Ep. 302 Should We Passively Watch Our Constitution Erode?

Ep. 302 Should We Passively Watch Our Constitution Erode

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Shows Main Idea – “Will you give me a biblical perspective on when our freedoms described in our Constitution (which I believe are God-inspired) are under attack? Should we or should we not defend them? Granted, men wrote the Constitution, but I think under the influence of God’s direction. It has proven to be very beneficial for the world in many ways. We have established laws. Are we to just let the government tear them up? It’s a real struggle for me to give a perfect and correct answer. Thanks.” —Mark

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Life Over Coffee · Ep. 302 Should We Passively Watch Our Constitution Erode?

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Not Inspired, But Influenced

We talk about the Bible as an inspired document, but not other documents like our Constitution. Whether inspired or not, there are excellent writings that have brought about good things, and they are worthy of our appreciation and defense. There is no question that the framers of the Constitution were under the influence of a biblical worldview. Some of them were Christians, and all of them lived in a biblically-literate culture that influenced the documents they wrote.

Stratification of Freedom

God has called all of us to spread His fame to the world. Wherever we are, we must always proclaim the message of Christ to those around us. In America, we have had more freedom to proclaim Christ than any other country. However, those freedoms are eroding, which is why Mark is asking this question. In America, there is a stratification of power and influence.

  • The dominating power and influence is a progressive, liberal worldview.
  • There is a conservative culture that sits on top of the more extensive, left-leaning foundation. This demographic consists of Christians and non-Christians, though both are conservative.
  • The Christian culture sits on top of the larger conservative culture. This demographic is the smallest of the three.

The Christian culture has always had the freedom to proclaim the message of Christ because progressivism was not the dominating foundation. Now that the progressive movement is the prevailing worldview, our liberties are shrinking.

The Shifting Foundation of America

Don’t Be Passive

No Christian should be passive about the message of Christ. We must always be thinking, praying, strategizing, and implementing ways to share Christ in our sphere of influence. We’re not trying to create a theocracy, but this perspective does not mean we steer away from politics and other civil actions. Each person must determine what God has called them to do. This process always has something to do with the individual’s gift-mix, passion, skill set, and opportunities.

There are a zillion ways to make a difference in the culture, though it’s vital to keep in view that changing the culture is not your chief aim. Transforming the culture is a by-product of more crucial actions. If your primary objective is to change the culture, you will miss the more important eternal goals. Thus, the way to impact the culture is to start with yourself. From that point of departure, you seek to influence your spouse, children, church, neighbors, and culture—in that order.

Call to Action

To change a family, church, or country, you must always begin with the infrastructure, and that starts with you. There are too many Christians trying to change the culture, which often comes across as snarky and angry back and forths with the culture. That is venting, not redemptive strategies. We must be more strategic.

  1. In what ways are you transforming yourself to represent Christ more effectively in your sphere of influence?
  2. In what ways are you and your spouse modeling and exporting the message of Christ to your sphere?
  3. How is your family representing a gospel-centered home that is changing the culture?
  4. What specific things are you doing within your church to change lives?
  5. What cultural initiatives are you taking and impacting? Voting is an obvious answer. A local pro-life center would be an excellent place to serve. What other things are you doing to bring cultural change?

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