Ep. 471 Friendship Series: Defining Godly Relationships, 3

Ep. 471 Friendship Series Defining Godly Relationships, 3

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Shows Main Idea – In this third lesson, Rick makes a case that as described and demonstrated in Scripture, strong godly relationships provide the plan and pathway to build well with others. This seven-part series builds one upon the other, so watching them in order is best. We also recommend you watch the video to read the content, see all the animations, and download all the supplemental graphics. Afterward, you can listen to the audio while driving, walking, and going about your day. The audio will bring back the visuals, cementing this content into your mind, a process that will transform your mind and relationships.

Show Notes

The Friendship Series

  1. The Friendship Series: Knowing and Loving God, Lesson 1
  2. The Friendship Series: Trusting God’s Word, Lesson 2
  3. The Friendship Series: Defining Godly Relationships, Lesson 3
  4. The Friendship Series: Overcoming Mistrust and Hurt, Lesson 4
  5. The Friendship Series: Words That Build Relationships, Lesson 5
  6. The Friendship Series: Actions That Build Relationships, Lesson 6
  7. The Friendship Series: Choosing Relationships Wisely, Lesson 7

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