Day 17 – Teen Devotion: Five Teen Traps

Day 17 – Teen Devotion Five Teen Traps

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Everywhere you look, you will find teen traps They are part of the teenage package. I have a shortlist of a few of them, which are some of the common pitfalls that I have seen in teenagers. If you learn how to find them and stay away from them, you will be a wise teen and well-prepared as you head into adulthood.

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Fear – Though fear has many iterations, the most repeated manifestation is the person who compares themselves to others. The more insecure you are, the more desperate you will be, making your friend choices less than desirable.

Confusion – God can feel distant and mysterious, even inattentive to what is happening to you. Many adults struggle with discerning the Lord, especially in the storms of life. You need to know that God is good, kind, and receptive, especially when things are not clear.

Experimentation – The person who feels empty on the inside may succumb to go idol shopping. The hope is to fill the void of discontentment with people, places, or things. Typically, anger is the cause because they are not getting what they want.

Discouragement – It is easy to “nit-pick” teenagers; it’s harder to encourage them. If you’re not in an encouraging context, the temptation will be keen to latch on to someone who shows an interest in you. They could be your functional god—the person who provides the approval you crave.

Despair – Any of the things on this list can tempt a teen to give up trying. From their perspective, they have exhausted all their options, so they begin shutting down. There is a loneliness that they feel, even when they are around their friends.

Time to Reflect

  1. It is not wrong to reach out to someone for help if you struggle in any of these ways. Your church should be a practical means of grace to help you. Do any of these things represent where you are today?
  2. If so, who is a competent individual in your life who can help you through this time? Will you reach out to them today?

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