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Ep. 442 Eight Responses to the Spouse Whose Spouse Left
Ep. 442 Eight Responses to the Spouse Whose Spouse Left
Ep. 441 How to Respond to a Fallen Christian Leader
Ep. 441 How to Respond to a Fallen Christian Leader
Ep. 440 When She’s Ashamed to Share Her Story with You
Ep. 440 When She's Ashamed to Share Her Story with You
Ep. 439 How to Help a Teen with a Porn Problem
Ep. 439 How to Help a Teen with a Porn Problem01
Ep. 438 Am I a Sinner or a Saint, or Both?
Ep. 438 Am I a Sinner or a Saint, or Both?
Ep. 437 A Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness and Suicide?
Ep. 436 Should I Separate from Sinful People in My Church?
Ep. 435 How Do You Counsel a Self-righteous Person?
Ep. 434 People with Different Character and Capacity Issues
Ep. 433 Can a Procrastinating, Undisciplined Person Do Your Program?
Can a Procrastinating, Undisciplined Person Do the Program?
Ep. 432 The Secret to Having a Great Marriage That Lasts
The Secret to Having a Great Marriage that Lasts
Ep. 431 Why Gospel-centered Is Better Than Grace-centered and Legalism
Why Gospel-centered is Better Than Grace-centered and Legalism
Ep. 430 Should Christians Separate from Sinners?
Ep. 430 Should Christian Separate from Sinners?
Ep. 429 When Aging Parents No Longer Walk with God
Ep. 428 How Can a Christian Sin Like That and Say He’s a Christian?
Ep. 427 The Ten-Step Process to a Hard Heart
Ep. 426 The Four Types of Transformative Listening
Ep. 425 Seven Ways Biblical Counselors Can Innovate
Ep. 424 A Few Integrationists Affirm My Point about BC’s Decline
Ep. 423 Four Reasons the BC Movement Has Passed Its Prime
Ep. 422 The Grace That Comes to Those Who Practice Fasting
Ep. 421 Ten Steps Leading to Toxic Christian Femininity
Ep. 420 How Do You Assess and Prepare a Future Pastor for Ministry?
Ep. 419 Your Ex-spouse Has the Kids, and You’re Afraid
Ep. 418 Five Common Mistakes Abuse Counselors Make
Ep. 417 Secrets That Teach You How to Write Compelling Blog Content
Ep. 416 A Crippling Reason a Husband Does Not Lead His Wife
Ep. 415 How Does God See You, and Why Does It Matter?
Ep. 414 Must a Wife Have Sex with Her Husband So He Won’t Stray?
Ep. 413 The Problem with Wounded Theology and Victim Identity
Ep. 412 Do We Have to Twist Scripture to Help Victims of Abuse?
Ep. 411 Three Essentials We Need to Be Effective Disciple-makers
Ep. 410 How Can I Know a Person, Place, or Thing Won’t Disappoint Me?
Ep. 409 Why Julie Roys Is a Dangerous Investigative Journalist
Ep. 408 The Ten-Point Checklist When Abuse Happens
Ep. 407 The New and Dangerous Way Christians Build Community
Ep. 406 Should Christians Place an Emphasis on Demonic Activity?
