Ep. 268 Trump Is the Heat Exposing What Was Previously Hidden

Ep. 268 Trump Is the Heat Exposing What Was Previously Hidden

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Shows Main Idea – President Trump is the heat that draws out and highlights all the evil and perspectives of every soul in our country. He is one of the most intriguing people that I have ever known—from a distance. When people talk about him, they cannot hide the ball—their sin or opinions. He has that effect on us. I’m not saying this personality feature is good or bad. I’m merely making a supportable commentary.

Life Over Coffee · Ep. 268 Trump Is the Heat That Exposes What Was Previously Hidden

Show Notes

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I’m very happy to support such a Christocentric ministry. It really is life-changing, even if the circumstances of your life do not change at all. With all the Christian humanism that the internet is flooded with, I just had to support the truth, which is the death of oneself daily. My prayer is for this ministry to reach any and all of the wounded hearts that are searching. They can only be healed by Christ, and He can be found here. Such a powerful place to be in…to live in! —Amy

On Your Voice – Find your voice. Speak your mind. Be kind but precise, and stop apologizing for having an opinion. You can share your view with appropriateness while asking the Lord to give you the grace to guard against the fear of retribution or sinful anger toward those who differ from you.

On Division – All you have to do is mention Donald Trump to anyone, and they will give you an opinion. Often, they will sin when they talk about him. He is the trigger that sets an individual off to share their perspectives on him—or about someone else, a demographic, a policy. It’s rare to find someone who does not have an opinion about this man.

On Ontology – I like Donald Trump. He may or may not be a Christian, but his spiritual ontology is not the criteria that I use to like or dislike someone. There are a few Christians in my life who are hard to like. There are many non-Christians in my life that I do like.

  • He has good virtues.
  • He has bad ones.

On VirtuesJohn Piper would not vote for him because he has terrible virtues. Wayne Grudem would vote for him because he has good virtues. Donald Trump reminds me of King David, an adulterer and murderer. Our president is the one—adulterer, not the other—murderer, and he definitely splits the virtue list down the middle, as David did, along with many other biblical leaders.

On Qualities – People who know him better than I do say he’s loyal, kind, generous, interested in others, cares about our country, and is willing to receive persecution for his views. As for his bad virtues, I’m sure you can list your perspective on that.

On Experience – I did take my family to one of his rallies in Fargo, ND. It was a surprising event in so many ways. E.g., people were friendly and happy. You felt safe. It was patriotic. It felt very American. Of course, it was entertaining because he’s an entertainer as one of the president’s strengths. (Watch what happens when this SJW liberal when to a Trump rally.)

On Hate – Regardless of what you think about him, there has not been another person in America the past fifty years under as much persecution. He has been the most hated person in America for five years running. There is no justification for how some people talk about him, regardless of what he believes and the positions he takes. We don’t speak about fellow image-bearers that way.

On Policy – From a policy position, he has been the best president that we have had in my lifetime, including Ronald Reagan. Many of President Trump’s positions, moves, and policies are outstanding for our country. There are other areas where he was weak, i.e., spending. Ten or twenty years from now, if this country continues down a socialist’s pathway, people will have a changed (positive) view of President Trump.

On Effect – The most significant thing that he has done is draw out the previously hidden evil in our collective hearts, especially those who hate others or have a desire to destroy our country, whether ignorantly or intentionally. I’m not exclusively speaking of the socialists or far-left demographics on the political spectrum. I’m talking about all those who embrace the woke ideas of identity politics and intersectionality and make unsubstantiated racist accusations. I’m speaking of those who propagate these ideologies inside Christianity.

On the Future – I have no idea who will be our next president. I have mixed feelings about the prospects. If President Trump loses, it’s like that frustrating relative who dies. You reflect, recalling all the frustrations while ruminating on how you miss him. Then there is Senator Biden, the temporary placeholder for Senator Harris. If President Trump returns, we know what we will get. We all have lived it, but what about a President Biden presidency?

On Perspective – Regardless of what happens, I’m not discouraged. I do see a scenario where the Sovereign Lord placed President Trump in position for four years to shake up the political snow globe because of both parties’ brokenness. We have had no useful candidate since Reagan, and they have nothing either. President Trump is God’s divine reset. Nobody could do what he did. Nobody! Perhaps his time could be over.

It’s vital to point out that President Trump is a fallen man, which is the only type of person who could step into that office. Perhaps, from a humanistic perspective, you could find a more acceptable person. But we’re sovereigntist, not theocrats. Our perspective transcends human developments. We do not put our trust in kings, his horses, or his chariots. It’s not unreasonable or unprecedented for God to raise up an unsavory person to fulfill His purposes.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. They collapse and fall, but we rise and stand upright (Psalm 20:7).

One Scenario

  1. Senator Biden will take the office. Senator Harris will be the next president at some point in the next four years. The Republican party has several strong candidates in four years: Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and Christie Noem. President Trump was God’s lightning rod that drew out the heinousness of all of us, especially the far left.
  2. The derangement (desire to destroy this country) was always there, but President Trump brought it out, front and center. President Trump raised every demographic to conservative ideas, except for the white male. If we put in a more civil and competent candidate, the white men will come back.
  3. In the meantime, we have the Senate as a safety to keep the socialists from transforming our country. We have a large group of determined conservatives who have the means to build a culture outside of legacy media, e.g., Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder (PG-13), Candace Owens, Dave Rubin, Dennis Prager, et al.
  4. Senator Harris becoming president could be a best-case scenario for conservatives because she’s the most liberal senator we have and could not sustain a Democratic primary run. She would be the incumbent in four years, which would put them in a political corner.

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