kim

“I am in the process of getting certified through ACBC, and I really appreciate your podcasts and articles. I believe I should support the ministry that I am benefitting from.” – Fran

“Can’t wait to read this article! about ‘How to Train Your Flea,’ You offer uncommonly practical advice.” – Barbara

“I am a prisoner…I am a flea…a Christian since I was young, still a prisoner!! Now I am old…never been out of man’s prison!! I am tired of the battle. I am so tired. Love you, my brother. May God continue to bless you, as you have blessed me, all because of Him. — Patricia

“You all are making a huge difference in my life as wife and mother who desires to honor God in all things.” – Sally

“I listened to the pre-forgiveness podcast twice and would like to learn more about the topic, and also would like to ask questions. I have read plenty of your articles on Facebook. I found them extremely helpful, life-changing, I would say. Thank you.” – Transforming

“My heart is on fire over the nature of your articles. I have a burning desire to minister these kinds of truths to my local body of believers. These things are so lacking amongst believers today. Please tell me how I can proceed as I pray for God’s leading. I have a heart for my hurting brothers and sisters. Thanks for all your posts. They have helped my heart in the process.” – George

“I am a Christian counselor and find your resources amazing. I’m hoping I can attend your class one day. I pray your ministry will succeed as I know it already is!” – Ashley

“Only in heaven will you know how much you’ve changed my life. I give God the glory, and I give you thanks. I see it in my life. I see it in my wife, who had lost all hope in ever getting rid of some deep, habitual sin. That is changing, and hope is coming back. I see it in my kids. The atmosphere in our house is changing and has already so much. Thank you!” – Alex

“I learn much from your articles, and I receive much-needed encouragement day by day. Thank you for all you are doing to build up the body of Christ. You are a blessing to many!” – Rebecca

“Your kindness is the main reason I fell in love with your Facebook page. Everyone is always so kind when I ever comment or have questions. It is a VERY helpful outlet for me on my journey. Many thanks to you, your wife, and your team.” – Nikki

“I’m am so blessed and thankful for your ministry. Thank you for all of the wonderful resources that you provide.” – Rochelle

“Thank you for your faithfulness for all of these years. You inspire me to keep going as a biblical counselor. Being a female biblical counselor, I must find creative ways to do this full-time.” – Shannon

“I’m so glad and feel truly privileged to be able to support your ministry in this small way. Your ministry is such a great work of God, and you and Lucia have sacrificed so much to continue its growth and development. Please know how much I and so many others appreciate all your efforts!!!” – Stephanie

“I follow your Facebook posts. I appreciate how you apply Gospel living to the human condition. The biblical wisdom you share is easily received. Thank you!” – Julie

“I read a post of yours, The Danger of Hating the Sin But Loving the Sinner. Thank you for this article of clarifying truth that is so easily misunderstood and is commonly made relative. Thank you for your faithfulness and consistency.” – Oliver

I have to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your tenderness and sensitivity toward your friends who pray for relief and it doesn’t come. Would you believe it, I listened to your podcast, Recovering, Rejoicing, But Refusing to Forget the Pain, just before my physical therapy. I wept with gratefulness, knowing you will not forget me in my particular prison. I thanked God for letting me have that wonderful feeling that I crave for being understood. I was able to thank Jesus also for knowing every detail of my pain, and how hard I work at cultivating gratitude in the midst of it. That podcast did me a world of good, and it came at a crucial moment as I was depressed about the pain. Thank you so much.” – Grateful Listener

“This work is honest and full of truth. Rick’s teachings have helped me see where I need to change and how to be changed. I am grateful for this website, and the information presented, I pray that God will continue to bless this ministry.” – Peggy

“I love RickThomas.net. Very Biblical and solid truths pour out from this site.” – Lisa

“We thank you, folks, for your work and the amazing insight from a Godly perspective. Rick often hits me right between the eyes. Love it.” – Marlene

“Hey, guys. I cannot express my appreciation enough. Last year God gave me “one word” to focus on; it was “grace.” This year, it is “koinonia.” I am reading this (article) with tears and much anticipation for transforming my soul and the ability to communicate what He has done. God bless you and your ministry.” – Jaime

“I am so often filled with gratitude for your ministry. The Lord is using your labors to grow me, strengthen my faith, and cause me to think well of God and His word. It is being used in many lives in our area. Only the Lord can calculate how far-reaching the ministry extends as it comes to one hearer such as I. I praise God for your faithfulness and demonstrated love for Him.” – Doug

“Great articles, lots of resources a blessing to anyone who is looking for help to apply the Truth of the Gospel to their life or the lives of others.” – Sean

