Ep. 463 Sermon: How Not to Harbor Hate Toward Someone

Ep. 463 Sermon How Not to Harbor Hate Toward Someone

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Shows Main Idea – Maybe somebody has hurt you. Perhaps you can make as strong a case against that person who hurt you as I did against my mean father. According to my godless calculating, my dad was a worse sinner than me. At some level of my awareness, I knew I was sinful, but it was easy to compare tit for tat, and when I did that, I could hold on to my anger while playing the victim card. It’s a victim mindset that fuels ongoing, unabated anger. The truth is I am no different from my dad. There are no gradations of sinners when you stare at the Savior on a cross.

Show Notes

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Rick preached this sermon at South Creek Church in Springfield, MO, in April 2023. In addition, he conducted a ten-session Introduction to Biblical Counseling Conference at South Creek. If you would like Rick to speak to your group, please use the “get in touch” link in the footer of this site to let us know.

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