Ep. 169 My Top Five Small Group Pranks

Ep. 169 My Top Five Small Group Pranks

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Shows Main Idea – Christians should be the loudest people in the restaurant because they are the freest people in the world. Though we are serious about our call to take up our cross, we also are full of unspeakable joy as we enjoy God and each other. It is true; a merry heart is like a good medicine.

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Christians should not be characterized as silly people, but we should not be boring, irrelevant, and fun-less individuals. God has set us free through the power of the gospel, and an element of our freedom is living a hearty life that includes laughter.

Recently, one of my students asked me what small groups are, and though this podcast is not an exhaustive explanation of what small groups are and how to conduct them, I do want to give you one slice of small group life–the fun side.

I have led several small groups in our church experience, and it’s always been vital to me that the folks I lead learn how to have fun, as we dig deep in God’s Word for practical application. This perspective is also how I do counseling. Well placed humor is critical for the discouraged soul who needs to see the lighter side of life.

You should not “stay deep” all the time. If you are serious all the time, you will become an abnormal Christian. It’s critical that we “come up for air” at appropriate times so we can catch our collective breaths and relax a bit before we take another deep dive into the practical realities of the gospel. Thus, laughter is an excellent medicine that brings balance to the Christian life.

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With these things in mind, I want to share with you the top five pranks that have happened in some of our small groups. But first a warning: This ministry is not responsible for anything you take from this podcast and attempt to incorporate in your small groups or any other context. A Second Warning: We do not recommend that you try these at home.

#5 – The Simple Prank

  • Switching out “sports plates” on the front of a member’s car.
  • Placing a whoopie cushion under someone’s seat before they show up for the group.
  • Putting “bullet hole” stickers all over my car.

#4 – The Annoying Prank

  • Wrapping my car in Saran Wrap and greasing the door handles with Vasoline.

#3 – The Breaking & Entering Prank

  • Breaking into our home while we are gone and then surprising us as we enter our house.
  • Hiding behind our home, waiting for us to come home. After we arrive, the small group sets off 500 firecrackers and mortars.

#2 – The Methodical Prank

  • Stealing a person’s car keys, and later setting the car horn off while the member is at home. Videoing the calamity to show at the small group’s Christmas party.
  • In response to the car key theft, tying zip-ties around the culprit’s driveshaft.

Direct Video Messages

#1 – The Misguided Prank

  • Spray painting a small group member’s sheep orange.

Warning #1: This ministry is not responsible for anything you take from this podcast an attempt to incorporate in your small groups or in any other context.

Warning #2: We do not recommend that you try these things at home or anywhere else.

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