Ep. 490 Sophie Ottaway: Engineered at Birth to Be a Girl

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Ep. 490 Sophie Ottaway

Photo: ©Sophie Ottaway via Canva.com

Shows Main Idea – Rick Thomas interviews Sophie Ottaway, born as a boy but engineered to be a girl when he was two. Sophie had a physical abnormality but did not find out until he was twenty-two. Sophie is thirty-seven years old today. Sophie tells the story of what the doctors did, why the parents went along with it, the secrets kept, how he found out, and why Sophie chooses to live as a girl today. Sophie’s story is incredible, honest, sad, and inspiring.

Show Notes

Sophie’s Story

Sophie Ottaway, from England, has a unique and compelling life story. Born a boy in 1986, he was diagnosed with a rare birth defect called cloacal bladder exstrophy, a condition affecting the bladder and genitals. Due to this condition, his bladder was in two halves, and on the outside of his body, along with part of his intestines, there was a tiny split penis.

Doctors advised Sophie’s parents to change his gender to female, with the reasoning that it would lead to a better outcome, including fewer infections and hospitalizations. Believing it was in the best interest of their child, his parents agreed to the surgery, which was performed when Sophie was just two days old. The doctors subscribed to the theory that gender is learned, not innate, and advised his parents to raise him as a girl without telling anyone about the change, including Sophie himself.

Sophie grew up unaware of his birth gender. He knew he had medical complications and that his ovaries were damaged and removed, requiring him to take hormones from the age of 11. However, the whole truth came out when he was 22 during a routine medical appointment for tonsillitis. A doctor inadvertently revealed his medical history, showing that he was born a boy. This revelation led to years of struggle for Sophie, including denial, excessive drinking, and drug use. Despite these challenges, he has reconciled with his past and family and is now open about his experience.

Sophie’s life experience raises questions about medical ethics, gender ideology, and the current crisis among our youth. He desires to share his story, hoping that a few will not go down the road of gender reassignment.

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