Ep. 405 Dr. Daniel Berger Discusses the New DSM-5-TR (Text Revision)
Ep. 404 How to Respond When Someone Gossips to You
Ep. 403 The Difference Between Believing and Knowing Something
Ep. 402 Two Keys to Mature into the Best Rest You Can Have
Ep. 401 Living Well Requires a Transcendent View of Suffering
Ep. 400 Your Value to Others Comes from What You Provide
Ep. 399 How to Identify and Benefit from Genuine Friendships
Ep. 398 Ten Things to Consider When You Confront Someone
Ep. 397 Webinar: How to Propose a Counseling Ministry to a Church
Ep. 396 Why ACBC Does Not Accept Our Training
Ep. 395 God Does Not Become Sad When You Hurt
Ep. 394 Webinar: The Gospel “Y” Chart
Ep. 393 Make Sure Your Future Relationship Doesn’t Look like This
Ep. 392 The Complete Update about What We Do
Ep. 391 Webinar: Mind Mapping Christian Maturity
Ep. 390 Webinar: Making Sense of Our Sexually Confused Culture
Ep. 389 Comprehensive Data-Gathering Is Crucial to Help Victims
Ep. 388 Webinar: Victory over True Guilt, Defeating a False Sense of Guilt
Ep. 387 Webinar: Human Motivations and Shaping Influences
Ep. 386 Young Adult Shares Six Reasons to Give Up Social Media
Ep. 385 Webinar: Essential Things before Helping Someone Change
Ep. 384 Webinar: The Critical Spouse – The Insecure Spouse
Ep. 383 Six Resources to Help You Think about Our Cultural Crisis
Ep. 382 Webinar: Parenting – The Important Role of Fathers
Ep. 381 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 14
Ep. 380 Webinar: Connecting the Gospel to Everyday Life
Ep. 379 Hope in God Does Not Change Your Circumstances
Ep. 378 Webinar: A Biblical Perspective on Disorders
Ep. 377 Webinar: The Skill of Asking Insightful Questions
Ep. 376 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 13
Ep. 375 Webinar: How to Overcome the Fear of Others
Ep. 374 Webinar: How to Make a Decision about Anything
Ep. 373 Interview with Marty Burlsworth of the “Greater” Movie Fame
Ep. 372 Response to Grudem’s New View on Abuse and Divorce
Ep. 371 Interview with Professional Wrestler Nikita Koloff
Ep. 370 A Practical Response to Sexual Abuse in the Church
Ep. 369 Webinar: Dismantling Self-Reliance and Overcome Unbelief
Ep. 368 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 12
Ep. 367 Is It Wise for Me to Attend a Sovereign Grace Church?
Ep. 366 Webinar: Engaging the Culture, Bringing Jesus to the World
Ep. 365 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 11
Ep. 364 How Can You Know Your Decisions Won’t Disappoint You?
Ep. 363 Webinar: Pursuing Conflict for Unity’s Sake
Ep. 362 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 10
Ep. 361 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 9
Ep. 360 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 8
Ep. 359 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 7
Ep. 358 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 6
Ep. 357 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 5
Ep. 356 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 4
Ep. 355 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 3
Ep. 354 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 2
Ep. 353 Response to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Episode 1
Ep. 352 Update Rick’s COVID Journey, Healing, and Future Plans
Ep. 351 Why Most Biblical Counselors Should Not Take on Abuse Cases
Ep. 350 Webinar: You Have No Choice But to Resolve Conflict
Ep. 349 How We Help Local Churches, Practically Speaking
Ep. 348 Webinar: Sympathy and Empathy, You Need to Know This
Ep. 347 Response When the Church Accommodates Trans People
Ep. 346 Stunning Story of NHL Player Reconciling with a Player
Ep. 345 Webinar: Transgenderism – I Think; Therefore, I Am
Ep. 344 The Bible Does Not Say Transgenderism Is a Sin, Right?
Ep. 343 Transgenderism Worldview: I Think; Therefore, I Am
Ep. 342 Interview with Rick Thomas and Julie Ganschow on Abuse
Ep. 341 Webinar: Examining and Identifying the Target of Change
Ep. 340 How to Respond When Members and Pastors Disagree
Ep. 339 The Difference between Christian and Biblical Counseling
Ep. 338 Webinar: How to Identify Ruling Motives of the Heart
Ep. 337 Four Students Share Their Program Experience
Ep. 336 A Very Personal Story about Death and God’s Goodness
Ep. 335 Webinar: Doctrine of Repentance, Our Secret Weapon
Ep. 334 Does Viewing the Chosen Violate the 2nd Commandment?
Ep. 333 Webinar: Porn, the Perplexities and the Possibilities
Ep. 332 Webinar: The Benefit of Being Intentionally Intrusive
Ep. 331 Webinar: The Dangerous Tension of a Victim Mentality
Ep. 330 Take a Psychological Selfie of Yourself and Friends
Ep. 329 Webinar: Persevering When Life Turns You Upside Down
Ep. 328 Why Some People Prefer Bondage over Freedom
Ep. 327 Physical Intimacy – Obstacles, Origins, & Opportunities
Ep. 326 Julie Hansen, an Angel Sent to Our Ministry
Ep. 325 Webinar: The Most Powerful Way to Help Someone Change
Ep. 324 Preparing Our Legacy to Minister to the Next Generation
Ep. 323 Do You Call a Boy Pretending to Be a Girl a Girl’s Name?
