Ep. 406 Should Christians Place an Emphasis on Demonic Activity?

Ep. 406 Should Christians Place an Emphasis on Demonic Activity

Shows Main Idea – One of our long-time supporters posed a question about demonic activity on our forums. He suggested that biblical counselors and Christians generally do not devote adequate time and concern to demonic activity. His concerns are valid, and our supporters may read that thread here. In this episode, I’m addressing some of the problems and how to think through demonic activity practically.

Life Over Coffee · Ep. 406 Should Christians Place an Emphasis on Demonic Activity?

Show Notes

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Reference Material

Satan and Demons: Satan is not omnipresent, as though he is God’s equal. As we see in the first chapter of Job, he has limited authority.

Counselor Gradations: Competent biblical counselors have a sufficiency of Scripture worldview. It would be best if you did not categorize every so-called biblical counselor or those who have certification as qualified.

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Demonic Conditions

  • Demons cannot possess believers, though there can be spiritual oppression.
  • There is more noticeable demonic activity in third-world countries.
  • There is noticeable demonic activity among those who pursue those relationships.
  • There is a demonic activity with unregenerate people.

Practically Speaking

  • No hobby-horses
  • No PDIs (Personal Data Inventory)
  • Be pneumatic
  • Confluence of medication
  • Life-dominating sins (habituations)
  • Personality and thought life (the entangled mind)
  • The zeitgeist (spirit of the age)
  • Satanic sinners influencing Christlike saints
  • How to Help: process of elimination

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  1. Satan, demons, and demonic forces are real.
  2. Discerning their influence is challenging and subjective. Meaning I don’t know how to do that—resting in mystery while understanding our role to water and plant.
  3. As a biblical counselor, I have to instruct, encourage, admonish, and guide a person in their sanctification, appealing to them to change and follow up accordingly.
  4. I use God’s Word as my guide while trusting the Spirit of God to engage the person while imploring the counselee to participate in God’s good work in their lives.
  5. I don’t get hung up on Satan, demons, and their influence in an over- or under-emphasized way.

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