Ep. 482 Judd T. Saul with Equipping the Persecuted

Ep. 482 Judd T. Saul with Equipping the Persecuted

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Shows Main Idea – Judd T. Saul started Equipping the Persecuted Ministry in 2011 after God led him to Nigeria to see the devastation happening on the ground to our brothers and sisters in Africa. The mission is to protect, rebuild, and strengthen families in both body and spirit. Equipping the Persecuted can respond with resources necessary after an attack within 24 hours. They provide medical aid, food, and a prayer team to comfort victims.

Show Notes

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Equipping The Persecuted believes in taking action to help those left without hope. From immediate assistance after a terrorist attack, supplying villages with security to protect them from future attacks to digging wells for medical camps that have to walk miles for water and building an orphanage for the little ones who lost their parents because of their faith in Jesus Christ, Equipping the Persecuted is there for it all. They aim to provide the necessary resources to respond to attacks on villages within 24 hours.

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