Ep. 258 Suffering and Leadership, the Gifts You Need

Ep. 258 Suffering and Leadership, the Gifts You Need

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Have you ever thought about how suffering is a leadership gift? Meaning if you suffer without leading yourself through it, you may not suffer well. When a person is suffering, they must know how to lead themselves through it or become victims of their suffering.

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Sometimes folks expect others to do the primary leading. You may hear them talk critically about how someone did not come through for them when they suffered. They are probably correct, but the issue at hand needs more in-depth insight.

If the only focus is on what others did wrong through your suffering, you will take on a victim’s role, which will blind you to your responsibility before God during trying seasons. Here are three illustrations of what suffering and leadership look like in the life of Christ:

  • Jesus suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane (persecution)
  • Jesus suffering at the death of Lazarus, His friend (grief)
  • Jesus suffering when the rich young ruler rejected Him (rejection)


  • How do you lead yourself through persecution?
  • Are you more apt to take on the role of a victim or victor (through Christ)?


  • How do you lead yourself during seasons of grief?
  • I’m not suggesting you don’t grieve, because you would not lead yourself well if you don’t let yourself grieve. Because we’re “ditch people,” the temptation could be to pretend you’re fine when you’re not or to stay in perpetual grief.

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  • How do you lead yourself when others reject you?
  • The temptation could be to acquiesce by giving into how they are manipulating you or look down on them in self-righteous judgments, making uncharitable statements about them.


When you suffer, how do you lead yourself?

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I’m looking for articles on how to forgive my abuser. Do you have any? –Anonymous

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