Ep. 322 Webinar: Family, Friends, and Other Secondary Considerations
Superficial Friends Are More Enjoyable Than Long-Term Ones
Ep. 320 How to Enjoy the Best Communication with Someone
Ep. 319 A Key to a Husband Leading Is Awareness of Those Following
Ep. 318 Webinar: 17 Quick and Dirty Relationship Tips
Ep. 317 The False Assurance of Knowing Something
Ep. 316 A Visual Mindmap Walking through Church Conflict
Ep. 315 Dangerous Challenge for Standing on Your Convictions
Ep. 314 It Takes Courage to Understand a Person the Right Way
Ep. 313 10 Helpful Ideas When Speaking against Cancel Culture
Ep. 312 Cancel Culture Manipulates You to See Things Their Way
Ep. 311 Racism Is Not a Plausible Answer to the Atlanta Murders
Ep. 310 Mix Power with Disdain for Others: You Get Cancel Culture
Ep. 309 Could I Start a Ministry in a Church with a Different Vision?
Ep. 308 Talks on Truth, Contentment, Relationship, & Submission
Ep. 307 Stop Using My Resources to Make a Person Conform
Ep. 306 The Pain-Points of Pastoring in a Hostile, Chaotic Culture
Ep. 305 It Makes Perfect Sense Why a Person Practices Behavioral Modification
Ep. 304 Do Zoom Meetings Mean You’re Forsaking the Assembly?
Ep. 303 A Clinical Psychologist Becomes a Biblical Counselor
Ep. 302 Should We Passively Watch Our Constitution Erode?
Ep. 301 Explanation of Our Three-Phase Mastermind Training
Ep. 300 A Four-Point Leadership Analysis To Evaluate Yourself
Ep. 299 How to Interact with a Pastor with Known Sin
Ep. 298 Rethinking, Reworking, Relaunching Our Mastermind Program
Ep. 297 Knowing How to Live Out Practical Forgiveness Is Essential
Ep. 296 Practical Advice for Those Struggling with Deep Hurts
Ep. 295 Thoughts on Bible Plans, Studies, Memorization, and More
Ep. 294 What Is the Best Way to Start a Ministry Similar to Yours?
Ep. 293 Three Things You Should Know for a Lasting Marriage
Ep. 292 Rick and Daniel Live Q&A from The Hope Conference
Ep. 291 A Behind-the-Scenes Narrative of The Hope Conference
Ep. 290 Learning How to Respond to a World You Don’t Like
Ep. 289 What Is the Best Way to Handle Secret Marriage Sins?
Ep. 288 It’s Time to Start Bothering People for Your Good
Ep. 287 Considering the Curious Contours of Confession
Ep. 286 How Do You Live with a Narcissist Who Accuses?
Ep. 285 Fighting the Culture War for the Sake of Our Children
Ep. 284 The Transgender Problem Is the Tip of a Larger Iceberg
Ep. 283 Why Our Counselor Training Program Is unlike Any Other
Ep. 282 Social Dilemma: What Social Media Is Doing to You
Ep. 281 EMDR: Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy
Ep. 280 A Few Things I Would Do If I Could Go Back
Ep. 279 The Problem of Blaming Men for Relationship Problems
Ep. 278 Interpreting the Political and Personal Life of Donald Trump
Ep. 277 People Who Do Not Respect Others Were Trained to Be This Way
Ep 276 Ten Sequential and Vital Steps When Correcting Someone
Ep. 275 Counseling the Imposter’s Wife, a Student’s Case Study
Ep. 274 Common Sense Tips for Solving Marriage Disputes
Ep. 273 A Few Thoughts about My History with Jay Adams
Ep. 272 How To Navigate God’s Decreed, Moral, and Messy Wills
Ep. 271 Is It Okay for an Adult Child to Live on Their Own?
