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Rick Thomas has been such an inspiration to me and my husband. His devotional book on marriage helped open our communication in a very real way! God is using Rick in great ways to share the Gospel and change lives and marriages for good! – Kristen

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Drive-By Marriage


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Really? Can God take a good marriage and make it better? Does God have the power to transform a rotten marriage into something magnificent? The answer is a thundering “YES!”

God created the world. God sent his Son to redeem the world. God can make your marriage better. Drive-By Marriage contains no principles. No “ten steps to a happier marriage.” No lecturing. Instead, you will learn: How to forget the past. How to “argue.” How to genuinely love one another.

Join Todd Friel and Rick Thomas as they share a life-changing, marriage-saving message that will make a good marriage even better and a cold marriage magnificent.

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What People Are Saying About DBM!

This has SO many applications not just in marriage but in how we treat everyone. – DBM Listener

I downloaded Drive By Marriage and think it is the best purchase I have ever made for my home and my heart!!! – DBM Listener

This stuff is AMAZING! I had no idea how the Gospel could literally be applied to EVERY single aspect of EVERYthing in this life. – DBM Listener

One word- WOWZA! By far, the best Drive By series yet. – DBM Listener

I wanted to let you know what a huge fan of Drive by Marriage I am. It lives in my car and I have been through it 2 1/2 times. I recommend it all the time. It has really affected my view of how I interact with my husband. Thanks for the great teaching tools you and your crew are putting out there! – DBM Listener