Marriage Day 4 – The Main Reason You Need Someone

The difference in how you read this verse depends on whether you are looking through a dirty or clean presuppositional window. If you are interpreting Adam’s situation through the lens of your depravity, it would be easy to conclude that Adam was sinfully lacking and longing for more than what he had. If you are interpreting Adam’s situation through the presuppositional lens of contentment, which was his state prior to the fall, your understanding of why the Lord said it was not good for him to be alone will be different. The tendency is to look at Genesis 2:18 from our fallen experience of loneliness and needs, which can tempt us to upload the text from a sin-centered, dirty window perspective. Thus, we will look back at the text while mapping our fallen experience over it. Adam was not in sin at the time of this text. His thoughts and feelings were remarkably different from how we experience life.