Ep. 295 Thoughts on Bible Plans, Studies, Memorization, and More

Ep. 295 Thoughts on Bible Plans, Studies, Memorization, and More

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Shows Main Idea – I have a new Christian friend who is interested in Bible reading plans. He has so many questions about God, life, and the Bible. It’s refreshing! What do you think would be an excellent Bible, reading plans, apps, and other things you would recommend for a young believer? —Ministry Donor

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Life Over Coffee · Ep. 295 Thoughts On Bible Plans ,Studies, Memorization, and More

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Pursue Wisdom

As you study the Bible, always keep knowledge and application in view. Growing in knowledge is imperative, but it could lead to arrogance or practical dysfunction. Alternately, trying to live a useful life without biblical knowledge will lead to personal and relational chaos. The right knowledge and the right practice are two parts of one whole.

Formula: Knowledge + Application = Wisdom

Bibles and Apps

  • KJV, NKJ, NASB, ESV, NIV, Paraphrases: The Living Bible
    • Word-for-Word (Formal Equivalence): KJV, NKJV, NASB, ESV
    • Thought-for-Thought (Dynamic Equivalence): NIV, NLT
    • Paraphrase: The Living Bible, The Message
  • Word-for-word translations are better, but the KJV does have some out-of-date language, e.g., “Thou shalt not kill.”
  • The ESV Study Bible has lots of notes, and many people like the John MacArthur Study Bible. You won’t be disappointed with either of those.
  • I use the ESV app.

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What to Read

  • Proverbs: Read the chapter corresponding to the date of the month, e.g., on January 29 read chapter twenty-nine.
  • Four Gospels
    • A general read to learn the narrative
    • Study the life of Jesus
      • Read it while looking for how He responded to persecution.
      • Read it while looking for the times He said “No” to people.
      • Read it while studying how He responded differently to people.
  • Gospel of John
  • New Testament
  • Ephesians, Philippians, and James
  • Entire Bible, but perhaps as “background reading” that he does while making these other options primary

How to Read

  • Here are a few assorted reading plans.
  • Cover to cover: 3.25 per day to complete in one year
  • Panoramic
    • In thirty days
    • One book in one sitting
  • Aloud
  • Backward
  • On Your Knees
  • Pronunciation Bible
  • Read and Listen (playing audio version)


  • Verses (31,102)
  • Chapters (1,189)
  • Books (66)

How to memorize (use the same Bible for memorization)

  • Audibly
  • Visually
  • Kinesthetically
  • One of the last things you do in the evening – One of the first things you do in the morning

Direct Video Messages


I recommend our articles, videos, and podcasts linked at the top of our website, in the navigation bar. If he ever wants to talk about something, he can hit the “discuss” button at the top and ask any question he wants.

If his church teaches expositionally, it will supplement his study. Our church just started a series on Mark, which may serve him too.

Reading Habits

  • Ask God to surprise you as you read.
  • Don’t read like a legalist: if something pops out at you, stop, study, reflect, and share.
    • Do not forget the “share part” because the teacher learns more than the student.
    • If you can communicate what you read, you will begin to own it.
  • Highlighting creates ownership

Writing Habits

Use this helpful four-part outline, which is part of the coursework for our Mastermind Students.

  1. Write out the verse that popped out.
  2. Explain what the biblical author meant.
  3. Make a practical application to your life.
  4. Share with a friend what just happened.

Need More Help?

  1. If you want to learn more from us, you may search this site for thousands of resources—articles, podcasts, videos, graphics, and more. Please spend time studying the ones that interest you. They are free.
  2. If you want to talk to us, we have private forums for those who support this ministry financially. Please consider supporting us here if you would like to help us keep our resources free.

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