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Almost every day I am asked by someone if they can get together with me about something. It is from genuine people who are looking for help about some situation. In the past, I usually said yes because I had the time.

That was then

My typical work week is sixty hours without any meetings with anyone, which is what it takes to run our ministry and produce the content you enjoy on our site.

As I was mulling over this “will you help me” dilemma the other day, I thought,

I need a better answer than I do not have the time.

So now the answer is,

Yes, I can absolutely help you.

Though it is not possible to give every person my undivided, face-time attention, it is still possible for nearly anyone to receive my help. You can do that by perusing the gold mine of content on this site. If you want more, you can become a supporting member to access exclusive content, plus receive forum privileges, which allows you to ask our team all kinds of questions about life, God, and others.

However, there are times when a person wants even more than that. If that is the case with you, there is only one question for you to answer:

Are you worth it?

Typically, this kind of question starts with feeling stuck. About something. Something is keeping you from getting from where you are to where you need to be.

If that is you, I will give you up to 120 minutes of my undivided attention. I do not answer emails, texts, or phone calls during YOUR time.

Then I will give you a follow-up email with specific and effective NEXT STEPS for you to implement. One week later I will send another email checking on your progress and provide additional feedback.

If your situation is that important to you, you will want to schedule an appointment with me. “Let’s do coffee!”

The $279 (session + latte) is worth you and me sitting down together to work on practical options and solutions. If you’re interested, hit the “coffee” button to make your payment, and someone from our team will contact you to setup the appointment.

We can meet live if you live in or near the Greenville, SC area, or we can meet long distance, via our excellent GoToMeeting software solutions.

Coffee $279

If you have further questions about meeting with me, please use the form below. A team member would love to serve you.