Ep. 164 If You’re Serious about Change, Do These Things

Ep. 164 If You're Serious about Change, Do These Things

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Shows Main Idea – Nearly, without exception, people who come to counseling do not have dependable, competent companions surrounding them, who speak into their lives. There can be many reasons for this, of course. Here are a few dependable companions that I try to implement in the lives of the individuals that I’m counseling.

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Bringing a Friend to a counseling session is an excellent idea that any counselee could do. Imagine having your friend sitting in your counseling session, hearing what you’re listening to and learning how to bring the Bible to bear on your problems. Your friend becomes an “extension of the counselor” because he can see you during your week–in other contexts.

Micro Sessions are the articles on our website. Many of them are approximately 2000 words. I eventually put everything that I have ever thought about counseling into an article. This resource is inexpensive and extensive counseling at your fingertips.

Homework is a standard practice that most counselors employ. As I tell my counselees, “I want you to take me home with you.” My goal is to extend the counseling session beyond the two hours that we meet. If they do homework every day, they will be able to “partake in counseling” every day.

Our Member Site is a place where the counselee can create a community, as well as have full access to all our articles, webinars, forums, graphics, and more. They could spend an hour a day for the next two years reading, watching, listening, and asking questions on the forum and still not exhaust all the resources.

Small Group Life in your local church is a potentially vibrant dynamic opportunity where you can bring the larger community of your church into the change process with you. Your friends can pray for you, ask you loving questions, and spur you on to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24-25).

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Local Church Meetings are wonderful contexts to worship God with your friends. You will also be able to hear the preached Word. This weekly venue gives you another opportunity to hear from and respond to the Spirit of God as He illuminates you toward change.

Serving Others is the opposite of the self-centered lifestyle. If you esteem others more than yourself, it will have a powerful effect on your life (Philippians 2:3-4). Typically, we counselees are selfish. What better way to repent of selfishness than to give your life to others (John 15:13).

Prayer and Bible Study are two assumed essentials for any person who wants to grow and change. You must be talking to God on a daily basis. That is prayer. You must permit God to speak to you on a regular basis. That is reading His Word.

Sharing with Others what God is doing in your life will give you further opportunity to walk in humility while permitting others to speak into your life. Sin has an isolating effect, which motivates a person to drift from the community. What better remedy than to tell others how God is working in your life?

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