Ep. 54 Seventeen Things to Know to Do a Fantastic Podcast

Ep. 54 Seventeen Things to Know to Do a Fantastic Podcast

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Shows Main Idea – Podcasting is a unique way to communicate God’s relevant Word to others. To do a fantastic podcast, you need to do several things. They can be done, and if you have “podcasting game” then I strongly appeal for you to start podcasting.

Show Notes

Hey Rick,

I’ve been doing a podcast for a while now but it does not seem to be growing. My blog stats aren’t that great. Do you have any ideas? How can I get my stats up? Or is that something I should focus on? Any help would be appreciated. BTW, love your podcasts. Such a blessing.


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  1. Are you “in faith” to have a podcast ministry (Romans 14:23)? Read my article on how to make a biblical decision.
  2. Don’t worry about your stats for the first couple years: build your base and keep up with cultural methods, e.g., technology, best practices.
  3. Are you putting stuff in the cyberspace, creating more noise because others are doing it or is your podcast part of a strategic plan, e.g., does it lead people to transformation, which is our purpose for ministry?
  4. Determine your demographic: the kind of people you want to target:
    1. Leaders may come along slower because they are busier but they will be loyal while able to impact others.
    2. Followers may grow quickly but they won’t be as loyal, will be needier, and won’t help you expand. We help all followers, never dismiss anyone, always trying to model Jesus’ “ministry model” that helped the multitudes while (1) focusing on and (2) developing leaders.
  5. Build your base: your social media (SM) base will determine your reach. See all our SM platforms.
    1. Do you know how to communicate to the different SM communities: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SoundCloud, etc.
    2. Do you know how to build an SM base (following)?
  6. Podcast on multiple platforms, including your website.
  7. Are you evergreen or time-dated? If you’re evergreen, you can recirculate and re-purpose your content at any time. I can re-purpose an article the following ways:
    1. Turn a long-form article into short-form by only using part of the article.
    2. Make a podcast from the article.
    3. Create a video short from the article.
    4. Create a webinar from the article.
    5. Build an infographic from the article.
    6. Build a Facebook or Instagram quote from the article.
  8. Are you building a library of reference tools for today and the future? What kind of ministry do you have? Our ministry is always building content for today and generations to come. Rather than doing a podcast a week, I do as many as seven per week, plus multiple articles, because I’m not asking people to “keep up” with what I’m doing on a daily or weekly basis but to use our website as a research, reference, and transformation center. This is why I produce so much content. To keep up with me as I produce content is not the best way to benefit from this ministry.
  9. Are you good at podcasting and do you have the right equipment, especially an excellent microphone, one that does not pick up ambient noise (background noise)?
  10. How much time does it take you to produce a podcast? Life Over Coffee takes me three to four hours. Your Daily Drive is about eight hours because it comes with an article.
  11. Determine your podcast cycle/pace and stick with it.
  12. Consider different formats:
    1. Monolog about topics
    2. Answering questions
    3. Interviewing
    4. Cohosting
  13. Be willing to change
  14. Study the best podcasters (who are not Christians). When it comes to things like technology and methods, our culture transcends virtually everything Christians are doing.
  15. Create your voice whether people listen or not. You do what you want to do whether people listen or not. I had a voice coach who knows me, listen to me and to critique me. You must do it the way you believe God is leading you or you’ll be fake. Also, you’ll lose joy quickly. If it’s you, then you can persevere in the process.
  16. Make sure your podcast is part of your brand, is consistent with your brand: voice, color, theme, and content. Have someone look at your brand for style, relevance, logic, and feel. Does it communicate who you are, what you’re doing, and what you want to convey?
  17. If you’re doing these sixteen things, give it twelve months so you can discern growth and trajectory.

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