Day 12 – Teen Devotion: Being Cool Is Not the Path to Success

Day 12 – Teen Devotion Being Cool Is Not the Path to Success

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Being cool is rarely the path to success. Typically, it’s the path to dysfunctional relationships because the inherent problem with being cool is self-focus. You’re always assessing yourself as you measure yourself against others who represent “cool” to you. This way of living your life is unwise and enslaving. Let’s talk about “true coolness.”

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Biblical “coolness” is counter-cultural. It looks remarkably different from how the culture defines and lives the cool life. The characteristics of biblical coolness are un-esteem, unlovely, unappealing, and unacceptable. (Read Isaiah 53:1-7) How do those descriptors grab you? Those are some of the things that describe Jesus. The irony of Christ’s out-of-step ways is how passionate Christians were about following Him.

I imagine that Jesus was more concerned about His schoolwork. I doubt He was interested in girls. His toga was perhaps a little out-of-date when compared to hip Jewish customs. His lunchbox probably had some of the animals from the Ark on it. Of course, He was the teacher’s pet, and His language was peculiarly different from His peers (John 7:46). Jesus was a real outlier.

As odd as He was, God chose Him to be our leader. It was not the mighty or the popular person. The chances of success ever coming His way seemed unlikely 1 Corinthians 1:18-25. What happens first: being godly or being cool? Those two words are competing against each other.

Jesus is amazingly cool. Don’t be fooled by what you see or what you crave. Do not succumb to the temptation to follow what our culture affirms as the way (John 14:6). Jesus is amazing. His path is the right one. The result of following the prototype for coolness will be eternally satisfying.

Time to Reflect

  1. Whose opinion means the most to you: God’s or the view of the culture? Your answer is what influences you the most. Why did you answer the way that you did?
  2. What is your biggest hindrance that keeps you from fully identifying as a Christian? What is your fear? Why did you answer that way?

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