Ep. 510 Webinar: Human Motivations and Shaping Influences

Ep. 387 Webinar Human Motivations and Shaping Influences

Photo: ©Vanessa Garcia from Pexels via Canva.com

Show Main Idea: Everyone is different because of our unique and diverse shaping influences. Understanding what motivates an individual is essential to do competent soul care. This webinar is an in-depth exploration of our human motivations and shaping influences with practical applications that will help you understand those you care about the most.

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  • The gospel is greater than all our shaping influences; we are not victims.
  • We are not entirely sanctified. We will always have limitations.
  • People’s temptations will be different based on variables.
  • Don’t be overly concerned about these things, to the point of intimidation.
  • Do not do cookie-cutter discipleship. One size does not fit all.
  • Disciple them to fulfill their God-given capacities.

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