Ep. 147 Who You Are Affects Your Relationships

Ep. 147 Who You Are Affects Your Relationships

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Shows Main Idea – The person that you are on the inside always comes out and affects your relationships. If you have a Godward orientation, you will have a positive effect on others. If you have a selfish orientation, you will hurt your relationships.

Show Notes

  1. Who I Am – There are many core reasons for the kind of person that you are.
  2. Godward or Selfish Orientation – Everyone is a mixture of good and bad qualities. The key is whether your pattern of living is a Godward or selfish orientation.
  3. Mixture of Both – Every person will be a mixture of Godward or selfish. You’re not focused on “episodic” characteristics, but “patterns” in the person’s life. Who is this person predominantly?
  4. Dating Relationship – During the courting stage, you will see patterns in the persons life, and you must determine the predominant orientation of the individual.
  5. Your Future Marriage – There is a direct connection between the person you marry and the kind of person they were before you met them.

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