While You’re Waiting, Do These Eight Things

Some teenagers feel as though the teenage years is a holding pattern. They are waiting for the next thing, which will happen after high school. They lack understanding, which leads to not stewarding their time well. While you’re waiting for your shot at your dream, here are eight things to keep yourself busy.

Worship – Only God can bring satisfying comfort to your daily living. School may interfere with your time with God, which means you must fight to find space to make the Lord your priority.

Hope – God is not “into time” like you are, which means His plans may take a while. Sometimes His perceived slowness is the antidote to teach gratitude and patience. Keep your hope fixated on the goodness that God brings you today.

Rest – Guard your heart against the temptation of forcing life to happen. Let the “game” come to you rather than manipulating life according to your plan. To rest while waiting is a gift from God. Ask Him for it.

Trust – Your goal is not to keep from adversity. God permits suffering into our lives, which will teach you how to walk in faith. Your difficulties are opportunities to put Christ on display.

Imitate – There are always lonely people within your sphere of influence. You won’t know who these people are without looking outside of yourself to find that struggling soul. Find them, and let your life be a living testimony to the beauty of Christ.

Repent – The secret weapon in your life is the ability to change. The Bible calls it repentance, which turns from evil thoughts and ways to a most God-exalting lifestyle. Like a super-hero, you have other-worldly power to change.

Pray – Ask, and you shall receive. Prepare your heart for what the Lord gives. Your asking and His giving may surprise you. Don’t worry about whether He’ll provide what you want. Your job is to ask.

Gratitude – Your attitude when you are not getting what you want makes your faith real and active. The grateful person is the most mature. If appreciation for all things, big and small, is not your habit, start building your gratitude muscle today.

Time to Reflect

1. Choose one of the eight tips from the list to make your focus over the next few days.

2. Write a specific plan for implementing that tip into your life. Find a mentor friend to share what the Lord is teaching you.