Ep. 393 Make Sure Your Future Relationship Doesn’t Look like This

Ep. 393 Make Sure Your Future Relationship Doesn’t Look like This

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Shows Main Idea – This podcast interview brings insight from a young adult who has engaged her friendships and culture. She sees essential things you want to avoid and a few essentials to build well with a future spouse. Whether you are interested in someone or dating with the intent of getting married, here are a few red flags to help illuminate where you and your significant other stands on the most vital issues for a future relationship.

Life Over Coffee · Ep. 393 Make Sure Your Future Relationship Doesn’t Look Like This

Show Notes

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Interview Questions

  1. Why did you want to write this article?
  2. You call the overprotecting dating partner a red flag. What do you mean by that?
  3. You talk about the other-centered nature of a dating or marriage relationship a couple of times—not being inward and isolating during dating. And the purpose of dating and marriage is not about making you whole but magnifying Christ and the church. Explain.
  4. What’s wrong with finding someone to “complete me?”
  5. What is a good relationship order for dating and marriage? (Hint: you talked about God, yourself, and partner, under Finding Yourself.)
  6. How long should you date before taking the plunge in marriage?
  7. What are three characteristics of maturity, and why do you want to see them in your dating partner?
  8. Talk about flaws in a relationship and how to think of them redemptively.
  9. What are the two permissible arguments in a home, and where did you get this idea? 😉
  10. What are three final tips as we wrap up? (Hint: Don’t blind yourself, seek counsel, and have tough convos.)

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