Ep. 145 Spouse Teaching Children Different Political Views

Ep. 145 Spouse Teaching Children Different Political Views

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Shows Main Idea – In this age of political civil unrest, emotions are running high, and views are all over the map. How do you respond to your spouse’s opinions when they are different from yours, and those perspectives are influencing your children?

Show Notes

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Twelve Considerations

  1. Secondary Issues – These are secondary issues; the gospel is always the primary thing. Are we talking about “immoral issues,” which the young earth v. old earth or being right- or left-leaning are not “main thing” problems?
  2. Grace Is Greater – God saves children because of grace, not political perspectives.
  3. Shaping Influences – Children have many shaping influences, but God’s grace is more significant than them all.
    1. Totally depraved and uniquely fallen
    2. Parental shaping influences
    3. Cultural shaping influences
    4. Academic shaping influences
    5. Peer shaping influences
    6. Media shaping influences
  4. Different Problems – Every child has to overcome many things that hinder them from faith in God.
    1. A kid from Queens will have more than differing political perspectives.
    2. Someone from the inner city of Detroit may come to Christ from a single-parent home.
    3. A child from the south may come to Christ from an abusive father dynamic.
    4. A person from California may have gay parents.
    5. The point is that no matter where you’re from, you’re going to come to Christ from chaos, disorder, dysfunction, and futility.
  5. Fear-Based Parenting – Do not be a fear-based parent. Teach your children from faith, not fear.
  6. Leverage Differences – Every spouse has different opinions, preferences, and ideas than the other spouse. How do you love, learn, and lead each other?
  7. Highlight Unity – Your children need to see your unity while learning from your disunity.
  8. Teach Appropriately – Teach your children conservative (biblical) values according to their age. You can teach them more complex ideas that are appropriate for their ages. Train them to know how to engage those with differing opinions.
  9. Disciple Your Spouse – Understand the motivating shaping influences of your spouse. There is a reason she believes what she believes and reacts to alternate opinions. E.g., if her father were authoritarian or abusive, this outcome would be a powerful shaping influence that could make it hard to submit to biblical authoritarian structures. She would succumb to a “self-reliant” worldview and practice.
  10. Be Christ-Centered – Are you political-centered or Christ-centered? What is the difference? Are you caught up in the hysteria of our current political culture?
  11. Log in Your Eye – How have you contributed to the division that is in your marriage? When you look at the “log in your eye,” what do you see? What are the practical and appropriate steps for you to change?
  12. Build Your Community – Who are your “soul care companions” who are willing to come alongside you to help you mature in Christ?

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