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Our goal is to equip you to bring practical help and hope to others. Each course is relationally, church, and Christ centered in order to provide long-term impact and transformation. Most students are able to finish the full program in 24 to 48 months.
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Mastermind Elements

We integrate the three disciplines of Theology, Sanctification, and Application throughout the courses. Other components include:
  • Systematic TheologySys Theology
  • TheologyTheology
  • CounselingCounseling
  • MarriageMarriage
  • WebinarsWebinars
  • CaseStudiesCase Studies
  • MembershipMembership
  • CoachingCoaching
  • ForumsForums


What are the prerequisite courses 1, 2, and 3?

The Prerequisite Training Courses are part of the overall Mastermind Program. Before you enter the more extended five-semester, nine-block courses, you can “sample” the program by doing the first three blocks, Prerequisite One, Two, and Three. If you believe this program is a good fit for you at this time, you may start Semester One after you complete the Prerequisite blocks.

What is the financial cost?

Each Prerequisite block is $100 total, which includes your supervision. Each Semester is $250 per Semester, with $100 recurring for your ongoing supervision that begins after your first 30 days in the first Semester. There are also books you will need to purchase.

Will I receive certification?

Every person who completes all forty-eight blocks receives a Level Four certification, which states they completed the course. This certification level does not mean the person can counsel formally. We offer Level Three, Two, and One certification, which takes years of ongoing training, continuous vetting through our organization, and affirmation from the candidate’s local church. Level One Certification means the individual can do high-end formalized counseling, which takes years of training, observation, and practice to achieve.

When may I begin?

You may begin immediately after submitting your $100 for Prerequisite One.

May I take a break or stop at any time?

You do not have to continue the program; you may stop or pause anytime. It is self-paced.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds.


Hear testimonies from
our program graduates

Cece T.

I love this biblical counseling ministry! I read the articles, and I’m sincerely challenged and encouraged.

Jeff M.

My wife and family would say that this program has made a significant impact on them. I now have the tools needed to love my family and friends well in a fallen world.

Chad V.

This program has set me on a new trajectory of discipling well, more confident than ever in Scripture and the Lord’s good purposes.

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