Ep. 293 Three Things You Should Know for a Lasting Marriage

Ep. 293 Three Things a Couple Should Know for a Lasting Marriage

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Shows Main Idea – Rick met with a young couple for pre-marriage counseling recently, and the man asked him for the top things they needed to know to have a great marriage. He shared three things with this couple. After the counseling session, he turned on his mic and shared them because they are vital for any couple who wants a lasting marriage. As you listen, please take advantage of the supplemental resources in these Show Notes, which further explain and teach how to apply these ideas to your marriage.

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Life Over Coffee · Ep. 293 Three Things Every Couple Need to Know to Have a Lasting Marriage

Show Notes

Rick’s Book: Get Ready for Your Best Marriage Now – If you are thinking about dating, courtship, or getting married, this could be the most important book you’ll ever read. I realize what I just wrote may come across as an overstatement or hyperbolic marketing, but it is not. I have been in the counseling “business” for many years, and the most common situation I have counseled are marriages in trouble. These troubled marriages did not just happen. The problems in any marriage are rooted in the two people who are married before they were married.

Communication: Learn How to Communicate

Repentance: Learn How to Change

Affection: Learn How to Cherish

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