Ep. 388 Webinar: Victory over True Guilt, Defeating a False Sense of Guilt

Ep. 388 Webinar Victory over True Guilt, Defeating a False Sense of Guilt

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Show Main Idea: Guilt and conviction are two of many kindnesses from the Lord. We would not know there was something wrong with us if the Spirit did not let us know. But because we live in a post-Genesis 3 world, there is confusion about guilt and conviction. This webinar addresses the confusion while bringing practical insight into how to respond to true conviction, the effects of feelings not from God, and how to live in the freedom of the Lord’s forgiveness.

Life Over Coffee · Ep. 388 Webinar: Victory Over True Guilt, Defeating a False Sense of Guilt

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When your inner voice is in-line with the Word of God, you have a biblically-informed conscience.

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