Ep. 294 What Is the Best Way to Start a Ministry Similar to Yours?

Ep. 294 What Is the Best Way to Start a Ministry Similar to Yours

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Shows Main Idea – A friend asked Rick for the best way to start a ministry like his. She was inspired to share the practical gospel of Christ with a hurting world. The current downward spiral of cultural and political climate is what’s motivating her. She’s been following our ministry for a while and asked how to take advantage of technology’s redemptive use to affect lives. There are the downers and the doers. She does not want to be a grumbling downer but a hope-filled doer of the Word.

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Life Over Coffee · Ep. 294 What Is the Best Way to Start a Ministry Similar to Yours?

Show Notes

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My supporting friend asked her questions on our private forums. I asked her if I could do a podcast on her questions, which she granted. I hope this small offering will stir many believers to use their unique gifts to impact the culture. We also had another forum requester asking about starting a podcast. He, too, wants to step up his missional activities.

You inspire action, and I’m thankful for the position the Lord has placed you in—your discernment of the times we’re living in is encouraging. I want to build the kingdom with whatever capacity the Lord gives me, and I also want to partner with other believers. I appreciate your work with Daniel Berger—another asset to the kingdom that helps people see and discern.

I have no idea what this could look like, but I said to my husband the other night, “I wish we could invite them to come for the day to just talk with them.” You two are very like-minded, and I’m a connector. Thank you for taking the time to interact with me on this forum post. I did pretty well at the start of this thread, but brevity is not my specialty, as is shown toward the end. —Supporting Friend

  • This podcast is about a few technical aspects of our ministry.
  • It is also suggestive. You’re welcome to listen, learn, and adapt however you wish.
  • These ideas are not an exhaustive talk about all that’s needed to start a ministry. If you want to learn more, read all the embedded links in these Show Notes.

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Part One: Random Questions

At this point, as one who is mostly at the ground level, where should I invest the most time to make the most significant impact—audio, video, writing?

  • Learn how to make a decision: read or listen to this article on decision-making.
  • Determine what you want to do: what are your passion, strengths, and weaknesses?
  • Who is your target audience: men, women, children, Christians, non-Christians, church people, victims, autistic, homeless, veterans, etc?
  • Pick the easiest discipline to do, which is probably writing.
    • Most everyone begins with a blog.
    • As you mature in your writing skills, you can start repurposing your written content, i.e., make quotes, graphics, posters, etc.
  • As you build an archive of content and writing pace, you can start thinking about podcasting.
    You already will have your content scripted through the articles that you write.

None of this seems feasible to me without a team. I am not a techie, nor do I have time to mess around with it during this life season. I want to be able to do what I do best and delegate a few things.

  • Identify your gifts.
    • My gifts are content creation and leadership development.
      • In the beginning I had to do it all. You can do this too.
    • Determine what you do well and the kind of person you need to do things you don’t do well.
    • Now you have your short- and long-term goals: do what you can and pray for team members.

So this is the point at which my biggest hang-up comes. I’ve taken steps in the past to make cover art, choose a name, find music, etc., for a podcast, but I stop short.

  • Do not wait to delegate before you start producing.
    • Start today, and learn as you go.
    • As you do what you know to do, you will gain more clarity and better ideas.
    • Do not make the mistake of thinking it must be a perfect plan before you begin.
    • Blogging is nearly free, so there is hardly a reason not to do this.
    • Get Grammarly to edit for you.
    • Perhaps you can find a friend who will read and critique.
      • Your followers will constructively critique you, too, which is a blessing.
      • I do have an editor because of the size of our ministry and the need for more professional help.

Direct Video Messages

Part Two: Audio, Video Questions

How long does the production of a podcast episode take you—from thoughts to notes, to recording, to editing?

The sequence is thoughts, reflection, prayer, rough draft, a final draft, and then the podcast. There is also the formatting of an article, finding the right picture, the correct title, inserting embedded links, setting up the SEO, and embedding banners.

  • If the podcast is from a long-form article (Your Daily Drive), the entire process is ten to twelve hours.
  • If the podcast is Life Over Coffee, then it’s an outline, not a long-form article. The time is about five hours.

Do you edit it yourself?

  • I do post-produce my podcasts. It’s not that hard.
  • I realize that I’ve been doing some of these things for more than twelve years. For me, it was incremental learning. For you, it’s more like a technical tsunami if you think about it as a whole rather than in parts—take short, incremental steps.
  • For podcasting, I use Garageband (free with a Mac) and Audacity. Also, a PR40 microphone, Focusrite for the mic to talk to my Mac, and Sony Pro headphones.

Regarding videos, how high-tech is your process?

  • Work with what you have. I have a Sony camera, teleprompter, high-quality lav mics, and professional lighting.
  • You could get a deck tripod, iPhone 11 or 12, earbuds, or a lav mic with the adaptor to fit the iPhone. It’s not sophisticated.

The main thing you need is the passion with a goal in mind. It’s the same for anything you want to do. E.g., the Mastermind students who finish our course typically have a passion (desire) and a purpose (goal) in mind. If you have passion, a sense of urgency, and a good work ethic, you’ll be fine. You need reps. Of course, you need content—something to say, which all Christians should have something to say.

Call to Action

  1. What are you good at doing—internal call? Do others affirm that you are good at this—external call?
  2. What is the advantage of stepping out of the boat without having all the facts?
  3. What keeps you from starting today, working within your budget, time constraints, and abilities?
  4. Are you tempted to want to know all the answers or have all your ducks in a row before you begin? If yes, what does this mindset reveal about you and your relationship with the Lord?
  5. Do you want to start a counseling-type ministry, which is different from what we’re doing? If so, start by reading or listening to these:
    1. How Do I Begin a Counseling Ministry at My Church?
    2. Vital Tips for Developing a Counseling Worldview in Your Church
    3. Six Key Ideas When Starting a Counseling Ministry
    4. How Can I Make a Career in Counseling

Need More Help?

  1. If you want to learn more from us, you may search this site for thousands of resources—articles, podcasts, videos, graphics, and more. Please spend time studying the ones that interest you. They are free.
  2. If you want to talk to us, we have private forums for those who support this ministry financially. Please consider supporting us here if you would like to help us keep our resources free.

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