Ep. 384 Webinar: The Critical Spouse – The Insecure Spouse

Ep. 384 Webinar The Critical Spouse – The Insecure Spouse

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Show Main Idea: When one spouse is consistently critical and the other is insecure, the relationship polarizes and will not correct itself without radical changes. The problem is the insecure spouse wants the good, proper, and biblical desires of love, respect, and acceptance, but the critical spouse is sinning, choosing not to provide them. This vital webinar speaks to the underlying root problems with this type of relational conundrum, practical steps to change, and the ultimate solution.

Life Over Coffee · Ep. 384 Webinar: The Critical Spouse – The Insecure Spouse

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Webinar Quotes

Good Desires:

“When good desires control my heart, I’m dependent on my spouse to satisfy my longings, which makes my spouse my functional god.”

Functional Gods:

“If my functional god does not cooperate, I will look for other ways to feel better, which includes demeaning my functional god.”

The Gospel:

There is nothing anyone can say to me that is worse than what the gospel has already declared me to be. Why do other people’s attitudes and words bother me in light of the gospel’s declarations? Because I am in Christ, He is satisfying all of the longings of my soul. Why doesn’t my maturing relationship with Christ dislodge my relational expectations from others?

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