Ep. 270 Nontraditional Ways to Mobilize to Make a Difference
Ep. 269 Huge Changes, and All the Reasons We’re Doing It
Ep. 268 Trump Is the Heat Exposing What Was Previously Hidden
Ep. 267 Daniel and Rick Analyze the ADHD Construct
Ep. 266 When Biblical Counselors Don’t Act like Biblical Counselors
Ep. 265 Here Is Practical Help for Anyone Stuck in a Bad Habit
Ep. 264 Helping an Adult Sibling Who Is Not Walking with the Lord
Ep. 263 How to Be Free of Sin Regardless of the Other Person
Ep. 262 Learn How This Ministry Benefits You and Your Family
Ep. 261 The Danger to Sheltering Your Children from the World
Ep. 260 Personal Testimony: How to Trust the Author of Your Story
Ep. 259 How Does a Parent Maintain a Two-Family Home?
Ep. 258 Suffering and Leadership, the Gifts You Need
Ep. 257 Should a Pastor Lead a Para-Ministry Organization?
Ep. 256 Joyce Saddi from Lebanon Interviews Rick Thomas
Ep. 255 Rick Thomas Interview about His Book, Change Me
Ep. 254 The Repercussions of Being a Certified Biblical Counselor
Ep. 253 Am I the Only ACBC Continuationist Fellow?
Ep. 252 The Miraculous Twists and Turns That Led to This Ministry
Ep. 251 The Absolute Best Counseling You Can Give Anyone
Ep. 250 How to Tell If Too Much Social Media Is Bad for Your Soul
Ep. 249 What Is Reactive Racism and Reflective Racism?
Ep. 248 A Key Aspect to Marriage If You Want to Be One Flesh
Ep. 247 Our 12-Year Anniversary Ministry Update
Ep. 246 Rick Answers More of Your Facebook Questions
Ep. 245 Rick Answers Your Eclectic Facebook Questions
Ep. 244 When a Church Is More Theological Than Pastoral
Ep. 243 How to Leave Churches, Ministries, Employers, Etc.
Ep. 242 Rick Answers Questions about Abuse and More
Ep. 241 What If I’m Not Smart Enough to Do Biblical Counseling?
Ep. 240 Can You “Be Saved” as a Child and Get Saved Later?
Ep. 239 The Burden of Ministry and Your Role in It
Ep. 238 The Battle over Naming Our Problems and Providing Answers
Ep. 237 My Gay Child Wants Me at the Wedding: What Do I Do?
Ep. 236 When Is It Right and Wrong to Disobey the Government?
Ep. 235 Is It Right to Expect Pastors to Be Biblical Counselors?
Ep. 234 The Unintended But Helpful Benefit of Coronavirus
Ep. 233 Coronavirus: God, Our Dwelling Place In Uncertain Times
Ep. 232 Vaneetha Risner: The Scars That Have Shaped Me
Ep. 231 A Rare Look Behind the Scenes of a Christian Ministry
Ep. 230 When the Integrationist and Biblical Counselor Are Right
Ep. 229 Should All Young People Kiss Dating Goodbye?
Ep. 228 The Tragedy of Imitating Your Favorite Leader
Ep. 227 The Painful Problem of Letting Go of Something You Love
Ep. 226 Do You Want to Break Free From Bad Habits?
Ep. 225 Why Some Certified Biblical Counselors Harm People
Ep. 224 My Church Is Not Transparent and It’s Frustrating
Ep. 223 How to Love the Rebel Adult Child In Your Home
Ep. 222 Practical Time Management Tips For Busy People
Ep. 221 When Someone Asks You To Help With Their Disorder
Ep. 220 My Church Is Falling Apart, and It’s Devastating to Me
Ep. 219 Peeking Behind the Scenes of Our Transformative Training
Ep. 218 An Oral History of Our Ministry: 2008-2019
Ep. 217 My Husband Is Apathetic, How Do I Respond to Him?
Ep. 216 Should a Wife Be Intimate If She Doesn’t Want To Be?
Ep. 215 Thinking Practically About the Vital Need to Be Baptized
Ep. 214 Getting to the Heart of the Matter With a Combative Couple
Ep. 213 Answers Questions on Abuse, Church, and Forgiveness
Ep. 212 Johnny & Friends, Plus Beth Moore
Ep. 211 What Is the Point of Becoming a Church Member?
