Ep. 456 The Particulars of the Sex Talk I Had With Our Son

Ep. 456 The Particulars of the Sex Talk I Had With Our Son

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Shows Main Idea – I had the sex talk with our son when he was 12. I took him to the beach for a few days to discuss the most intimate relational dynamic between a man and a woman. One of our Mastermind students asked if I would share a few details about how I went about it, similar to Lucia’s talk with our daughters. What we did is only one way to have this vital talk, and I trust these ideas and perspectives will serve you, particularly if you’re planning to speak with your children.

Show Notes

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  • I recommend parents read, watch, or listen to this content. It’s not for children who have yet had this journey with their parents.


  • He was heading into middle school, co-op.
  • We wanted to get in front of what he might learn post-homeschool.
  • Each child is different.


We chose the Passport to Purity curriculum from Family Life. There are several good resources, all of which you can adapt to your child and biblio-centric worldview. You’re looking for an aid to ensure you cover the essential bases, but you must craft it to the peculiarities of each child.

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We rented a truck and drove to a beach house that a generous friend provided for us. We set aside four days for serious talks and fun times. Because of the mature subject matter, I did not want to overwhelm him. I talk about finding your starting point before counseling someone because you don’t want to assume they are somewhere on the maturation spectrum when they are not. Of course, our son was a child, not an adult, so interspersing fun with the sober conversations was perfect. Here are a few fun things we did.

  • Beach
  • Flee market
  • Golf car riding
  • Helicopter trip
  • Bingo
  • Any food he wanted
  • Heated pool
  • Jungle Book movie (two jumbo-size buttered popcorns)
  • Playing a giant chess match in a park
  • Purity throwing star

The Talk

  • Theology of words
  • Multi-part sex talk
  • Projects
  • Follow-up

Direct Video Messages


  • There is a cultural, generational gap between you and your child.
  • We are incrementally introducing our children to the world.
  • Modify your talk to your child.
  • The “sex talk” begins at birth.

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