Ep. 115 What Is “Body-to-Body Ministry” In the Local Church?

Ep. 115 What Is Body-to-Body Ministry In the Local Church

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Shows Main Idea – God has called every Christian to disciple other Christians. This opportunity is not for an elite set of Christian, but the privilege of every person that the Lord has regenerated.

Show Notes

If you want a detailed breakdown regarding communication, it’s critical you read these three articles in the order that they are linked here.

  1. How to Help a Person Get Right With God
  2. Do You Fight Fires or Change Lives?
  3. How to Build and Enjoy a Dynamic Community Life

Five Qualifying Questions

  1. Are you a Christian? (John 3:7)
  2. Do you love God? (Matthew 22:36-40)
  3. Do you love people? (John 13:34-35)
  4. Do you love God’s Word? (Psalm 119:47-48)
  5. Do you want to see others change? (Galatians 6:1-2)

If you answer no to any of those questions, your first call to action is repentance.


What Is Body-to-Body Ministry In the Church?

Body to Body Ministry 02

  1. Counseling (Discipleship)
  2. One-Another (Informal Discipleship)
  3. Small Groups (Friends)
  4. Customized Soul Care (Homework)
  5. Devotions (Journaling, reading, praying, writing, singing)
  6. Fellowship (Participating in the community, e.g., social media, eating, hiking, shopping, hospitality, service endeavors)
  7. Church meetings (Connecting at the church building)
  8. Family Worship (Life-on-life in the home)
  9. Serving (Discipling the body or evangelizing the lost)

Though there is an element of “giving” in all these concepts, the last one (serving) is all about giving to others. The idea with the first eight is for the individual to receive soul care, and the last element is for the person to export what others have poured into him. He may “give” by actively participating in the first eight concepts, but it’s important that the idea of serving stands alone so that there is always a reminder of what Jesus said, “I did not come here to be served but to serve.” (Mark 10:45)

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When This Does Not Happen At Your Church

  1. Talk to your leadership first. Let them know what’s not happening, and ask for their plan to change things.
  2. If the church does not change, you’ll have to decide if that church is a good fit for you and your family.
    1. Do they have contexts where you can mature in Christ?
    2. Do the leaders know how to do soul care (disciple)?
    3. When you have a problem, is your first call to your leaders to receive help?
  3. You can care for others regardless of what your church does or does not do.
  4. You may have to find a church that practices adequate soul care, if that is possible in your area.

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