Ep. 106 Essential Tip If You’re Going to Start a Ministry

Ep. 106 Essential Tip If You're Going to Start a Ministry

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Shows Main Idea – If you want to be in a self-supported business two years from now, you need to begin the work necessary to get there today, and this essential step will help.

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Typically people hear about an individual–their reputation and their work–before they ever meet the person. It is almost always the case in the helping professions.

And the more people who hear that which is good and commendable, the higher the possibility of the entrepreneur’s message and services reaching and assisting the most substantial number of people.

A Person With a Plan

An essential element of leadership is a following. You cannot lead without an audience. If no one is following, guess what: you are not leading. It’s essential for you to position yourself in the minds of those you want to lead and serve.

Whether you’re a Christian seeking to start a ministry or someone who wants to get a small business off the ground, the principles are the same.

If you desire to share a message with the broadest possible audience, you have to think strategically about a wise, practical, and aggressive plan to connect your message to the most people.

Top of Mind

For the average person, it takes ten years to establish yourself in a sustainable business. Though you can experience success sooner, the ten-year mark is enough time to make you a prominent voice in your industry.

Key Idea: If you want to have a business up-and-running six weeks or six months from now, you need to communicate your message now. And there are only three words that you need to know: Top Of Mind

  • Six degrees of separation
  • Six degrees of Kevin Bacon or your Bacon Number

Milgram’s idea was to test this question with a chain letter. He got the names of 160 people who lived in Omaha, Nebraska, and mailed each of them a packet. In the packet was the name and address of a stockbroker who worked in Boston and lived in Sharon, Massachusetts.

Each person was instructed to write his or her name on the packet and send it on to a friend or acquaintance who he or she thought would get the packet closer to the stockbroker. If you lived in Omaha and had a cousin outside of Boston, for example, you might send it to him, on the grounds that—even if your cousin did not himself know the stockbroker—he would be a lot more likely to be able to get to the stockbroker in two or three or four steps.

The idea was that when the packet finally arrived at the stockbroker’s house, Milgram could look at the list of all those whose hands it went through to get there and establish how closely connected someone chosen at random from one part of the country was to another person in another part of the country.

Milgram found that most of the letters reached the stockbroker in five or six steps. This experiment is where we get the concept of six degrees of separation. – From The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell

Top Of Mind for me means that when any person around the world thinks about equipping Christians, they think of RickThomas.Net. It’s that simple.

The “Top Of Mind” idea is what drives our marketing strategies. If our plans do not serve this purpose, I nix the approach, which gives us an efficient marketing precision.

Our mission is to help people by providing practical tools and ongoing training for effective living. The implication is clear: we must be on the top of people’s minds if we are going to help them.

Use Top Of Mind Today!

If you have something to say, say it and don’t delay. It takes consistent work to build a business. And one of the critical components to growing your business is the daily spreading of your message to the broadest possible audience.

You do this by putting your message on specific vehicles to carry it throughout a series of networks and contexts.

It Has Never Been Easier

Currently, more than 3.2 billion people are on the Internet. There has never been a larger human medium to carry a message. And it’s mostly free.

Because of Social Media, it has never been easier to spread your message. There is an “echo of omnipresence” in social media, meaning, you can wrap the globe with your message no matter where you live; if you have access to the Internet.

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