Marriage Day 9 – Who Pays for Your Spouse’s Sins?

When your spouse sins, who pays for it? Do you make them pay for what they did wrong, or do you take your spouse to Jesus and show them how His death is enough punishment to remove all of our transgressions? Christians understand the point of the gospel: Christ paid for our sins. The profundity of the gospel encapsulated in five monosyllabic words is amazing grace! This simple way of explaining things is how we taught our children. I would hold up my right hand so they could see each finger. Starting at one end, I showed them the gospel. Five fingers. Five powerful words: Christ. Paid. For. My Sins. When Adam chose to walk away from God by believing a lie (Genesis 3:6), God instituted a plan to redeem Adam and his fallen race (Genesis 3:15). Adam could not save himself. If God did not intervene, Adam and the rest of us would spend a Christless eternity in Hell.