Ep. 399 How to Identify and Benefit from Genuine Friendships

Ep. 399 How to Identify and Benefit from Genuine Friendships

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Shows Main Idea – Finding good friends begins with defining the word friends. We have Facebook friends, and we have our most intimate friendships. Between those two points on the “friendship map” are many other categories within the friendship nomenclature. Identifying your best friends and carefully assessing those you don’t want in your inner circle is vital for obvious reasons. In this podcast, I’m examining the ins and outs of building great friendships and how to create distance from those who are not ready for a higher level of transparency.

Life Over Coffee · Ep. 399 How to Identify and Benefit from Genuine Friendships

Show Notes

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Primary Ideas

  • Define Friendship: There are many types of friends.
  • Concentric Circles: Place them on a “map” of concentric circles as you identify your friends.
  • The Life of Christ: Note how Jesus interacted differently with different people.
  • It’s Okay to Judge: Assessing someone is not wrong. You may be wrong, but you must have a wisdom filter that filters each person.
  • Friendships Are Static: Recognize that friends change. Some mature while others stagnate or turn for the worse.
  • Giving and Receiving: Most of your friends will require much of your time (time-wise but not quality-wise). You will be pouring out because it’s right; our call is to love God and others most of all.
  • Takes Courage to Clarify: You must manage your friendships, or they will manage you.

Practical Tips

  • Pray: Ask, and you will receive.
  • Be a friend. Do not think they will come through your passivity.
  • Everyone is an image-bearer but not intimate with you. Respect all, which does not mean you do not critique, correct, or confront. You can do those things respectfully.
  • If someone tries to manipulate or manage you without pouring into your life, they are telling you that they are not your most intimate friend?
  • Don’t share your most authentic self with a non-reciprocating friend. (Parenting analogy: we withhold information until the child can handle your more profound truths. Jesus did this too.)
  • The aspects you’re looking for are character, competence, courage, and compassion.

Call to Action

  • Who are those people in your life who are reciprocal friends?
  • Will you always be praying and actively seeking those kinds of friends?
  • Will you always be trying to make people better friends or make your best friends better?

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