When a Community Prays and Fasts

Hello Friends
We are well-settled in our new home at Life Over Coffee. Our new street address for our coffee shop is LifeOverCoffee.com. It’s a fully-functional sanctification center where you’ll find thousands of free resources in Read, Watch, and Listen formats. We’d love for you to stop by for a visit.

Here are a couple of quick stats for you:

1. I’m teaching 11 hours each day on YouTube.
2. One hundred thirty-nine people show up daily, or 973 people weekly.
3. We have up to 25K people that listen to podcasts on our SoundCloud platform.

One supporter said, “I love this ministry so much. God literally saved my marriage, my walk, and my family through the truths shared here and continues to use Life Over Coffee to aid in growing spiritually. Thank you for all you collectively do!” – Holly

I hope you’re as encouraged as I am by the excellent work the Lord is doing through this ministry. We’re asking the Lord to continue to rain down His favor upon us. As we head into the holidays, this is the most mission-critical season of the year, and we ask the Father to provide our financial needs for the proceeding year, 2023. Thankfully, a donor has stepped up, saying they will give us $50K if one, two, or more folks do similarly. I shared this news with our supporting community, and several have committed to praying and fasting during this vital season. Will you pray about this fantastic opportunity?

For those who cannot donate at that level, will you give what you believe the Lord wants you to give? The majority of our finances come in during this season. I’m asking God to move many hearts, and I’d love for you to join our community and me as we petition the Father.

Thank you,