“I read with great interest your article “What Does It Mean to Nourish and Cherish Your Wife.” It was beneficial and biblical. I’m teaching a Sunday School lesson to the men of our church in several weeks on marriage, and I would like to use your list of “To Warm Your Wife” and “To Chill Your Wife.” I would like to have permission to print those out for the men and do a self-assessment of their marriage. Obviously, I would indicate that I printed it with your permission. Thanks again for this article and for supplying godly material about marriage. Looking forward to hearing back from you.” – Jerry

“You all do an awesome work of making the Word come alive. His Godly counsel is on the mark. Read all that he writes (after you read the Bible :), you can’t go wrong!” – Joseph

“Rick Thomas is a gifted counselor. He gives practical and Biblical advice that is pointed and life-changing. I am thankful for this ministry!” – Ross

“I’ve invited dozens of friends to your Facebook page because of the encouragement and inspiration you have been to me. God has clearly given you the gifts of discernment, teaching, and wisdom.” – Lorretta

“I appreciate what you do. You have helped me a great deal. Thanks for being brave enough to proclaim the truth in spite of the costs.” — Barbara

“Great organization to receive sound counseling advice.” – Michael

“Great Godly counsel to edify believers, drawing our hearts closer to God!” – Terri

“I want to thank you for your article on the steps of repentance. I had developed an attitude of being a victim. I found your article, and I confessed my sin. I feel like a weight had come off my chest. I’ll spend the rest of my life killing that root and following the steps of repentance. Thank you for your work.” – Grateful

“I just wanted to say thank you. My hope is so dim, but it’s still there most of the time. Anyway, this site has helped me a lot to get through this struggle, so thank you.” – Hopeful

“I am so excited to get full access to all the knowledge that God has blessed you with. You have no idea how many times I am dealing with an issue where I fail miserably and start to feel like there is no hope. I listen to you on my morning drive, and God is always there encouraging me with your morning podcast. Thank you, Mr. Thomas!” – Morning Drive

“I can’t express how much his articles have blessed, encouraged, and taught me.” – Kimberly

“Amazing stuff. I’m simply blown away. Thanks for the time and effort you’ve invested; it is paying huge dividends. We’ve become huge advocates.” – John

“Your materials are simply excellent. I’m using your article, “The Unparalleled Benefit of Living In an Unchangeable Situation” with a counselee tomorrow. Thank you for making your resources so readily available!” – Cindy

“I have lived with a harsh, angry, bitter man for over two decades now. Your articles have helped me so much.” – Hurting Wife

“I am so grateful for your ministry, and that you and your team are using your God-given abilities to bless others and bring glory to God. Thank you so much.” – Kelly

“I love this website! It has helped me change; I am not even sure how to say it. I think the people who answer questions are amazing people who do care. I remember one time I posted, and the kindness made me cry. Listening to the podcast with Rick and his wife, helped me hear how a loving couple sounds. Reading helps, but hearing what is written lived out, really helped me a lot. I could tell how spiritually immature I am. I think the website helps with sanctification. Things in my life are a mess, but I’m far from being a victim and innocent, I needed to change, and this is the only place that has helped me. There a lot of great sermons and stuff, but they are pretty impersonal. This website isn’t impersonal.” – A Changing Wife

“I really appreciate all that I have learned from your ministry. Thank you!” – Angie

“God has used this ministry in our lives with tremendous impact, and I want to support what I can.” – Tyler

“I’m wrestling with how to express what I’m thinking, and along comes one of your posts that put the words to my thoughts.” – Angelina

“Thank you for your case studies. I use them for my Wednesday evening Bible study. It has brought out great discussion and challenged some people in their thought processes. It has been a great tool to help people think biblically. Thanks again. It has been a great blessing.” – Tim

“I truly appreciate the wisdom received and sent from your site, and I frequently forward it on to others. I thank God for you all.” – Berg

“So that you know, I read most of your posts and benefit from them. Also, I share some of them with some of my family. I hope that is alright. Thank you for the work you do!” – Vina

“I found your site thru an interview you had with two people from Pure Life Ministries. Your podcasts and testimony are encouraging me greatly. I’m going to look to my Father in Heaven and lean on Him more to be a better dad. Keep up the great work you and your team are doing for the Lord.” – Dan

“I’m sharing many of your teachings with the counseling department of our church. They will be at the counselor’s resource center and shared via email to our 40+ lay counselors. I’m thrilled to have found your gospel-based teaching and excited to see the impact your wisdom applied to the realm of biblical counseling will have on our counselors’ use of the scriptures to bring our counselees to the foot of the cross. I found you when I purchased the Drive-By Marriage series! Love your gentle, humble approach!” – Colleen

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