Ep. 379 Hope in God Does Not Change Your Circumstances

Ep. 379 Hope in God Does Not Change Your Circumstances

Shows Main Idea – Hope in God is like a telescope that has a practical, eschatological application. It does not change your circumstances, but it gives you a perspective that buoys you while in your trouble. David talked about the hope he had in God in Psalm 42. I trust it will benefit you.

Life Over Coffee · Ep. 379 Hope In God Does Not Change Your Circumstances

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The holiday season can be rough for those who are experiencing their “firsts.” It could be the first holiday without a loved one because of death or divorce. It could be a joyless season because the trouble in your life transcends what this season means to so many folks. Fortunately, David has some wise words in Psalm 42. I appeal to you to consider memorizing this Psalm as I did many years ago. It helped me through a difficult time. For this study, I will dial into two verses: seven and eleven.

Deep calls to deep at the roar of your waterfalls; all your breakers and your waves have gone over me (Psalm 42:7).

Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God (Psalm 42:11).

The Cast Sheep

  • Why are you cast down?
    • The cast sheep
    • David is talking to himself.
    • Suffering is a leadership issue.
    • You are not a passive receptacle to your problems.
    • You must actively participate in your suffering.
    • Talk to yourself; take your soul to task.

Eschatological Hope

  • Hope has an eschatological aspect to it.
    • Hope does not change your situation, but it has a buoyancy quality.
    • You want to pray for a change of circumstance, but if it does not happen, you have hope.

Call to Action

  1. Are you suffering right now? What is happening to you? Describe what you and others have done to create your current circumstance.
  2. Will you move beyond the “waves that have gone over you” and begin soul talking? Why is it wrong to only talk about the problem but not activate your faith to participate in what the Lord is doing in your life?
  3. What does the expression “suffering and leadership go together” mean?
  4. What does “hope has an eschatological aspect to it” mean?
  5. What two things do you need to do to participate in your suffering?

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