Ep. 210 Six Non-negotiable Qualities of an Excellent Counselor
Ep. 209 Stop Criticizing Your Spouse and Friends On Facebook
Ep. 208 How to Leave a Legalistic Church
Ep. 207 How to Practice Silence for the Benefit of Listening
Ep. 206 A Media Platform Banned Our Content for a Violation
Ep. 205 From Chaos to Order: the Powerful Word of God
Ep. 204 Sticks, Stones, and Words Will Hurt You
Ep. 203 Your Example Has More Impact Than Your Teaching
Ep. 202 The Reason I’m No Longer Part of the IABC
Ep. 201 Comparing Authoritarian and Delegating Church Models
Ep. 200 Why Loneliness Is More Painful Than Being Alone
Ep. 199 The Battle of the Mind Post Adultery and Divorce
Ep. 198 The Positive Side of Sharing Your Story with Others
Ep. 197 Grandparents Export Themselves to the Next Generation
Ep. 196 Understanding the Exhausting Work of Being a Pastor
Ep. 195 Five Reasons a Husband Won’t Lead His Wife
Ep. 194 The Cyclic Effect of Cynicism, and the Cure
Ep. 193 Our 12-Step Program Could Change Your Life Forever
Ep. 192 Sixteen Questions to Examine Your Generosity
Ep. 191 Three Vital Keys for Leading a Small Group
Ep. 190 Why You Need to Understand Positioning Marketing
Ep. 189 Helping Someone Break Free from Fear
Ep. 188 The Vital Importance of the Counseling Window
Ep. 187 Is Depression a Sin When Others Abuse You?
Ep. 186 One Reason Teens Are Leaving the Church
Ep. 185 My Daughter Interviews Me about Racism
Ep. 184 Tips to Develop a Counseling Worldview in Your Church
Ep. 183 If You Want to Change, Stop Reading Our Stuff
Ep. 182 Review of Unplanned, the Pro-Life Movie
Ep. 181 To Forgive or Not to Forgive – That Is the Question
Ep. 180 It’s Critical to Know that You’ll Always Be Angry
Ep. 179 The Mysterious Interplay of Fear, Anger, and Self-Reliance
Ep. 178 Seven Critical Keys When Assessing a Future Leader
Ep. 177 An Exceptional Marriage Book for You
Ep. 176 What Is Your Opinion about Five Love Languages?
Ep. 176 What Is Your Opinion about Five Love Languages
Ep. 175 When You’re Insecure around Certain People
Ep. 174 Rethinking Sunday Morning and God’s Word
Ep. 173 Why Christians Should Engage in Politics
Ep. 172 Seven Ways to Find Help with This Ministry
Ep. 171 Ministering to One Another Should be Supreme
Ep. 170 Learning to Trust God While Caring for Others
Ep. 169 My Top Five Small Group Pranks
Ep. 168 The Dawning Reality of Who You Really Married
Ep. 167 What Does It Mean to Fear the Lord?
Ep. 166 Six Key Ideas When Starting a Counseling Ministry
Ep. 165 Why Our Program Can Be As Lame As Any Other
Ep. 164 If You’re Serious about Change, Do These Things
Ep. 163 Why Being Quick to Speak Is Critically Biblical
Ep. 162 A Superb Way to Put on a Church Conference
Ep. 161 Eight Critical Keys for You to a Joy-Filled Life
Ep. 160 The Risky Business of Practicing Humility
Ep. 160 The Risky Business of Practicing Humility
Ep. 159 Distinguishing Good and Excellent Counselors
Ep. 158 Why I Can’t Talk to You, But Never Turn You Away
Ep. 157 You Shouldn’t Make a Person’s Problems Your Main Focus
Ep. 156 Submission to Husbands in Everything Doesn’t Mean Everything
Ep. 155 Rick, Why Do You Use the Word Psychology?
Ep. 154 The Tricky Contours of Sermon Application
Ep. 153 You Don’t Need a Verse for Everything You Do
Ep. 152 When Results Are More Important than the Means
Ep. 151 Should You Waste Time with Unchanging People?
Ep. 150 Kevin Hurt, Executive Director of IABC
Ep. 149 Interview with Brandi Huerta
Ep. 148 Is Homeschool the Only Option for You?
