Ep. 445 Anton Krecic with Seven Weeks Coffee

Ep. 445 Interview with Anton Krecic with Seven Weeks Coffee

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Shows Main Idea – Anton Krecic started Seven Weeks Coffee Company because he saw a need that nobody was fulfilling. He merged his love for coffee with a passion for the pro-life movement. Seven weeks is typical when a mother hears her child’s heartbeat. The child is the size of a coffee bean. Seven Weeks Coffee gives 10% of its sales to pro-life centers around the country. Listen to Anton describe his passion and what God is doing with it.

Life Over Coffee · Ep. 445 Interview with Anton Krecic with Seven Weeks Coffee

Show Notes

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Questions for Anton

  1. Tell me about your faith journey and how you came to Christ.
  2. Did you go to DC for political reasons and pivot to coffee later? If so, what was your original reason for going to DC?
  3. What were a couple of things about politics that were discouraging or off-putting?
  4. What were the early signs that pro-life would be the right business direction for you?
  5. What is it about a business that appeals to you?
  6. Are you familiar with positioning marketing?
  7. Have you always had an interest in business? What did you want to be after you grew up as a teenager?
  8. Will you attend March for Life this January 20, DC? What was it like last year when you were there?
  9. What piece of advice do you have for a believer who wants to start a business?

Lightning Round

  1. Who is your favorite OT character?
  2. Who is your favorite NT character other than Jesus?
  3. What blend of coffee would Jesus drink?
  4. What was your wife’s reaction when you said you were starting a business?
  5. What are you not doing now but hoping your business will do?
  6. What pleasant surprise did you discover as a young businessperson?
  7. What is one of the most challenging things about running a business?
  8. What is your second favorite Christian ministry that has the word “coffee” in it? (Hint)

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Anton Krecic’s Bio

Basic Info

  • 26 years old (as of 2022)
  • Originally from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Currently, lives outside of DC in Northern VA

Previous Work Background

  • Spent the last 3 years working in politics (Digital fundraising)
  • Raising money for conservative candidates and non-profits like TPUSA.

Seven Weeks Coffee

Mission Statement: Our mission is to promote Godly values, provide excellent coffee, and protect every beating heart.

  • Facts about Seven Weeks Coffee
  • Had the idea in September 2021
  • Launched in November 2021
  • Seven Weeks Coffee donates 10% of the gross of every sale (a huge portion of our profits)

Our Impact

  • Raised over $40,000 in the first year alone
  • Supporting over 250 pregnancy centers
  • Over 10,000 customers

Why the Name Seven Weeks?

  • At Seven Weeks, a baby is the size of a coffee bean, and it’s the same time a mother hears their first ultrasound.

Direct Video Messages

About Our Coffee

  • All Ethiopian coffee (Ethiopia is the home of coffee)
  • Organically farmed
  • Ultra-low acid
  • No mold or pesticide
  • Direct Trade Sourced. This method is the most ethical way to source coffee. Directly supports the local farmers.

How to Buy

  • All our coffee is whole bean sold on our website
  • We offer our single-origin line (Light, Medium, Espresso, and Dark roast)
  • We offer a Blend coffee line (Life Blend, Hope Blend, Faith Blend)

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