Ep. 147 Who You Are Affects Your Relationships
Ep. 146 A Different Kind of “Happy Ever After” Marriage
Ep. 145 Spouse Teaching Children Different Political Views
Ep. 144 Q&A: Salvation, No Passion, and Biblical Certification
Ep. 143 Ten Things to Know about Divorced Children
Ep. 142 Change Me – The Ultimate Life-Change Handbook
Ep. 141 Bodie Hodge Interview with Answers In Genesis
Ep. 140 The Downside of Accountability Partners
Ep. 139 Four Steps from Dating to Divorce
Ep. 138 Understanding the Cyclic Effect of the Great Commission
Ep. 137 Being Pastoral Can Be Better Than Being Theological
Ep. 136 The Thing That Distinguishes Our Ministry
Ep. 135 Ten Clarifying Thoughts On Boys and Girls Dating
Ep. 134 Eight Days In Mexico Helping Missionaries
Ep. 133 Dianne Keech On the Church, Abuse, and Parenting
Ep. 132 Dianne Keech S.A.F.E. Child Protection Consulting
Ep. 131 Dr. Daniel Berger On “The Insanity Of Madness”
Ep. 130 The Disconnected Man, with Jim Turner
Ep. 129 Why Close Relationships Become Hard Relationships
Ep. 128 A Theology Of Suffering From Second Corinthians
Ep. 127 Good, Better, and Best Contexts For Change
Ep. 126 Good and Not As Good Discipleship Practices
Ep. 125 A Weak Church Model: The Regular Attender
Ep. 124 A Proactive Model For Equipping Your Church
Ep. 123 What Is a Christological View Of Discipleship?
Ep. 122 What Is Christian Maturity?
Ep. 121 What Is Salvation, Sanctification and My Responsibility?
Ep. 120 It’s Not About Being Busy But Managing Your Time
Ep. 119 A Man’s Ministry May Be More Than You Think
Ep. 118 A Few Ways We Can Help Your Church or Ministry
A Few Ways We Can Help Your Church or Ministry
Ep. 117 Four Reasons Not to Take Our Mastermind Training
Ep. 116 The Loving Necessity Of “Judging” Others
Ep. 115 What Is “Body-to-Body Ministry” In the Local Church?
Ep. 114 How to Fix Your Communication Problems
Ep. 113 A Practical Perspective On Decision-Making
Ep. 112 A Biblical Perspective On Disorders
Ep. 111 Why Are You So Hard On Men, and Not Women?
Ep. 110 Help for the Angry Person
Ep. 109 Five Graphics to Help the Addict Change
Ep. 108 The Critical Call On Men to Submit
Ep. 107 What Is the Balanced Christian Life?
Ep. 106 Essential Tip If You’re Going to Start a Ministry
Ep. 105 Sermon from the Book, Redeeming Talk Trouble
Ep. 104 What It Means to Be Gospel-Centered, Key Indicators
Ep. 103 Sermon on Biblical Decision Making
Ep. 102 The Shane Ericks Interview
Ep. 101 Are Behaviors Caused Biologically or Spiritually?
Ep. 100 Can I Become Certified Through Your Ministry
Ep. 99 Five Ways to Know If You’re a Real Man to a Woman
Ep. 98 How to Build an Online Ministry In an Ever-Changing Culture
Ep. 97 Julie Ganschow Interview
Ep. 96 Oliver Underwood – The Mission House Interview
Ep. 95 The Hillrose Lectures, Now Grace Bible Church
Ep. 94 Unpacking Christian Accountability From the Beginning
Ep. 93 Eight Essentials For an Exceptional Small Group Experience
Ep. 92 Rick Is Having Back Surgery
Ep. 91 Four Reasons You Want to Listen Well to Others
Ep. 90 Are Treatment Centers Good for an Habituated Person?
Ep. 89 T. C. Stallings, Actor in Courageous and War Room
Ep. 87 The Unintended Consequence of an Emotional Affair
Ep. 86 Steve Gallagher Interview With Pure Life Ministries
Ep. 85 Pure Life Ministries: Nate Danser and Jordan Yoshimine
Ep. 84 Nine Ways To Export Boredom To Your Children
Ep. 83 Dear Wife: Build Up Your Husband
Ep. 82 Dave Furman Interview, Author Of “Being There”
Ep. 81 How Can I Get My Husband to Be All in at Home?
Ep. 80 Ways To Share Our Ministry With Your Friends
Ep. 79 Knowing Theology Is Not Enough If You Want To Change
Ep. 78 When Ministry and Family Priorities Collide
Ep. 77 Ed Bulkley Interview with IABC
Ep. 76 Kevin Hurt Interview With IABC
Ep. 75 How to Respond to Gossip and Broken Relationships
Ep. 74 How Not to Fall Like a Leader
Ep. 73 Girl Wants to Marry Boyfriend: Parents Do Not Approve
Ep. 72 Dr. Daniel Berger ADHD Interview
Ep. 71 Lucia Thomas Interview About Her Breast Cancer
Ep. 70 Daniel Berger Interview on “Mental Illness” – Part Two
Ep. 69 Daniel Berger Interview on “Mental Illness” – Part One
Ep. 68 Parenting: Should I Discipline My Child For Stealing?
Ep. 67 How Do I Escape My Regrettable Past?
Ep. 66 Ten Responses to the Friend Who Won’t Admit Wrong
Ep. 65 What Your Spouse’s Unkind Words Reveal
Ep. 64 Ten Things to Help the Person Who Is Rejecting You
Ep. 63 Does Submission Mean My Husband Has Final Say?
Ep. 62 Seven Things To Know About Annoying Friends
Ep. 61 Ten Great Ideas When Caring for Couples
Ep. 60 How Can I Make a Career in Counseling?
Ep. 59 Four Reasons People Don’t Trust God – How You Can Help
Ep. 58 Help Me Help My Difficult Relative
Ep. 57 Seven-Point Checklist to Have Fantastic Children
Ep. 56 My Child Has Organic Problems and Is Out of Control
Ep. 55 I’m Divorced. Should I Correct My Ex-wife?
Ep. 54 Seventeen Things to Know to Do a Fantastic Podcast
Ep. 53 How Do You Motivate Your Church to Be More Committed?
Ep. 52 Twelve Characteristics of a Good Counselor
Ep. 51 How Can I Help My Husband Engage Our Children More?
Ep. 50 My Passive Husband Won’t Lead. Should I Let Things Go?
Ep. 49 When Is the Right Time for My Girl to Date?
Ep. 48 Can I Really Glorify God As a Stay-At-Home-Mom?
Ep. 47 Should a Pastor Beat and Abuse His Wife?
Ep. 46 Mistakes People Make to Feel Better about Themselves
Ep. 45 How a Wife Can Motivate a Husband to Be Passive
Ep. 44 The Missing Ingredients to the Gospel-Centered Life
Ep. 43 How to Listen to Others Without Being Swayed by Them
Ep. 42 Should I Bring a Baby into Our Evil World?
Ep. 41 Live from the Creation Museum
Ep. 40 Twelve Things to Know about Parental Discipline
Ep. 39 Thirteen Ways to Respond to In-Laws Who Reject You
Ep. 38 Speaking to the Injustices in Our Culture
Ep. 37 Black Christian Talks about Black Lives
Ep. 36 Why I Don’t Align With Nouthetic Or Biblical Counseling
Ep. 35 Some of the Friendliest People in the World
Ep. 34 Rick Interviewing Lucia about Her Break from Legalism
Ep. 33 Rick and Lucia Talking about Lust in Their Marriage
Ep. 32 Mark Grant’s Experience through Our Training Program
Ep. 31 Uncensored Podcast On a Theology of Suffering
Ep. 30 You Shouldn’t Make a Big Deal Out Of Biblical Counseling
Ep. 29 What Makes Our Equipping Different and Effective?
Ep. 28 Thoughtful Perspective on Being Gay and the Gay Lifestyle
Ep. 27 Three Free and Innovative Ideas for Online Ministry
Ep. 26 A New, Quick, Easy, Simple, but Powerful Podcast
Ep. 23 I Recently Had the Sex Talk with My Son
Ep. 450 How To Talk Behind Someone’s Back
How to Talk Behind Someone's Back
Ep. 449 How to Motivate Christians to Stop Caring So Much
How to Motivate Christians to Stop Caring So Much

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